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Disney Epic Mickey (Nintendo Wii) discussion [game]
7.74/10 from 12 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Disney Epic Mickey on the Wii!

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Disney Epic Mickey (Nintendo Wii) Review (7.9)  by  

For North America...Nov. 25th for Europe, 26th for UK

Since Christmas is just over three weeks after release, I may just put it on my list instead of buying the game myself. Either way, I can't wait.

UPDATE OMG - I bought the game on release and have posted my brief impressions somewhere in this thread!

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Posted: 09/15/10, 19:00:52  - Edited by 
 on: 12/03/10, 00:39:26
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Im a couple hours into epic mickey and the camera to me is not the worst iv ever used and I dont think its broken at all. At the same time its not perfect, but hasn't been to hard to control.

Press C button to center it behind you (unless it cant center behind due to environment) or you can use the d pad to adjust the camera. Maybe biggest problem from the camera is it makes you play a little slower than you might want to.

A bigger problem I have is why is this game not fully voiced? I mean come one man, I dont want to read what Disney characters are saying I want to hear them say it. Dont get me wrong, I dont mind reading, hell the elder scrolls morrowind is one of my favorite games ever, but with Disney characters give me there voice!!!!!!
Posted: 01/03/11, 06:17:01
Overall opinions are split, but don't most people have the same pros and cons for the game?

That happens to me a disturbing amount these days. I'll start talking shit about something that's dear to someone present and attempt to soften the criticism/backpedal. People always do that on the internet, but it's embarrassing in real life. It's like you're telling someone Santa doesn't exist.

But I hate so many popular things!

The paint mechanic made the game for me, as well. But DKCR is way too polished and refined to throw under the bus.
Posted: 01/03/11, 16:08:35
@Simbabbad It depends on what you're looking for in the game. If a superb art style and soundtrack, interesting story and tons of style can make you enjoy a game with some fundamental gameplay flaws, then go for it.
Posted: 01/03/11, 16:16:23
Does it really feel like an N64 platformer? I'm really on the fence about this game.
Posted: 01/03/11, 16:19:25
I'm in Tomorrow City and still haven't run into any game breaking issues with the camera.
Posted: 01/03/11, 16:23:03
Posted: 01/03/11, 16:24:52
GelatinousEncore said:
@Cube191 Yes

Might be my next game then
Posted: 01/03/11, 17:07:47

The game looked really good and the style is pretty damn appealing, but in the hour I spent with the game what really impressed me was simply the painting mechanic, and I feel I could have taken a few more hours of that without getting tired of it. Even without the dark steampunkish style, I think I would enjoy the game.

Then again I really have a thing for Wii games where you control a character and use the pointer to affect the game world simultaneously. I really enjoyed Nyxquest for that reason, but I think many here weren't as impressed.
Posted: 01/03/11, 20:34:46
I'd take NyxQuest over Epic Mickey any day of the week. I thought that game was pretty good, but wore out its welcome after a few hours. It was a small downloadable game though, so I felt like I got my money's worth.

The paint/thinner mechanic in Epic Mickey is cool, but it never really goes anywhere and becomes stale after a few hours, in my opinion. That's not my issue with the game though. The camera and completely dull game structure is what killed it for me. One or two fetch quests is fine....20 of them is a bit much.
Posted: 01/03/11, 23:25:02

You know I value your opinion (and if you didn't, good news: I do!), but my experience with the game left me thinking "wow, this is right up my alley" so despite being apprehensive about the fetch quests, I think I'll take the plunge.

The camera wasn't a problem but I'm guessing it becomes more bothersome only later on.
Posted: 01/03/11, 23:43:48

There's a pretty good chance you'll like it. Lots of folks love the game, lots of people hate it. I sincerely hope you LOVE it, honestly. I really wanted to.
Posted: 01/04/11, 01:01:47
I rented this game over the weekend, played it for about 3 hours. I haven't fought a boss yet, and I don't even really know what I'm doing, or where I'm going. I found a secret portal to another world, but I don't think this is where I'm supposed to go right now.

That said, the game's quite fun. The painting and thinning mechanic is really enjoyable, and keeps the game interesting. I also like the subquests and reward for exploration. I'm currently playing as a bad Mickey: I send the first gremlin off on the catapult just to get that chest, lol.

I haven't found the camera to be bad, but it's not great either. Maybe when I get to tougher platforming sections it'll be more noticeable.
Posted: 03/07/11, 19:15:37
Heh, I kept falling down in the introductory area.
Posted: 03/07/11, 19:21:40  - Edited by 
 on: 03/07/11, 19:21:52
I sold Epic Mickey months ago, but for some really weird reason, I've had a desire to replay it recently. Like, I almost want to buy it again, even though I hated it for the most part. What the heck? I don't understand myself, but if I see it for $20 someday, I'll pick it up again. Must be my love for Disney.
Posted: 03/07/11, 23:50:28  - Edited by 
 on: 03/07/11, 23:50:58
There are a lot of games I sold when I was unemployed and regret selling. I pretty much decided to never sell anything again, unless I just straight up despise it. Which is very rare, I usually get some fun out of my games.

I guess I could rebuy some of them, but it's tougher to justify the money to rebuy than the lack of money from not selling... for some reason.
Posted: 03/08/11, 00:04:39
Played a few hours more, and the story is starting to take shape. If I had to label this game I would call it refreshing. It's been a while since I played an open-world 3D adventure/platformer, and the painting mechanic just fits so well. I'm not even a big Disney fan and am quite enjoying it.
Posted: 03/08/11, 04:06:27
I finished the game and got a "good" ending even though I was being an asshole Mickey throughout the entire quest. Hmm.

It's a good game, and incredibly atmospheric. The music and sound effects are spot on. The graphics are generally quite good. The only problem is the fetch-quest nature of the side-stuff, and quite a bit of the main quest is like this too. There are enough linear sequences thrown in there to give some variety, though. The painting/thinning mechanic works well and remains fun throughout the adventure. I don't know why this got such bad ratings, honestly, other than because of what I just mentioned and the wonky camera. It's a solid "open" 3D platformer, and it's probably one of the best to come around in a while. I recommend playing it, even if you're only a casual Disney fan (such as myself).
Posted: 03/16/11, 15:06:41
I'm stuck just before fighting the Mad Doctor. I have two of the beetleworx machines destroyed, but can't do the third one. I'm out of anvils and am trying to do it the old fashioned way. It sucks. Otherwise, I love the game.
Posted: 03/16/11, 15:33:10
I just started Epic Mickey this past weekend. I'm only up to the Asia River, but I'm digging it so far. My only gripe is the camera...it's really, really wonky, though it's manageable.
Posted: 03/16/11, 16:02:00
This week I began playing Disney Epic Mickey for the first time. I havenít made a lot of progress yet, but I am having a good time with the game so far.

I remember this game being hyped up prior to its release due to Warren Spectorís involvement and the whole "play style matters." The concept for the game seemed so ambitious for its time. As I play through the game for a couple of hours, I find it somewhat annoying that the game constantly stops and forces me to chat with these gremlin characters on what I have to do next. As a platformer game, Mickey has a lot of the elements I liked from the N64 era of platformers: environments to explore, and itís cool being able to interact using paint and thinner.

Mickey's spin attack feels a lot like Mario Galaxy's spin attack, though not quite as responsive as Nintendo's platformer. I've been collecting these e-ticket things, they're all over the place, including barrels that don't break apart after I've retrieved their contents, and at this point I don't know what the e-tickets are for. But we'll see.

The decision to use either thinner or paint at certain locations in order to proceed seems somewhat arbitrary. I understand there are different 'guardians' who will help me depending on how I alter the landscape, but we'll see other consequences my actions will have as I progress through the game.

I've only played one 2-D platformer level, Mickey and the Beanstalk, and it's simple but enjoyable.

I wish this game had an option for the first person view so I can switch to inverted y-axis, that has always been my preference in games.

Right now I'm at Asiaboat Ride. I do love the presentation and look of the game, and Mickey feels pretty responsive. Iím looking forward to seeing more of what this game has to offer.
Posted: 04/20/11, 08:16:51
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