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3 Nintendo characters you'd like to see playable in the next Smash Brothers [roundtable]
NINTENDO CHARACTERS. As in, characters that are part of Nintendo owned IPs. If you want you can make some 3rd party picks too, but I'm curious to see what Nintendo characters you guys think still need to make the cut.

Here are mine...

3. Dark Samus (Metroid)

The Metroid series is way too awesome to only have one character in Smash Brothers games. And there is no way in hell I'd want to see any of the "good" side characters from Prime 3 or Other M come into the mix. Dark Samus, on the other hand, is a total badass. And I'm giving Nintendo a bit of a copout here, as they can make Dark Samus one of their "skin" characters while still adding a few different moves (in fact, in the Prime games Dark Samus has a LOT of different moves than normal Samus). Final smash could be some kind of uber phazon blast.

2. Andy (Advance Wars)

Advance Wars has to be the only franchise from Nintendo that has had 4 (count them, 4!) releases over the last two handhelds, all of them releasing in both the East and the West, and yet no real representation in Smash Brothers. Meanwhile Fire Emblem, Advance Wars' brother game, has two playable characters. Unfair. Andy could beat people with his wrench, and for a final smash, call in the cavalry and have tanks and planes bombarding everyone on screen!

1. Little Mac (Punch-Out!!)

Screw being an assist trophy, Little Mac needs to be a playable character!!! Considering that he is a boxer his moveset kind of makes up itself... a bunch of punching, and his smash attacks can be his power punches. His final smash? I dunno, maybe he could be pulled back into a behind the person view (like in his games) wireframe model filling up most of the screen and get left/right and high/low punches to use. With the new Punch-Out!! on Wii being such a success (in quality, if not sales) it's time to give Little Mac his shot at stardom!

Ok, and as long as I opened things up to 3rd parties, there is one, and only one, obvious choice...

A. 8-bit Mega Man (Mega Man)

There are so many reasons to choose 8-bit Mega Man. His attacks could be super varied, there are about 80 or so powers he has absorbed from boss robots over the years, not to mention his slide could be made into a kick. Final Smash could call in Proto Man and have him go nuts on everyone. But the main reason? The have an awesome 8-bit stage with 8-bit Mega Man music. That'd pretty much be the best Smash Brothers course ever.

Alright, there are mine. What are yours?

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Posted: 10/10/10, 06:35:14  - Edited by 
 on: 10/10/10, 06:36:36
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I think Miis would make great assist trophies, but they don't feel "defined" enough to me to be playable characters (as in, no one pictures a single design or character for the Mii). At least just yet.

My votes:

Mother 3 spoilers

This guy would rule. He's essentially Nintendo's Darth Vader, complete with Beam Sword and some other great toys--a built-in jet pack, a plasma cannon and the ability to bring down huge bolts of lightning. He's probably the second-biggest character in Mother 3, and the Mother series could use another rep.

Come on, we've waited long enough. Dark Samus is alright but then we'd have three playable Metroid characters who are all pretty much some variant on Samus herself. Ridley is by far the most well-known Metroid character behind Samus, and has a body shape similar to Charizard. If nothing else, they can make a few super-big characters a la TvC and Bowser could fit in that role as well (naturally, they'd have some sort of disadvantage).

Ridley could breath fire, smack with any appendage of his body, and clutch characters in his claws. His final smash could involve him becoming Meta Ridley and going nuts with the missiles and warheads for a short amount of time.

Less player-dependent and more immediately recognizable (and with a more developed personality) than the AC villager. AC is a pretty big franchise and definitely deserves its own character. Nook could use his shop's tools: the ax (smash), net (stun?), fishing pole (mid-range grab?), slingshot (neutral B), and shovel/pitfall (down B?).

I'd also like to see Little Mac (or King Hippo), Krystal, King K. Rool, Isaac, Andy, and Samurai Goroh.

Most-wanted third party character is DEFINITELY Mega Man. Mog (or Black Mage) and Simon Belmont would be fun too, as would Viewtiful Joe and Phoenix Wright (those are much less likely though).
Posted: 10/10/10, 21:56:28
Omigod, Birdo! That's the first one I had in mind, but I forgot to mention him/her. He/She would be AWESOME.

Nook should siphon money from people, in the form of their health percentage.
Posted: 10/10/10, 23:26:33
@ShadowLink_89 Woah totally forgot about Layton! 2nd party developed but it is still a Nintendo IP, right? I'm a bit confused there. OMG, and his final smash could have a quick puzzle the user has to solve in order for it to work... I'M A GENIUS. Toss out Dark Samus and throw in the professor.

Oh and i totally agree that Miis should be playable. But as Carlos mentions, they would need to be customizable in some form, or it'd sort of defeat the purpose.
Posted: 10/10/10, 23:47:16  - Edited by 
 on: 10/10/10, 23:49:55
ShadowLink_89 said:

In addition, I move that they either get rid of one of the Star Fox characters, or give them their own bloody move set. And seriously, if Isaac doesn't make it in there, then there will be hell.
The Star Fox characters do have their own bloody move set. They have similar B attacks (and even those work on different mechanics) but, Wolf especially, they have very different move sets and play styles. Wolf's A attacks especially are very very different from Fox and Falco.
Posted: 10/11/10, 00:02:25
Well, maybe for diehard Smash players who see the small differences as integral to play style, but for everyone else they are basically 3 clones and one is faster and less powerful than Fox and one is slower and more powerful.
Posted: 10/11/10, 00:12:40
Even if you just use the A moves you'll see that they're vastly different. It's not simply Forward A is faster or slower, it's Forward A has a completely different type of attack.

I'm not a diehard and I can easily see the differences between the three. Fox and Falco are less so (Falco has been Luigi-fied in this one though, which means they changed him like they changed Luigi from original to Melee), but Wolf's A moves are very vastly different that anyone who looks beyond the Landmaster can tell the difference.
Posted: 10/11/10, 02:54:51
But it's not vastly different in the way Fox and say... Kirby or Link are. That's the point.
Posted: 10/11/10, 04:05:40
I can see that point you're trying to make. But just saying that Wolf is very very far from being a Fox clone. Wolf and Fox may not be as radical as Kirby and Link but they are honestly as radical as say... Bowser and DK?

But the person was saying to give the Star Fox characters their own "bloody moveset" and I'm just pointing at that they do have their own moveset. Their A movesets are radically different and even their B movesets (especially when comparing Wolf to Fox and Falco) have very different mechanics that even just using them once you could immediately tell the difference.
Posted: 10/11/10, 04:16:49
@CPA Wei

Yeah, there are differences. Problem is, the differences aren't big enough. And it goes beyond having the same Final Smash. Speaking of which, why does Wolf get a Landmaster? Wolf never had one of those in any of the Starfox games!

Fox, Falco and Wolf are about as different as Marth, Roy and Ike are. Different, yes. But not different enough...!
Posted: 10/11/10, 05:17:13
1. This guy

2. This guy:

3. And this guy:

(the one in the middle)


Also these guys would be alright too I guess:

Posted: 10/11/10, 05:36:23  - Edited by 
 on: 10/11/10, 07:12:34
@CPA Wei
Here's the thing though. When I play SSBB with my buddies, I sort of mentally "lump" all three of the SF characters together. I don't think I've ever felt like playing Wolf while NOT feeling like playing Falco or Fox, so it makes for a somewhat "smaller" roster in the means of variety.

Of course they have their differences, and I can even see where you're coming from since I'm an avid player of both Ness and Lucas and appreciate those characters' smaller differences. But 3 reps for StarFox that all share several similar moves is just a little too much, I think. Ganon and Falcon are fine, Link and Toon Link are okay, Ness and Lucas are good, Mario and Luigi are understandable, and Fox and Wolf would be a fine pair as well...it's really just having a third similar character that's pushing it. I know some may cry foul, but I wouldn't be too torn up if Falco got the boot and Krystal was included instead.
Posted: 10/11/10, 05:50:54

So long as Crystal had a different moveset, I'd be cool with that too.
Posted: 10/11/10, 05:57:13
I never knew there was so much MewTwo love. All pokemon just kind of blur together to me.
Posted: 10/11/10, 06:32:50
digusting Mewtwo vids

Shadow Claw

Shadow Claw 2: part 1 (better)

Shadow Claw 2: part 2

Mewtwo was my main... he was unusable to most players, and ranked worst or second worst for tournament play/placement... but, with patience and finesse-- he was godlike...
Posted: 10/11/10, 06:50:28
What the...clone talk? I main Falco and let me tell you all he has in common with Fox and Wolf are the final smash. Completely different play style.
Posted: 10/11/10, 07:01:07

You don't play much of the series then....?
Posted: 10/11/10, 07:04:43
Pokemon? The only one I ever played is Platinum, which I got like 10 or 15 hours into and stopped playing. It wasn't unenjoyable, just didn't hook me and other games came along.
Posted: 10/11/10, 07:09:57

Level-5 is a third party, but Professor Layton is a Nintendo I.P.

EDIT: .....I could be wrong.
Posted: 10/11/10, 07:29:34  - Edited by 
 on: 10/11/10, 07:34:53
Yeah, Layton definitely isn't a Nintendo IP. They're just the foreign publisher. Mischief Makers isn't a Nintendo IP, either.

I couldn't choose 3.
Posted: 10/11/10, 07:54:01  - Edited by 
 on: 12/04/10, 03:08:52
villains: Wart, Eggplant Wizard, Ridley, Smithy, K. Rool, Vaati, Mr. L
Posted: 10/11/10, 08:00:07
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