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OT! Your three best character traits and three worst! [community]
I always enjoy asking people this, because it tells you quite a bit about them. Their priorities, their ability to self-analyze, their level of delusion...

I'll start, I guess (and potentially end, as well).

I would say intelligence, humor, and kindness.

Sometimes, I think I'm TOO smart, funny, and nice.

No, let's see... Temper, Laziness, and Lack of Drive/Risk-Aversion/Fear of Failure/Pessimism.

How about you guys? C'mon, it's fun!

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Posted: 06/02/10, 19:44:48
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@Simbabbad Also add "hates on pretty much every good game except ones with angels and demons in them".

That's my brother for you.

Speaking of my brother, Dave, SINCE WHEN DID YOU START USING HALF NAKED CHICK ICONS?!!?!!? I mean, I know she is an angel and all, but still.

Not to mention, I should probably know what she is from since I also recall she has a twin or something with the eyes reversed, but I can't remember. Weird.
Posted: 06/03/10, 18:38:42  - Edited by 
 on: 06/03/10, 18:40:40
Seems like Procrastination (the flipside of fear of failure?) is somewhat of a constant. What's the link to Nintendoooo?
Posted: 06/03/10, 20:46:27
anandxxx said:
I'm sure you're not that bad, Grant. You were always one of the nicer people on IGN (not that that's saying much).

Oh no, I know I'm not... y'know, "BAD" or anything. (except in bed, or so my wife tells me. ) I just have a hard time coming up with positive traits. Maybe I'm humble?


In bed.

Alright, I've got a starting point now at least.
Posted: 06/03/10, 21:34:17
@GameDadGrant At least you're something in bed [-(
Posted: 06/03/10, 23:50:46
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