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Metroid: Other M (Nintendo Wii) discussion [game]
8.17/10 from 55 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Metroid: Other M on the Wii!

To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

...seeing as you're the group of gamers whose opinions I trust the most.

Picking up Other M today was a bit of a strange experience--the guy at Play-N-Trade revealed that one of his coworkers mistakenly told everyone that the game released today, so the store had preorder folks coming in all day to try to get it. However, this particular employee was pretty upset about the whole ordeal and decided to sell it to me anyway...then promptly called his manager and quit. I told him I didn't want to cause a fuss and would come back Tuesday for it, but he took a devil-may-care attitude and let me buy the game regardless (he was actually quite friendly to me, just upset about the mistake the coworker made).

So that interesting story of acquisition aside, I now have the game and have played roughly 40 minutes or so (just beat the first boss). It's quite early so my previews aren't going to be very in-depth, so I'll make this quick for now:

-Controls are better than expected, feels fun and pleasantly quick like Samus should
-Voice acting better than expected; the ancillary soldiers and such sound pretty good
-Samus herself seems to be directed to sound fairly cold and emotionless, which usually works, but sometimes her delivery is stilted (so far)
-I'm kind of missing Retro's attention to environmental detail, but the areas still look decent enough
-Killing classic Metroid enemies like Geemers and Rios in 3rd-person is somewhat cathartic. They made a 3rd-person Metroid feel work rather well, and I like the Wiimote so far
-You can't seem to wall-jump off every wall, just select surfaces
-Not sure what to make of the story yet, I kinda like a lot of it and some of it is sort of overbearing; we'll see. The direction and transitions are pretty nice though
-Pretty cool first boss
-Casper's right, it needs more music during gameplay

That's all for now. I mainly made this thread for everyone else to post their impressions too, but I wanted to give a few of my own first.

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Posted: 08/30/10, 01:20:14  - Edited by 
 on: 08/30/10, 01:31:13
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I just put another two or so hours into this game. I took a big chunk out of the game today and I can tell you that this is a great game. There are a lot of powerups that I missed because of not having the right abilities to get it. I am having a lot of fun with this game. I just went through a segment that felt alot like old school resident evil.
Posted: 09/01/10, 03:58:28

You know what, I think I actually prefer the wave beam action shot.
Posted: 09/01/10, 04:42:30
I'm about two to three hours in, and it's okay. It has its fun moments, its stupid moments, and its very annoying moments. It doesn't feel like a Metroid game, sound like a Metroid game, and if it wasn't for Samus, it wouldn't even look like much a Metroid game. As Metroid is my third/fourth favorite franchise, I expected a lot. I expected to be reminded of my past history with the series - which isn't happening much thus far. Maybe I'm just in a sourpuss mood, but the game is an okay action game, but a lousy Metroid game. I hope my tune will change, and I'm guessing it will in time, as it may take some time for me to adjust to this new Metroid world.
Posted: 09/01/10, 05:23:53
First Hour Playing....

After the Wii updated itself when I put the disk in, I began playing the new Metroid Game... It's a rental for a week so I'll post further updates later...

-lots of cut scenes....lots of voice work. High Quality video....Average voice work. Nothing too special but not terrible by any means. Samus (VO) seems dry...monotone...like she is sad... Her body is perfect...

-control feels really tight - it feels GOOD to move around in this world..although battling the aliens is taking some getting used to right now. I haven't nailed the dodge yet or the rest of the combat. I'm very impressed by how smooth the transition is from third to first person by turning the wii mote towards the screen.

-I've found a couple of hidden items by rolling into a morph ball etc..all seems good

- invisible walls. They are here and they are here to stay. It's obviously a game design issue to allow better control of the player and placement of the camera. That's my guess - but I have yet to be annoyed by them. Hopefully they don't get in my way...

The Big Issue:
I'm wondering if this may change as I have only just dove into this game but this isn't the typical Metroid game I'm used too. My first Metroid game was Super Metroid followed by Prime 1, a bit of 2, and all of 3. I don't feel as isolated....and battling aliens etc is very different. This is not Super Metroid part 2 - i mean...it follows right after it but it's not feeling like a Metroid Game - something is missing and I can't put my finger on it yet. This view may change after further play. For those who have heard about items being 'seen' on your map - this is true. You don't have to pay attention to an 'ambient' sound like in Prime but if you guys remember, there was a 'dot' in the Super Metroid Map that told you were items were - you just had to figure out how to get them - same rings true here.

I'm eager to play it again soon... Everyone should at least try this game - you owe yourselves that much.

Posted: 09/01/10, 05:26:40
Thanks for your impression guys. Tight, precise controls seem like the name of the game from what I've heard and that's awesome to hear. Invisible walls sound pretty lame, but I guess I'll find out more about that when I get the game.
Posted: 09/01/10, 05:58:50  - Edited by 
 on: 09/01/10, 05:59:54
Let's get some more impressions down in hyeah.

I'm deep in the game now, around 7 or 8 hours, and I fear the end of it may be approaching soon. I've quite enjoyed most of it thus far, and there're some nifty plot developments later on (and some cool boss tussles too). It's cool seeing a lot of the power-ups in a third-person environment, although some are handled a little better than others. Combat is still enjoyable, of course.

Of course, my number one complaint remains the same. If you aren't sick of hearing about it, here it is in image form!

Posted: 09/01/10, 06:35:42

Actually the "invisible wall" aspect of the game hasn't bothered me much yet. I guess I've just come to expect such from games of this style. A lot of other things bother me, of course, but this one just isn't as prevalent a negative for me. Granted, there have been times were I entered a room such as the one you pictured, and I'm looking all around, jumping, rolling - trying to find out if there's a secret or alternate route to be found. Just walking beyond these "invisible walls" would make such tasks all the more easy. So for now, I have given up trying to find secrets and the like. Few seem to be present, and it just isn't fun looking for them in this game. One thing that is so very, very irritating is having to manage the many large playing fields with a dinky little digital pad. I loathe navigating a 3D environment with overly tight, digital controls. If it were strictly a side-scroller, this wouldn't be an issue, of course.

And just to ramble a bit... The narration is quite banal, but not as cringe worthy as I have read. At least not yet. And the controls, other than what I mentioned above, are okay. Switching perspectives works, though kind of seems clunky in its need to exist. Of course, given the forced limitation of one controller, I am impressed with how much can be accomplished. But again, I'm not sure the limitation was necessary. Oh, and as Casper mentioned earlier, the music in this game is severely lacking. What seems to be the norm any more, mood music or atmospheric music/sounds, have replaced the typical tunes one would hear playing the typical Metroid game. Adding insult to injury, most of the many memorable sound effects/jingles from series past are no more.

Of course, I'm only three or so hours in, so maybe my many negatives will be outshined by one huge positive or two to come. No likely, but one can hope.


My local GameStop slipped me an "art booklet," and I'm sorry to say that it's quite the sad little bonus item. It really makes me regret choosing the local option and this bonus, in place of getting it from Amazon with their $20 credit promo. The booklet could be okay had they gone with high quality glossy prints, or even more of the cinematic screen caps from the game. Instead, the images are printed on average quality matte paper, and feature some character profiles and some in-game action shots. I've already shelved my art booklet of sorts. If you want mine, I can find a way to send it to you, or I can post pictures of the pictures. It really isn't anything special, though.
Posted: 09/01/10, 07:02:10  - Edited by 
 on: 09/01/10, 07:10:57
Eww invisible walls sound so lame. I can't believe they did that. It makes me wonder if Sakamoto really does still have what it takes to make a truly great Metroid, or if it's just because this was the first in 3D. I can't help but wonder what Metroid would be like today if Gunpei Yokoi was still with us...

I also can't help but wonder why Simba didn't force the Metroid theme on us for M:OM's launch
Posted: 09/01/10, 07:04:42

Let's not forget that Sakamoto has been the director and main man behind most games in the series though. The late Gunpei Yokoi did work as a producer for the original two games, and as a General Manager for Super Metroid, but Yoshio Sakamoto has been there since the original game as a major creative force, shaping the series into what it is today.

And in honor of the games release, I set my theme back to the Metroid style.
Posted: 09/01/10, 07:52:28  - Edited by 
 on: 09/01/10, 07:53:01

Yeah it's true he's always been there, but I think I remember reading that Yokoi actually tried to keep the story elements downplayed a bit (and he also said he intended Super to be the last, but I doubt that would have panned out), so maybe it was Sakamoto who was the main man behind the Metroidvania style we all love. I don't know honestly, this is just speculation, but if you look at Fusion, Zero Mission, and now Other M sure they might all be great game, but they seem to be a little too far from the greatness of Super. Don't get me wrong though I do want a bit more story, and I do want to get to know the character of Samus more (always thought it was ridiculous that people complained about it, and said she should stay mute; we already have two Ninty mascots that don't speak, one that doesn't even utter actual words, we don't need a third), and I do like that Samus actually has an actual storyline in her life, but I don't like it at the expense of the great gameplay, and maybe a bit of balance is in order.


Well I think you might as well scan the images to share with everyone here. I was even going to ask if they had any extras that weren't pre-ordered, but didn't end up doing so.
Posted: 09/01/10, 08:13:59
The invisible walls thing you posted is very true but it's not always that limited. There's only some rooms I've encountered where the invisible walls are THAT bad. Either way once you realize that space is actually unimportant you should stop caring. It's a bit of a downer but no deal breaker. I got over it fast. I'd prefer it wasn't that limited of course, but it's just really not that big of a deal. Again, only a few rooms have I seen are actually like that.
Posted: 09/01/10, 09:02:43
I think it's particularly bad in some spots in (3-4 hours in?) Sector 2; many other rooms aren't quite that bad but for a series that encourages exploration it feels frustrating not to be able to check out the area in full. The other aspect is in Samus's mobility. I get a kick out of wall-jumping and finding alternate ways to the top of something, and the 3-D Mario games have done a great job in allowing the player the freedom to do that (particularly SMS and the Galaxies for the double-jump aspect). Since you can't kick off invisible walls, I miss that aspect in many of the rooms as well.

The game's story has kicked into nostalgia mode and I'm interested in seeing where it all goes.

EDIT: Geez, there're some pretty crazy moments near the end, some that Metroid fans are going to appreciate. But I need to slow the heck down with running through this...
Posted: 09/01/10, 09:11:20  - Edited by 
 on: 09/01/10, 10:15:38
Finished. Just over 12 hours and 100%. Never touching it again.

I can't believe I'm saying this but this game was a huge waste of time and money for me. I tried to judge it on its own merits but the fact of the matter is that I paid for a Metroid game and ended up with a mediocre action game. The combat was good, yes, but was only a fraction of the gameplay.

There where a few surpises, with the biggest one (gameplay-wise) being in the end credits. Definitely wasn't expecting that, and it's a nice nostalgic treat for the metroid fans. I also will keep the game due a certain unlockable that fans of the story will appreciate.

Anyway, I'll do a detailed review later. Kinda really bummed out right now. It's like it's the first Metroid incarnation of the Sonic cycle. *shivers*.
Posted: 09/01/10, 10:42:10
I know an opinion's an opinion and this is Negative World but...I just can't bite my tongue on this one....You hate Other M but find that Wii Music touched your soul? O..kay.

Clearly we must value completely different things regarding experiences in videogames.
Posted: 09/01/10, 11:22:35  - Edited by 
 on: 09/01/10, 11:23:05
Carlos, WTF, man. Chill. Your like 2 posts away from being on my 'avoid jerk' list.
Posted: 09/01/10, 11:40:01


I only played the game very briefly last night, got to the second space station. Got 2 missile expansions and an energy tank that were obvious, couldn't get to a couple less obvious upgrades.

There sure is a lot of cutscenes. They're better than some let on. I've always felt Super Metroid had a superior storytelling method to, say, Metal Gear, and it would be hypocritical of me to praise this new direction. Still, being a Metroid fan helps enjoy them more. They're fan service. I suspect in the end, even if the game were a failure on every other level (lol, unlikely), I still would have it found worthwhile for that fan service.

This is likely my last post about this, typing with an incapacitated arm fucking sucks.
Posted: 09/01/10, 16:24:24  - Edited by 
 on: 09/01/10, 16:43:55
I only played for 1 hour last night but I am loving the game so far.

@Pandareus, that is so true. fan service all the way. I love that I can get inside Samus head and learn so much about her and her past. This is a different flavor for the Metroid series and I love it.
Posted: 09/01/10, 16:42:35
Played for an hour or two last night and loving it. I have to confess, though, that Metroid isn't a franchise I've always been attached to. I love the Prime series and have played some GBA iterations. But outside of that I had never really picked up a Metroid game beforehand. So, I'm definitely not one to base my opinion on series standards (this may be a reason behind the differing reviews as well)... I just know it's fun so far and I'm going to have a blast with it. What I love most is the idea of Samus being fleshed out as a character. The upcoming three day weekend is about to get a whole lot of Metroid love.
Posted: 09/01/10, 16:58:26
Game picks up in the second half, IMO. I'm now having trouble pacing myself to not beat it too soon.

The writing stays kinda wonky though.
Posted: 09/02/10, 02:21:20
Sneaky, sneaky Team Ninja! You cheeky bastards! I hated the Ghost Fish in Ninja Gaiden. Everybody did. And I lol'd when the piranhas in Other M caused Samus to take the same epileptic animation that Ryu did when assaulted by fish.

So yeah, I'm about three hours in. There are things I like and things I don't. What I like surprises me. What I don't....well, maybe my hopes were a little high. Still, enjoying it overall.
Posted: 09/02/10, 06:09:55  - Edited by 
 on: 09/02/10, 06:11:58
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