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Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies (Nintendo DS) discussion [game]
8.94/10 from 21 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies on the DS!

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Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies Review (Nintendo DS) (8.8)  by  

You guys get this game yet?

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Posted: 07/11/10, 22:47:37
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warerare said:
I may take up Dragon Quest V after this.
Posted: 02/12/11, 02:28:25
So... I'm pretty much near the end of the game and I have to get rid of my other party members to talk to the dragon so after screwing around for 10 minutes trying to figure out successfully how to get them out of my party, I went on Gamefaqs and found out I need to go to the inn at Stornway to do this (what? why?) So I walk into the inn and the girl is like oh hey, here is an alchemy pot I found. And then it hit me, that this is a thing in Dragon Quest games and I completely forgot that it should exist in this game as well. And it does, apparently, I just totally wasn't thinking about it and played most of the game without it.

...lol? It's a great game, but why would you build this extensive mechanic that is pretty core to the experience and then make it so people can play the whole game and miss it?
Posted: 03/13/11, 23:07:18
After seeing a million items say "Alchemize It!" you didn't figure out you could do so? I stumbled upon it by accident too, but I at least figured such a thing existed. This is my first DQ game, btw.

My question is... I'm like 15 hours in, and I still don't have any party members. I find myself trying to do some side quests and just getting pummled because I'm only one strappingly-dressed man against enemies that call for backup infinitely. I kinda got frustrated and put the game down. So yeah, I've gathered a whole bunch of tears of light or whatever they're called, when do I get my first party member?
Posted: 03/14/11, 00:29:01
No I knew I could but I kept thinking I would get the pot later in the game. And then after awhile I stopped thinking about it. And then I stumble upon the pot near the end and go oh... yeah, totally forgot that this was in the game.

Um, I hope your second question is a parody of me not finding the alchemy pot? 15 hours in and gathering lots of tears and no party members?! I think you create them in Stornway as well? But man, if you actually didn't realize this, its even more evidence for my point, the game is too obtuse at times!
Posted: 03/14/11, 04:11:00
lol, this is hilarious.
Posted: 03/14/11, 07:33:54
I would like to update my DQ9 progress. Seeing that a few months ago someone stole both my DSi and my DSiXL, I have been unable to play dq9. However, I have been able to borrow a friends DS to play during long plane rides to Montana (my mother passed away two months ago and I never really said anything on here about it). I got all four of my characters to have maxed stats with every job. Each person knows how to use Four different weapons and I whomped on six different legacy bosses.
Posted: 03/14/11, 17:43:21
Hmm, not hilarious. My sincerest condolences, Scrawnton.

Impressive DQ9 progress. Have you started DQVI yet? If not, you probably won't listen but I would recommend against it, unless a very long, very slow-paced and grindy RPG is what you're looking for at the moment.

Now Radiant Historia, on the other hand...
Posted: 03/14/11, 17:59:49

well, I got dq6 and played it for a bit while i still had the borrowed DS. School got real crazy and I had to finish my senior thesis paper so I put it on the back burner for a few weeks. While I was ignoring it, my little brothers friend took his DS back and my game was still in it; however, he claims there was no game in the system when he took it (which i know for a fact it was in there) so I am without that game again. I did not enjoy it from what I played of it. It is moving to slow and the game is halting itself by hiding your progress objectives.

When 3ds comes out i plan on getting pilot wings and pokemon black. I may look into radiant historia as well, it sounds very interesting form what i heard form james jones on rfn. For some reason I always associated the title with "Radiata Stories" for ps2, which makes no sense what so ever, but I did love that game....
Posted: 03/14/11, 18:04:26
Should i get DQ IX or VI ???
Posted: 03/14/11, 19:52:47
IX, no question.
Posted: 03/14/11, 19:54:39
@Whiffleboy dq9 is a fnatastic game. I am actually contemplating buying another copy of it because I want to experience the story again but I do not want to erase the hundreds of hours in already put into the game. I may buy another copy with the 3ds...
Posted: 03/14/11, 20:09:24
Even I would say IX. It's actually really good, it just wasn't quite what I needed at the time. I'm getting more into it now that it's nearing the end and the story is picking up again.
Posted: 03/14/11, 20:13:46

Um, no, it's no parody. Are you serious? I can go recruit party members already? What do I have to do?! It adds to your point indeed Zero; this game is obtuse!


My condolences, sir
Posted: 03/15/11, 05:53:28
LOL so you're lecturing me on not paying attention to the alchemy pot stuff and you managed to not notice that you should have a party by now?!

Just head back to the inn at Stornway and one of the girls at the desk handles party stuff. Yeah, it is obtuse.
Posted: 03/15/11, 07:38:10

thank you very much.
Posted: 03/15/11, 08:32:28
Thanks everyone, i will buy DQ IX today.
Posted: 03/15/11, 15:46:26

LOL *shrug*
Posted: 03/15/11, 16:13:23
Hey... do you ever get a HEAL ALL spell or anything like that? I'm near the end and bosses are getting rough and the best healing I have is my Priest who can do some decent healing on one person at a time but has nothing that can hit everyone.
Posted: 03/17/11, 03:30:10
The priest's coup-de-grace heals everyone. I kind of lucked out, having a Minstrel from the get-go because he can heal as well. Also my Mage learned a healing spell at some point, so I was set. I think you should spend all your skill points beefing up your priest's healing abilities, and maybe add a Minstrel to your party.
Posted: 03/17/11, 15:55:50
As I said in the chat last night, the priest gets the Multiheal spell at level 38.
Posted: 03/17/11, 16:13:15
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