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Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies (Nintendo DS) discussion [game]
8.94/10 from 21 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies on the DS!

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Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies Review (Nintendo DS) (8.8)  by  

You guys get this game yet?

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Posted: 07/11/10, 22:47:37
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Yeah I'm doing a lot of alchemy myself... made my thief a super strong knife
Posted: 07/21/10, 05:42:56
LOL, well not to brag or anything but I got the Birthday Boy accolade!
Posted: 07/21/10, 17:05:54
Well Happy Birthday VoE

Though now I won't be surprised come next thursday when it's my turn to get it, heh.
Posted: 07/21/10, 17:31:41
Happy birthday!

If only this game were online, I'd send you that birthday cake I got off the DQVC.
Posted: 07/21/10, 17:33:00

I saw that cake for sale too a few days ago but never bought it. Maybe I should have...

Anyway, did anyone get any concrete info on the Gamestop/EB deal they have for the downloadable map? I just got an email about it but it sounds as if only specific stores will have it for download. Checking the list, the closest store here that will have it is 2 hours away...
Posted: 07/21/10, 20:45:51
Right, I think it's only those stores. I have one nearby but my brother's getting married that day, so...
Posted: 07/21/10, 21:02:38
alrighty, tome for another scrawnton dq9 update!

There will be vocation spoilers!

I am currently 65 hours into the game and I am at the final tower/dungeon before facing the final boss. It was at this time I took my game to a screeching hault and did something goofy. I unlocked 5 of the 6 unlockable vocations, the last one you can not get until you beat the story so i am left without that one. Anyways, I decided to take my main party of four people and start them all over as a lvl 1 advanced classes. This is a benefit because my skills carry over from their previous classes so in the long run they will only be stronger. My party as of right now is the following:

Gladiator with 100 in swords set for massive damage and support.
A sage with 100 in wands who was formerly a priest so she has alot of the passive skills from that vocation
An armamentalist who has had sword training as well as a little bit of mage training.
(and the most awkward) A Paladin who previously was a ranger who had 100 in boomerangs, therefor I have a palidan who throws a damn boomerang....
Posted: 07/21/10, 21:19:33  - Edited by 
 on: 07/21/10, 21:20:41

Screw marriage... Dragon Quest IX needs your attention! Can't you just take a really long toilet break or something and run out? Haha...

But are these going to be one shot deals? Are they eventually going to be made available through the DQVC? Same for the multiplayer ones I'd hope but that's probably not likely. I'm never going to play with anyone else...
Posted: 07/21/10, 22:06:10
I really have no idea. I heard someone somewhere (Active Time Babble?) guessing that eventually it would make it online to be available to everyone, but I don't know.

As for the marriage, I can't ditch it, I'm the best man!
Posted: 07/21/10, 22:17:38
Can't you just force feed a golden fruit to a replica doll and put it there in your place? You disappoint me as a fan of this game!

I'm just doing my first map run by the way but I'm not sure I'm terribly disappoint if we never do get these. Unless if the rewards are extremely amazing, then I guess I won't mind. Still sucks for the completionist in me
Posted: 07/21/10, 22:28:20
The vocations are really making me constantly second guess what I plan on doing with my party. Whenever I decide on one team I instantly start to think maybe there'd be something better.

So far I know I'm keeping my Armamentalist and Priest. I'm pretty sure my Mage would do well being changed to a Sage once I get there, but my Martial Artist I have absolutely no idea what do with. He's doing fine right now with maxed out Fisticuffs, but I just feel like I'm going to reach a point after the story where he's just not going to cut it anymore...
Posted: 07/21/10, 22:44:55
My mage looks like a cross between a 70s porn star and some kind of blinged out pimp. He just needs the chest hair and a mustache He's just absolutely terrifying and ugly
Posted: 07/22/10, 06:21:40  - Edited by 
 on: 07/22/10, 06:22:43
For the third day in a row now the DQVC has had a Miracle Sword for sale. Are the possible items on the shop that limited? Sort of disappointing.

I'd actually prefer it didn't take up the space for a precious run-of-the-mill alchemy ingredient. At least I always have a use for them and they don't cost 18,500.
Posted: 07/22/10, 06:28:17
@VofEscaflowneAh yes, the other problem I'm having, lol.

I find myself actually keeping my team with slightly weaker armor than I have just so they actually still look decent. I mean why would I want to slap a helmet and armor on my awesome main guy when he looks so spiffy with his Musketeer hat and Smart Suit:

Posted: 07/22/10, 06:35:20  - Edited by 
 on: 07/22/10, 06:44:52
Posted: 07/22/10, 06:43:00  - Edited by 
 on: 07/22/10, 06:43:50
Pandareus said:
For the third day in a row now the DQVC has had a Miracle Sword for sale. Are the possible items on the shop that limited? Sort of disappointing.

I'd actually prefer it didn't take up the space for a precious run-of-the-mill alchemy ingredient. At least I always have a use for them and they don't cost 18,500.

I've only seen the Miracle Sword in my shop once, with tons of precious Alchemy items coming after that, day after day. And a few accessories here and there.
Posted: 07/22/10, 07:57:34

you do not need a priest at all when you can have a sage. A sage heals much better, has kazing, and can also launch attacks that rival mages.
Posted: 07/22/10, 08:29:19
Hey, make sure you connect to DQVC today, guys. We get two quests this time, plus... something else I won't spoil, but it's pretty cool.
Posted: 07/24/10, 01:50:05
How do those quests work? I get them but it keeps saying I cannot do them at this time. Do I just need to get further into the story?

And what's up with these gloves' description? "A one-handed glove that makes the wearer look well-hard." Really?
Posted: 07/24/10, 03:11:41

I personally love the accolade I have for being "touched" by the lucky "stick."

I chuckled the first time I read it, though that might just be because it was like 2 in the morning.....or I just have a dirty mind.....or both....
Posted: 07/24/10, 05:57:45
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