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The NEVERENDING QUEST is BACK! [community]
Old school Neg Worlder's remember fondly the experience quest. I decided to remake it. I actually had this ready long ago, I just wanted to get some more stages going, but I've been pretty busy and thought WTF, it has 10 stages already which isn't a bad start. I'll work on more stages once people need them.

So enter the new and improved NEVERENDING EXPERIENCE QUEST.

For the newbz, essentially it is a meta-game contained in this site, seeing how many stages you can complete. Some are just simple quizzes. Others will make you think outside the box. Can't explain it much more than that, just play it yourself and see what I mean!

The Neverending Experience Quest can be found HERE or under "NEQ" in the "etc" menu above (link actually does something now.)

You can also view user rankings HERE (just sort by NEQ to see who is leading the quest.)

A. Massive XP now given for every stage completed. MASSIVE.
B. There is now a strike system. You start with full XP for any given stage, but lose XP each time you answer incorrectly, up to 3 strikes. After that, there are no more penalties, so guess away!
C. There is now a hint system. When you answer incorrectly you will get a hint. There is only one hint per stage.

Post any questions, concerns, bugs, etc. in this thread! And you can also use, but do NOT post actual answers in this thread.

WARNING: DO NOT POST ACTUAL ANSWERS IN THIS THREAD. OR ANY THREAD, FOR THAT MATTER. The point of the game is everyone figures it out on their own. If you want to private message a friend an answer that's between you and them, but keep it private.


Have at it!

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Posted: 06/26/09, 21:39:19  - Edited by 
 on: 10/22/12, 08:13:28
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Okay why am I having such a hard time with Question 7?! GRRR.
Posted: 12/31/09, 01:30:31
Bravo for #8
Posted: 01/04/10, 02:56:48
These questions are way too easy. Also, ten isn't nearly enough. When is there going to be some more?
Posted: 01/04/10, 04:51:33
I've gone through the complete list of every snes and n64 game for #7 and none of them work with the letters given.
Posted: 01/05/10, 01:36:14
It's not the name of a game. It's part of a game.
Posted: 01/05/10, 03:13:32
Well, I got #5. But it was luck and I still dont understand the answer, based on the question. I do in a ways, but again, it was all luck. Plus I never played any of the games at all in the series with the blue robot hero.

I see people going on about question 8. I think in this game, so people do not get oo frustrated, like I was on #5. I wanted to quit and move on to the next question. How about after the 3rd attempt, if someone wants to give up on that answer, have a tab that says,"Show answer". Then that way, you get to see the answer, but you get no points and you then just move onto the next question.

I know you stated previously that if people could skip a question and move on, then too many people would reach the end and its hard for you to come up with these questions. I wouldnt let it worry you. SO, I would say either let them move on and show them the answer, but they get no XP points and no chance to do so. Or, let them skipo a question, w/out giving them the answer and they can come back later and try to answer it.

I think that question #5 was waaay too obtuse. And I dont feel happy about figuring out the answer, cause I dont quite get it. Though I did google the series and from a post a few pages back I was able to pick the right series and the 2nd name I found and I figured which character I had to use. And I never knew the star of the series had a different name, hence the first character answer.

I will admit, this site is really cool and I love the concept. But that question suck and I dread #8, since from all the posts it seems that will be the tough one, but who knows, maybe for me it will be easy. Actually, I was bummed at #5 so much cause the previous 4 had been really easy to figure out.
Posted: 01/05/10, 04:39:44
JSlakov said:
Noname, its the name of the series not the particular game. I guessed the game first and got it wrong, then realized it was the series.

I understand your response to "noname's" question about #6. I knew what I was going to type in for my answer, but when I read your response, I thought maybe I was wrong. So I sat here for about 5 mins. thinking about it cause I wanted to get it right on the first try.

Well, I went with my initial answer and was right. So, people, don't let his comment about the answer being the series throw you off. He is right basically, but in a way he is wrong as well. Can't really say more w/out giving away the answer.
Posted: 01/05/10, 04:56:38
I can't get the Pikmin one. I sat for 10 minutes doing random math, but math and I haven't gotten along since I swore it off in the 11th grade. I guess I'm giving up. It was a fun idea, but much too hard for it to be enjoyable, unfortunately. If you could skip questions at least it would retain fun. I don't care about the EXP (as useless as post count to me), I just wanted to see the questions. :(
Posted: 01/05/10, 16:46:15

Hint for the Pikmin one... if you're doing complicated math, you're probably doing it wrong. Instead think about the mechanics of pikmin creation.

Either that or just start guessing, at a certain point you don't lose any XP to keep guessing anyway...
Posted: 01/05/10, 19:55:18
OK, thanks for the hint on #7, that one stumped me the most but I only have myself to blame for not putting more thought into it.

#8 was the most annoying since there was no way to get a hint for it that I could find, but I eventually got it on my own after trying enough random stuff.

#9 & #10 were ridiculously easy compared to #7 & #8, I think they should be swapped.

Looking forward to more though.
Posted: 01/05/10, 22:15:00
I'm still stuck on that Pikmin question.
Posted: 01/07/10, 22:42:51
Simbabbad said:

Ridiculously awesome avatar and user colours. Congratulations.

Thanks, the avatar icon I cut out of a wallpaper available here: http://www.fanpop.com/spots/nintendo/images/487249/title/widescreen-wallpaper

For the colors of the username I used the color picking tool in MS Paint to get the color codes of the colors in the image and then found a website to convert the RGB code to Hex.
Posted: 01/08/10, 00:16:17

Cool wallpaper. Weird that the button lettering is wrong on the red one and correct on the blue.
Posted: 01/08/10, 01:46:54
What the HELL is the answer to A Famous Robot Hero and His Friend?

(can't let you give partial answers... carlosrox)
Posted: 01/12/10, 20:16:06  - Edited by 
 on: 01/12/10, 20:47:04
sirmastersephiroth said:
I'm still stuck on that Pikmin question.

That question is like one of those 'Reading Comprehension" questions you probably hated to get on your math tests or the "You're Driving A Bus" question. :p But seriously, take each line step by step and write stuff down if needed. It's not complicated, so don't think you need to do a lot of random math...pay attention to the WORDING and focus less on the numbers.
Posted: 01/13/10, 18:15:06
CB200 said:
sirmastersephiroth said:
I'm still stuck on that Pikmin question.

That question is like one of those 'Reading Comprehension" questions you probably hated to get on your math tests or the "You're Driving A Bus" question. :p But seriously, take each line step by step and write stuff down if needed. It's not complicated, so don't think you need to do a lot of random math...pay attention to the WORDING and focus less on the numbers.

I think the problem is that I've never played Pikmin, so I have no idea how it works. I tried finding some guides online to help me but I have no idea what I'm looking for either.
Posted: 01/14/10, 02:03:18

I'm stuck at the same exact spot, lol. I have absolutely no clue.


I definitely wouldn't have noticed that, lol. Part of that being that I often forget witch order they go in to begin with.

But they are awesome, awesome wallpapers. Went there and grabbed a few actually!
Posted: 01/14/10, 05:58:51  - Edited by 
 on: 01/14/10, 06:08:19
Now I'm stuck on question #5. I know the first letter, from previous comments, I have no idea what the other letter is.

Edit: nevermind. Finally got it.
Posted: 01/15/10, 23:52:09  - Edited by 
 on: 01/15/10, 23:55:15
What the heck am I supposed to do on #8??????
Posted: 01/16/10, 00:27:07
Look at the type of attack he's doing, and combine that with another hint in this thread
Posted: 01/16/10, 01:53:04
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