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Disney Epic Mickey (Nintendo Wii) discussion [game]
7.74/10 from 12 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Disney Epic Mickey on the Wii!

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Disney Epic Mickey (Nintendo Wii) Review (7.9)  by  

For North America...Nov. 25th for Europe, 26th for UK

Since Christmas is just over three weeks after release, I may just put it on my list instead of buying the game myself. Either way, I can't wait.

UPDATE OMG - I bought the game on release and have posted my brief impressions somewhere in this thread!

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Posted: 09/15/10, 19:00:52  - Edited by 
 on: 12/03/10, 00:39:26
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anon_mastermind said:
*Adds to Christmas list*
Posted: 10/30/10, 03:59:32
Amazon.com Link

Here you'll get $10.00 off a future gaming purchase if you buy through Amazon.
Posted: 10/30/10, 04:13:36

Just pre-ordered
Posted: 10/30/10, 04:25:16
Simbabbad said:
Not convinced, but it could be good, I think.
I'm in the same boat. It looks pretty alright but nothing I need to buy and especially not immediately. Maybe down the road.
Posted: 10/30/10, 04:34:19

Both Galaxy 1 and 2 had lots of dynamic music/sound design. Most of it was MIDI samples, but Galaxy 2 featured dynamic orchestrated music.
Posted: 10/30/10, 05:43:50
casper884 said:

Both Galaxy 1 and 2 had lots of dynamic music/sound design. Most of it was MIDI samples, but Galaxy 2 featured dynamic orchestrated music.
Galaxy 1 did as well. Off the top of my head, Buoy Base, both Bowser battle themes, and Battlerock/Dreadnought all had dynamic instrumental change depending on what was going on.

And yeah, it's exciting seeing how much effort is being put into Mickey's music.
Posted: 10/30/10, 08:54:12
TriforceBun said:
casper884 said:

Both Galaxy 1 and 2 had lots of dynamic music/sound design. Most of it was MIDI samples, but Galaxy 2 featured dynamic orchestrated music.
Galaxy 1 did as well. Off the top of my head, Buoy Base, both Bowser battle themes, and Battlerock/Dreadnought all had dynamic instrumental change depending on what was going on.

And yeah, it's exciting seeing how much effort is being put into Mickey's music.

Yeah, you're right. For some reason I was drawing a blank on Galaxy 1, but yeah, it featured dynamic orchestrated music as well.
Posted: 10/31/10, 11:45:14
To be honest, I wasn't even remotely interested in this game. However, I am a big fan of in-game music. So far, the sound has me intrigued. I may pick it up just because of that.
Posted: 10/31/10, 12:34:32
Just picked this game up today. I'll give some impressions tomorrow night. I'm excited to start it but I don't think I'll get real deep until I finish Donkey Kong.
Posted: 12/01/10, 21:05:54
I changed my tune. I so want this game. I just need money.
Posted: 12/01/10, 21:37:34
My wife is picking up the reserved Collector's Edition tomorrow. I'll interview her for you.
Posted: 12/01/10, 21:44:53
I bought the game yesterday, but didn't have time to play. My wife and I will probably play it for a bit tonight. Hopefully I'll have some impressions to post tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to diving into this one.
Posted: 12/01/10, 21:44:56
So far I'm finding it kind of average. They have a neat concept with the drawing and erasing, but the platforming and controls are just okay. Even the 2D platforming sections aren't that well done...and that's made worse because I just finished playing the smooth DKC Returns.

There's constant interruption to gameplay, with cutscenes showing you scenes in the area you just entered, or what you need to do, or simply for dialogue, a lot of which I find redundant and/or unnecessary. Hopefully that's just because this is the start of the game and they're introducing everything, but it's really annoying and breaks that certain flow it might have going.

The music is really good, and I really enjoyed the opening FMV.

Graphics are...okay.

Despite its interesting concept and the (so far very few) impressive moments, I'm disappointed, but I'm only an hour or so in.
Posted: 12/01/10, 22:04:00
My copy should be arriving this week from Amazon, and I will post about it after tearing it open.
Posted: 12/02/10, 00:24:07
Yeah, tell us about the shrinkwrap quality. I'm burning with unwholesome curiosity.

I rented the game, but fell asleep during the first cutscene yesterday. Nice cutscene, though.
Posted: 12/02/10, 02:10:03

Cripes, you rent EVERYTHING!
Posted: 12/02/10, 02:24:29
@anandxxx You cheap, easily-bored bastard.
Posted: 12/02/10, 02:31:39
Hmm..me thinks we should make this the official Epic Mickey thread.

Okay guys, so I just played the game for 2 hours, here's what I think...soo...err...2 hour spoilers I guess?

First of all, before I do go into my impressions, I need to make it clear that I'm a story guy. Even if a game has broken gameplay mechanics, but an amazing story, I'll still really like it.

That said, Epic Mickey does things both right and wrong with its gameplay. On the negative side, the camera really does work against you sometimes and the actual platforming (while not bad) is simply just okay. HOWEVER, I absolutely LOVE the paint and thinner concept. I love exploring every single nook and cranny to see what I can find, and if you love finding and collecting stuff, then you're going to love what Epic Mickey has to offer. From hidden chests, to collectibles, to valuable pins, there is always something to find in Epic Mickey, and so far, my curiosity has always been rewarded. The combat is clunky, but personally, fighting feels like a last resort in this game. I usually just spray enemies with paint and convert them to the good side and move along with my quest. And speaking of quests, there are a lot of them! I'm only 2 hours in and I'm constantly receiving new missions and objectives, there's always something to do. Most of the time, you're faced with morale choices (Do you save the gremlin on the catapult, or do you get the treasure chest that lays on a weight sensitive lock that will launch the poor bastard away?). I was actually quite surprised when four gremlins I had taken the time to save earlier appeared to not only defeat all the enemies that lay ahead, but also built a platform for me to collect a secret pin. Awesome!

Graphically, this is one of the much better looking games on the Wii. I was quite pleased to see that the picture filled my whole screen and it wasn't as jaggy as the majority of other Wii games. I'm in love with the artstyle of the game, and quite pleased at some of the creepy things I've stumbled upon (GOD DAMN CHINA DOLLS THAT JUST STARE AT ME!!). The soundtrack is simply superb and I would so far rank it just a little under Super Mario Galaxy in terms of score. Yes, it sounds that good. Concerning the sound, I have only one major complaint: where are the voices? I love Disney, and I love Mickey Mouse. That said, this game could have been given so much more personality and charm had it included voice acting. This isn't Zelda where the characters have never spoken before, we all know what Mickey Mouse sounds like. It's actually a huge let down that there is no voicework in the game (apart from the opening narration), but as much as a downer it was, it didn't break the game for me.

I took my time when playing the game and tried to find everything that I could. The story in the game is really well done so far, and I think this is one of the biggest points of the game for me. I simply love how the story was set up, and I can't wait to see how it unfolds. That said, you're only going to really appreciate what Warren Spector has done if you really love Disney and Mickey Mouse. This game wasn't made for gamers who are simply looking for a fun platformer, this is a love letter to Disney. If you want platforming like Super Mario, then you're going to be sorely disappointed. However, if you love Disney history and have a longing to see Mickey Mouse back in action, then you'd really enjoy Epic Mickey. I certainly know I am.
Posted: 12/02/10, 05:42:48  - Edited by 
 on: 12/02/10, 05:46:46
My copy is sitting at home right now, but I am in Vegas for a company "teambuilding conference"...
Posted: 12/02/10, 17:18:24
I cannot dispute any of these things.

You've pretty much said exactly what I was going to say. My first impression of Epic Mickey was pretty bad. Awkward platforming, bad camera that frequently wrests control away from the player, poor manual camera control when you DO get it, a conspicuous lack of voice acting (since the characters speak English in the subtitles)...

But I started to enjoy this game quite a bit. It's not a platformer. The platforming is just not very fun. It's merely functional. Spector has totally failed to combine 'the best of Mario' with 'the best of Zelda', but he has created something very unique and interesting - the paint mechanic. It's so cool and fun to manipulate the world around you. To erase a wall and jump through it to take a shortcut. To find secrets by erasing bits of the environment. And it just FEELS really good, the way the paint splashes around. The aiming IS a bit wonky at times, though.

Mechanically, Epic Mickey is kind of a mess. But I think of it as a relaxing, deliberately-paced exploration game, where the true joy comes from manipulating the environment. It feels good to find a collectible hidden behind a solid wall or under a ramp. The 'moral' decisions have been somewhat binary so far. I'm not sure how far Spector will push that aspect at this point, but I don't really care.

If I had to compare it to previous platformers, though, I'd cite Banjo-Kazooie and Rocket: Robot on Wheels before Mario. Banjo for the quest design, and Rocket for the puzzle-y, machine-based elements. But Epic Mickey really does have a flavor of its own. It may not hit its loftiest ambitions, but it is a game with a lot of soul. And that's cool.
Posted: 12/02/10, 17:36:03
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