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The NEVERENDING QUEST is BACK! [community]
Old school Neg Worlder's remember fondly the experience quest. I decided to remake it. I actually had this ready long ago, I just wanted to get some more stages going, but I've been pretty busy and thought WTF, it has 10 stages already which isn't a bad start. I'll work on more stages once people need them.

So enter the new and improved NEVERENDING EXPERIENCE QUEST.

For the newbz, essentially it is a meta-game contained in this site, seeing how many stages you can complete. Some are just simple quizzes. Others will make you think outside the box. Can't explain it much more than that, just play it yourself and see what I mean!

The Neverending Experience Quest can be found HERE or under "NEQ" in the "etc" menu above (link actually does something now.)

You can also view user rankings HERE (just sort by NEQ to see who is leading the quest.)

A. Massive XP now given for every stage completed. MASSIVE.
B. There is now a strike system. You start with full XP for any given stage, but lose XP each time you answer incorrectly, up to 3 strikes. After that, there are no more penalties, so guess away!
C. There is now a hint system. When you answer incorrectly you will get a hint. There is only one hint per stage.

Post any questions, concerns, bugs, etc. in this thread! And you can also use, but do NOT post actual answers in this thread.

WARNING: DO NOT POST ACTUAL ANSWERS IN THIS THREAD. OR ANY THREAD, FOR THAT MATTER. The point of the game is everyone figures it out on their own. If you want to private message a friend an answer that's between you and them, but keep it private.


Have at it!

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Posted: 06/26/09, 21:39:19  - Edited by 
 on: 10/22/12, 08:13:28
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You're really close. At least it's not 'more fun with a partner'!
Posted: 07/09/09, 22:24:09
LOL that one was epic. And vague. Epicly vague.

Maybe that one should have been "More fun with a partner. And sometimes, if you are lucky, your partner has a pair of them."
Posted: 07/10/09, 22:54:14
balls? fun (or lack of) with a partner? Mega Man Soccer?

Mega Man Arcade fighters? uhh, Power Fighters?

Man I'm confused...lol
Posted: 07/11/09, 11:31:11
Nah on the old one there was one that was "more fun with a friend" and the answer was only two characters. DD as in Double Dash. THAT one, people had a lot of trouble with, and when I stopped and thought about it, there were about a billion possible answers.

But you know, a pair of DDs... erm, not that I'm that type of guy.
Posted: 07/11/09, 21:25:11
I don't remember DD being the answer. I thought it was -- as in two hyphens or dashes... double dash.

"...And sometimes, if you are lucky, your partner has a pair of them."

What? Do you mean they had 3 shells and now they only have two because they used one? Or do you mean...
Posted: 07/14/09, 04:28:05
OH. Damn, what on earth was I thinking making a question like that? Though that is pretty brilliant actually, outside the fact that no one would ever guess it based on my vague clues.
Posted: 07/14/09, 22:53:18
I hate #5 too. I swear it must be Rock and Roll, but RR doesn't work so I'm stuck.
Posted: 07/25/09, 17:58:17
People are going to kick themselves if and when they get it :P
Posted: 07/26/09, 04:01:28
Wow at number 5. I got it on my 4th try, but it took me like 20 minutes to guess because there were so many possibilities.
Posted: 07/26/09, 18:50:02
Just keep in mind, SNES is my favorite console ever.


When in doubt, think about the fact that these questions tend to be biased towards the consoles and games I like most. Somewhat.
Posted: 07/27/09, 20:56:21
Does that mean there won't be any Zoop themed questions?
Posted: 07/28/09, 21:51:10
Finally got 5, but I freaking...HATE...ANAGRAMS!!!!!

Damn you number 6!


Got it...stuck on 8
Posted: 09/17/09, 22:33:15
Number 8 was awesome! Good job
Posted: 09/18/09, 22:40:55
I just figured out the 5th question, but there's a problem with the hint. It shouldn't mention the NES.
Posted: 09/22/09, 07:41:33
Okay, well I'm awaiting the 11th stage...
Posted: 09/22/09, 08:03:42
i seriously have no idea for the 1st one. oh well.
Posted: 12/06/09, 13:03:16
^^^ Yep Still stuck on the first one myself ^^^
Posted: 12/08/09, 02:03:06
I'm stuck on eleven. Can't seem to get past it no matter what I do.

How very odd.
Posted: 12/08/09, 15:08:38
I'm honestly trying to think of the best way to move forward with the Neverending Experience Quest. See, I think of two paths in my mind, and each has a major pitfall...

A. The current path, where you can't skip stages. The plus is that most people don't get to the "end" right away. The minus is that most people probably give up after being stuck on one for awhile.

B. A new path, where you can skip stages. The minus is that most people will get to the "end" right away. The plus is that most people will never get frustrated enough to give up, because they can just skip a tough one. Of course, it could allow users to go back and try to solve ones they skipped, so even if they got to the "end" there would still be more to try to solve, if they skipped any.

Either way, most people will have solved everything they are going to solve in a week or two, and then they're pretty much done, until I come up with new stages that they will solve right away.

The truth is, it is very tough to regularly keep up with this and add new stages all the time, especially since I keep trying to add new features elsewhere to the site, and I only have so much time to work on this stuff. I kind of feel like it is a neat idea but requires too much of my time to keep moving forward with.

And yet, there has to be a solution to this all, somewhere...
Posted: 12/08/09, 23:25:57
What happens if I get three strikes? Am I toast forever?

Edit: Nm, we just lose more XP after each of 3 guesses.
Posted: 12/16/09, 23:23:33
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