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Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Nintendo Wii) discussion [game]
9.57/10 from 112 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Super Mario Galaxy 2 on the Wii!

To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

Hey guys, I hope you're enjoying the newest Mario title: "Super Mario Galaxy Wahooooo" (according to Charles Martinet on the load-up screen at least).

So how many stars do you have? Which galaxies have you most enjoyed? Favorite power-up? Be sure to mark spoilers though!

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Posted: 05/23/10, 21:15:24
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I guess it's worth mentioning here in the official Mario Galaxy 2 thread that I got my 242 stars not too long ago. Awesome awesome moment.

See me celebrate here in the Finished Pile thread.
Posted: 04/20/11, 08:06:17
gamewizard65 said:
you will feel better that you left the thread and didn't make a fool out of yourself
Posted: 04/21/11, 01:22:40
Finally 100%ed this game. Great game. I think I still rank the original ahead of it but only ever so slightly.

I haven't been in this thread much since I didn't want to see any spoilers before I finished everything, but glancing it over now, I have to strongly disagree with the idea that there is no room for improvisation in this game. Here's a big reason why:

If you saw some of the things I pulled off while messing around in the early sections of the final challenge, you couldn't possibly say there's no room for improvisation in this game with a straight face.
Posted: 12/01/11, 22:47:54

Nice. Congrats!
Posted: 12/02/11, 06:24:55
Cloud Mario was awesome.
Posted: 12/02/11, 17:26:18
Now that this game was just rereleased, this thread needs bumped again. I just downloaded it on my Wii U and I am going to play through this bad boy again. What i love about this digital version is that it still accesses my save file that I transferred to my Wii U years ago. I am ignoring my near 100% playthrough and starting all over again. I wouldve made a new thread, but I figured raising this one from the dead was just as acceptable.

Anyone else download it?
Posted: 01/14/15, 20:58:23
I'm probably going to grab it tomorrow. I might actually finish it this time!
Posted: 01/14/15, 20:59:43
I am on the second galaxy and my mind is blown that people are complaining these games are being released as regular Wii version roms. I have a 52 inch tv and this still looks fantastic. My only complaint is that I have to exit the game to access other Wii U features, but this looks beautiful on my system still.
Posted: 01/14/15, 21:16:17
I've got it too, it definitely holds up. Sure it's a little fuzzy, but the gameplay is soooooooo good.
Posted: 01/14/15, 22:10:03
I won't be downloading it since I have it for Wii, but it has been a while since I've had a run-through the game. Replaying games isn't good for my backlogue, but this one's worth it!

Anyone who doesn't own this already should definitely grab it for $9.99, it'd be tough to find a better game at that price point.
Posted: 01/14/15, 22:20:47
@Mop it up I was able to clean out most of my backlog by stopping myself form being hyped up by next gen and buying games out of peer pressure because its the new hot thing. I am slowly returning to only playing games that are in genres that interest me, old school JRPGS, Nintendo games, and Japense games in general. I think this means the only PS4 games im buying in the next six months are Bloodborne and Dark Souls 2, which leaves me with a lot of time to spend clearning out my 3ds backlog, which consists of bravely default (havent bought yet but want it), persona q (same), entrian odyssey 4, smt 4, pokemon omega ruby, and mario and luigi.

I need to stop getting caught up in the hype of trophies and AAA trash I know I wont like and stick to the good, fun games like galaxy and the rest of my nintendo collection!
Posted: 01/14/15, 22:30:48
I grabbed it this morning since I'm trying to go all digital and clean out my clutter...definitely still looks good and is still a blast to play. I also managed to sell my disc copy it to a friend for $20 (cheaper than you can find it at GameStop).
Posted: 01/14/15, 23:29:54
Scrawnton said:
I need to stop getting caught up in the hype of trophies and AAA trash I know I wont like and stick to the good, fun games like galaxy and the rest of my nintendo collection!
For me the pressure comes from being part of the zeitgeist, like when everyone was obsessed with Destiny I felt like I needed to play it to see what all the hype was about... then I just realized I freaking despise MMOs and all the worthless grinding, and basically I don't like multiplayer than much so a game that forces you to play online should automatically be crossed off my list. Same happened to me with Smash actually, I'm glad I have it for the very rare occasions I might have guests over, but it's not really my thing, I don't enjoy playing it by myself. For 2015 I want to focus on the games and genres I really love, single player games with stories and worlds you can get immersed in, and that don't require you play online or with other people to get the "full" experience.

Of course I also want to play Splatoon, but hopefully that will be more accessible than something like Smash, at the very least everyone will start off on more or less even ground, it won't be like Smash where it seems like everyone but me has literally 100s or 1000s of hours logged.
Posted: 01/15/15, 00:02:26
@deathly_hallows i get caught up in the hype way too much. When i think about what my favorite games are they are ps1 era JRPGs and I would just buy ps4 games because its "whats cool" now. Then I realized there are about 10 jrpgs that i never beat on 3ds that fall in line with my favorite game genre. I am weening myself away from the zeitgeist and im starting to focus on what I enjoy.
Posted: 01/15/15, 01:54:37
deathly_hallows said:
For 2015 I want to focus on the games and genres I really love, single player games with stories and worlds you can get immersed in, and that don't require you play online or with other people to get the "full" experience.

I hope you're keeping up with the indie scene, then. They've got those types of games locked down!
Posted: 01/15/15, 02:15:58
@Jargon some indy games are good; i want to try out pier solar after i clear out some backlog stuff, which is why i shouldnt be playing mario galaxy 2 again but i think its a fun game to jump in for fifteen minutes or so to get a star and stop. Thats how I am going to play this game again.
Posted: 01/15/15, 02:22:51
I'm tempted to bite just to have it so accessible but then again, I have the damn game in arms reach... but then again it's kinda horrible to use wii games on wii u right? I haven't tried. Never did the system transfer.
Posted: 01/15/15, 03:20:17

It's not that horrible. And it's not like this downloadable version will be all that improved. Basically, you'd be paying $10 to not have to put the disc in and load up Wii Mode. Not worth it, in my opinion.
Posted: 01/15/15, 03:42:19
I'm medium on top of the indie game scene, but I don't have a windows PC so I have to wait for stuff to come to consoles and handhelds, luckily most major indies find their way on some platform I own.

The only problem I have with Wii mode is that the disk drive is kind of loud and it makes the fan blow, it's not a big deal but it's one of the reasons I tend to go for digital version of games over physical.

I don't own Galaxy 2 so for me this was a no brainer. But I'm not sure I'd buy games I already own...
Posted: 01/15/15, 03:58:10
Yeah, I'm not going to buy it over again, but I'm stoked for everyone who's playing it this week. One of the best gaming experiences I've ever had.
Posted: 01/15/15, 04:13:40
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