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Metroid: Other M (Nintendo Wii) discussion [game]
8.17/10 from 55 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Metroid: Other M on the Wii!

To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

...seeing as you're the group of gamers whose opinions I trust the most.

Picking up Other M today was a bit of a strange experience--the guy at Play-N-Trade revealed that one of his coworkers mistakenly told everyone that the game released today, so the store had preorder folks coming in all day to try to get it. However, this particular employee was pretty upset about the whole ordeal and decided to sell it to me anyway...then promptly called his manager and quit. I told him I didn't want to cause a fuss and would come back Tuesday for it, but he took a devil-may-care attitude and let me buy the game regardless (he was actually quite friendly to me, just upset about the mistake the coworker made).

So that interesting story of acquisition aside, I now have the game and have played roughly 40 minutes or so (just beat the first boss). It's quite early so my previews aren't going to be very in-depth, so I'll make this quick for now:

-Controls are better than expected, feels fun and pleasantly quick like Samus should
-Voice acting better than expected; the ancillary soldiers and such sound pretty good
-Samus herself seems to be directed to sound fairly cold and emotionless, which usually works, but sometimes her delivery is stilted (so far)
-I'm kind of missing Retro's attention to environmental detail, but the areas still look decent enough
-Killing classic Metroid enemies like Geemers and Rios in 3rd-person is somewhat cathartic. They made a 3rd-person Metroid feel work rather well, and I like the Wiimote so far
-You can't seem to wall-jump off every wall, just select surfaces
-Not sure what to make of the story yet, I kinda like a lot of it and some of it is sort of overbearing; we'll see. The direction and transitions are pretty nice though
-Pretty cool first boss
-Casper's right, it needs more music during gameplay

That's all for now. I mainly made this thread for everyone else to post their impressions too, but I wanted to give a few of my own first.

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Posted: 08/30/10, 01:20:14  - Edited by 
 on: 08/30/10, 01:31:13
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I don't follow you.

I have always mentioned that the combat was an exception to the overall gameplay since I started posting impressions. What are you talking about? Me emphasizing it now is only because the combat has gotten even more exciting and engaging than when I first started. However, that doesn't make up for the rest of the the gameplay and the combat is still the exception. The difference is that I am now focusing on the exception with a different perspective.

Are you really going to question my possession of the game because my opinion doesn't fit in-line with your expectations for this game--you know what? This is stupid. Peace.
Posted: 08/30/10, 14:03:20

I REALLY need to play Metroid II again. I haven't played it since launch.
Posted: 08/30/10, 18:22:49
I can't read any more impressions. I feel like I'm spoiling my sense of surprise. Keep on keepin' on, though, guys. I'll join in in TWO WEEKS WHEN AMAZON DELIVERS MY PRE-ORDERED COPY! They aren't even shipping it 'til September 7th. Amazon always screws me. It does not take that long to process or ship a parcel.

TriforceBun said:
I can't believe "Zebes" is pronounced "Zeh-behs" and not "Zeebs"! That'll take some getting used to.

Zeebs?! What are you, some kind of rube? Zee-bes, maybe.

Anyway, I feel like Smash Bros. already settled most of these long-standing debates, since it gave voice to so many words that only existed to most gamers in text form. Smash Bros. is like Nintendo's Canonical Bible.
Posted: 08/30/10, 18:29:20  - Edited by 
 on: 08/30/10, 19:24:29

It's probably because you refer to it as a parcel. Who the hell knows what a parcel is? I don't, you don't (stop acting like you do) and you can't expect amazon to either.

Posted: 08/30/10, 18:40:01

Obviously it's what the United Parcel Service delivers.

But I've never gotten a parcel from them -- just packages.
Posted: 08/30/10, 18:47:29

Exactly. A highly fraudulent name if you ask me.
Posted: 08/30/10, 18:52:11
I've always called it Zeebs, and will always call it Zeebs. I refuse to give in to Other M's pronunciation.
Posted: 08/30/10, 18:58:10
Samus Aran is such a weird name. I was thinking about that yesterday. What nationality is that supposed to be similar to? Maybe it isn't supposed to be similar to anything, since she's an... alien?

All the cool kids say parcel. Well, not the cool kids, I guess...

Go watch Green Card.
Posted: 08/30/10, 19:20:55
"Zeebs" sounds so delightfully alien to me though!

Samus also says "Zebesian" in the game, although that's pronounced the way I expected it to be pronounced.
Posted: 08/30/10, 19:28:50

People said "Zeebs"?

Posted: 08/30/10, 19:59:04

Yeah, first heard it from Matt in a video review, freaked the hell out of me too.
Posted: 08/30/10, 21:48:31
My younger cousin has always pronounced Samus as Seamus (*Shay-muss).

I've never thought of her being Irish, but it kinda makes sense.
Posted: 08/30/10, 22:08:42

HAHAHA!!! My best friend's drunk alter ego is named Shay-muss!

I will never look at Samus, I mean Seamus, the same way again.
Posted: 08/30/10, 22:17:11
Fuck all you ZEEBS doubters!! Zeebs or Zeebees is ok but NOT Zehbez. I agree with boycotting Other M's pronounciation. I don't think I'll give in to that one.
Posted: 08/30/10, 23:07:09
Alright, game time for the rest of you folks! Let's hear what you think.

Five hours in, and more upgrades. I've been involved in some cool battles, although some of the monster design doesn't quite blow me away.

By far my biggest complaint so far of the entire game: INVISIBLE WALLS, and the general lack of letting Samus play around in the environment. Why is the player's freedom compromised so? :(
Posted: 08/31/10, 09:49:01
i think the reviews bashed this game so much that we are going to play it with low expectations and still be blown away!
Posted: 08/31/10, 15:00:39

It has been and always shall be pronounced Zeh-bes.

So let it be written. So let it be done.

Posted: 08/31/10, 16:21:20
@Scrawnton Haven't the reviews been pretty solid overall though? Unless people were expecting Metroid Prime level reviews.
Posted: 08/31/10, 18:00:10
It's a Metroid game, I was expecting reviews to be in the 9s.
Posted: 08/31/10, 18:15:15
But it's Team Ninja developed.

Actually I guess their games score pretty well in general. But then, this is their first game since Itagaki left (and took with a bunch of talent), no? It's always difficult when major talent leaves to know how much is left until more games come out, but I kind of thought Team Ninja was overrated to begin with, so a bunch of talent leaving, including their head honch, didn't exactly leave them in a state where I was expecting major things from them.
Posted: 08/31/10, 18:23:14  - Edited by 
 on: 08/31/10, 18:24:48
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