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Banjo Kazooie (Nintendo 64) discussion [game]
9.07/10 from 61 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Banjo Kazooie on the N64!

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So I had some Microsoft Points to burn, and instead of downloading some highly-acclaimed, new LIVE ARCADE game, I opted for an old N64 favorite from back in the day. Why? I dunno. I guess I was feelin' the nostalgia bug this weekend or something. Whatever.

I was honestly kind of expecting to have buyer's remorse... I mean, the game was great, but was it the kind of game that really stands the test of time? Well, after having put in several hours last night (and unlocking a handful of achievements) I can safely say that, YES, the game is still good. Great, even.

Now I think I want to try out the sequel, Banjo-Tooie, a game I regret to admit that I've never played. I can't remember exactly why I didn't play it, considering I like the original so much. I think at the time, I was a poor college student, so I had to really cut back on my expenses. (I remember wanting buy, but not being able to afford, games like Excitebike 64, Ogre Battle 64, Perfect Dark, Conker's Bad Fur Day and others as well)

So, for those that HAVE played the sequel, is it as good? Worth downloading? It's only like, $10, I think... so either way I guess it's worth checking out, at least. Right? Or should I not even bother, and just stick with the original game and pick up something else on LIVE?

B... Banjo-Kazooie fans.... unite?

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Posted: 09/20/10, 21:12:34
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Posted: 08/31/16, 21:28:03
@J.K. Riki

If all you care about is Banjo, grab a cheap 360 instead
Posted: 08/31/16, 23:00:50
@J.K. Riki

I like mine….

though all these damn updates! Once through all that with my games, I'm loving Rare Replay and Farcry Primal.
Posted: 09/01/16, 13:21:47
So I fired this up to check the times, and I have two fully completed files:

Game 1: 10:39:25 100 Jigsaws,900 Notes
Game 2: 8:38:59 100 Jigsaws, 900 Notes.

Yet the leaderboard as Fink says, has me at 99 Jiggies and 8:07:21. Maybe Fink is right and the leaderboard only gets recorded at that certain point, even if I go back after?

Posted: 09/01/16, 13:29:42

Well, I guess that when you beat Grunty's Furnace Fun, that's the 'end of the game' and actually beating Grunty doesn't seem to count. A weird design choice by Rare and a weirder one by Microsoft. What's further peculiar is that you went and got that last one but it wouldn't even bother to record that!
Posted: 09/01/16, 13:43:47

Yes, that is the smart move. Especially since I already own a 360.

But I got those new-console itches, and all the no-NX news is making it worse! Darn it, I thought I had beat this blasted disease!
Posted: 09/01/16, 20:07:35
@J.K. Riki

What other games would you get for the Xbox One?
Posted: 09/02/16, 23:48:58

Rare Replay is pretty great, ain't it?

@J.K. Riki

The One is a pretty great system, all things considered. Almost worth is for Rare Replay alone.
Posted: 09/05/16, 18:24:03

Aside from all the damn updates, yes, yes it is! I've dabbled in a bit of Banjo-Tooie this weekend.
Posted: 09/05/16, 22:02:14
pokepal148 said:

Jolly Roger bay has a total of 104 coins in the level, Dire Dire Docks has 106. Both of them also suffer from the N64's limited draw distance. Have fun!

I did have fun! The BK talk put me in a mood for some Mario 64 and...well:

Posted: 09/19/16, 15:13:58
I took Sakurai's advice and decided to pick this up on Xbox One (or rather, a one-month game pass subscription, which is cheaper) and... what do you know, it holds up! I don't know if this and Mario 64 had some weird imprinting effect on my brain chemistry when I was a little kid that has made me like this kind of action platformer more than any other genre, or if they're just still objectively better than all modern games, but whatever the case, I'm hooked. The worlds are tinier than I remember, and they're dense. This is like an adventure game that you navigate through not by clicking on random objects, but by understanding how your moveset works and having the reflexes to wield it. And the music is obviously amazing, and the characters are obviously creative, and the design of the overworld is so creepy and packed with secrets that I just do not want to stop playing.
Posted: 09/16/19, 04:00:28

Nice! Yeah, the game is still really good! I remember back when I was playing it again for the first time (I think when I created the thread) I had totally forgotten about Clanker's Cavern. When I finally got to him....I'll admit, I was actually a little scared to go forward, haha! I knew he wasn't a threat, but I dunno. I guess my natural fear of underwater predators got the better of me and I had to hang back until I worked up the nerve to continue!
Posted: 09/17/19, 19:12:01
This song is what stress sounds like.

Posted: 09/19/19, 03:44:11
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