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Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Nintendo Wii) discussion [game]
9.57/10 from 112 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Super Mario Galaxy 2 on the Wii!

To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

Hey guys, I hope you're enjoying the newest Mario title: "Super Mario Galaxy Wahooooo" (according to Charles Martinet on the load-up screen at least).

So how many stars do you have? Which galaxies have you most enjoyed? Favorite power-up? Be sure to mark spoilers though!

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Posted: 05/23/10, 21:15:24
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Anyone else think about this game ALL DAY while at work? I did and it's been quite awhile since a game has captured my thoughts in the way Galaxy 2 has. I'm DYING to play more tonight after dinner!
Posted: 05/25/10, 00:06:46
This is a small spoiler, but for very sensitive people, I'm blocking it out. If I went into detail, it would be spoilerish, but I won't.

There's a level in this game that mixes the first Galaxy, Mario Kart, and Mario 64. Not kidding.

That is all.
Posted: 05/25/10, 01:59:30
Nothing as of yet. Waiting on the next paycheck. ><
Posted: 05/25/10, 03:05:37
I should be picking up the game today, if I'm lucky.

And because this stupid update on my life is of no consequence to anyone but myself, here's a cool glitch in SMG2 to have made your clicking on this thread worthwhile.

Posted: 05/25/10, 17:44:18
I'm about 19 stars in :)

I'm having so much fun - I loved the first one but I'm really enjoying the simple improvements in the sequel:

Camera System is a bit better - I never found the first one a big problem but I've already noticed the system is smarter in this game.
Yoshi Rocks...even the added 'drums' from Mario World is present when you hitch a ride..
I like the new level map system (to be more like the 2D Mario games).. It's faster.
Galaxy's seem to be designed differently in how you complete them - You can only get a maximum of maybe 2-3 stars (and another item which I won't say) before having to move on to the next one when you first start.. For instance in Mario64 and Galaxy, you could get most, if not all the stars right away (some having 5-7 stars) for each painting/galaxy and for the Mario completionist in me, that's great. I love it because I'm not getting bored with any particular galaxy before wanting to move on..

Posted: 05/25/10, 18:18:50
I'm about 4 stars in; this game is sooooo freakin awesome! It definitely has that "Nintendo Magic" feel to it. I think someone previously stated, "It makes me feel like I'm 8 all over again!" I couldn't agree more!
Posted: 05/25/10, 19:01:51
Just hit star #42, and now taking a break for some errands. Every single star has been a blast to get so far. Nothing too challenging yet, but seeing as I'm still only in World 3, I'm sure things will get tougher the deeper I go

This came out at such a perfect time seeing as I have 4 straight days off of work, lol.
Posted: 05/25/10, 20:57:39
Just arrived home with it. Eric is taking first crack at it, and he reports that he's gotten 6 stars so far. I'll give it some time when I get home from work tonight.

David V
Posted: 05/26/10, 00:31:34
I'm at 64 stars, and I can't believe what I'm doing. First, each new level poses a new challenge, something never seen before. And second, for some reason, I'm not fully completing a level before moving to the next. In all Mario games in the past, I've stayed with one level to get every star before moving on, but I find myself so enamored to keep moving forward, to see all the game has to offer. I will of course go back to those levels, there's no way I'm not 100%ing this bitch, but for now, I just want to see more, and more!
Posted: 05/26/10, 02:42:33
I'm on the same page as you, Prime. I've always wanted to complete EVERYTHING before moving to the next level in every Mario game. Even in the first Galaxy. Now, I beat the final boss with the bare minimum of 70 stars. I think it also helps that without this simple menu system I was lazy to traverse the hub most of the time.
Posted: 05/26/10, 03:03:34
Just got the game, and made it to World 2. All I can simply say is that this game is magnificent.
I finally understand how the cosmic clones work ever since seeing them in the first trailer. The level design I've seen so far is pretty good. My first area that I died, was the flip-something galaxy. The one where the platforms flip when you spin. Accidentally flicked the remote and made me fall to my doom. Got the star on the second try, though.

I'll say though. I think the opening segment, gameplay wise, is brilliant. It is the bridge between 2D and 3D, progressively changing from the former to the latter. First it's straight 2D, then it's 2D with you going in and out of the background, and finally 3D. Of course, I already know how to play 3D Mario, but I can see this working well in bringing in people who are accustomed to the 2D games.

Again, so far this game has been great. Bravo, Nintendo! Bravo!
Posted: 05/26/10, 03:27:15
19 stars and loving it.

Had to force myself to stop playing because I don't want to rush through it too quickly.
Posted: 05/26/10, 03:34:57
I'm about 25 stars in and I just reached World 3, but I'm gonna try to not rush it like some dudes here.

I can say that it's living up to all of my expectations so far, and then some.
Posted: 05/26/10, 03:37:04
I swear to God, I'm in the last Galaxy in the game, and it introduced a new gameplay mechanic I hadn't seen before.

EDIT: Well, actually, it's a twist on an old mechanic. But still.

Also the second to last Galaxy features brand new music.
Posted: 05/26/10, 05:32:50  - Edited by 
 on: 05/26/10, 05:38:15
Just hit 30 stars.

Only Zelda has a chance at stopping this from being my game of the generation. I cannot believe how much better this is than the last game. The level designs are just flat-out BRILLIANT.
Posted: 05/26/10, 05:45:40
12 stars, finished the first world, decided it was a good spot to stop playing.

I haven't seen anything that surprised me yet. Well, the fact that almost all the footage Nintendo (and reviews) showed is from the first world is impressive. They sure know how to not spoil a game.

Maybe I'm missing something, but how do you start the comet challenges? I got all the comet coins in that world, but nothing indicates new challenges opened up.
Posted: 05/26/10, 06:01:22
Gotta continue playing. Eventually you will get a message saying a Prankster Comet is over a galaxy. It's very clear, you won't miss it.
Posted: 05/26/10, 06:05:48

They'll start appearing later on in the game. Just keep on collecting them, they're not going to waste!

I just got my 55th star earlier and stopping there for the night. Just like Galaxy, this one is so addicting and I always feel like I want to get one more. The game does feel a bit more challenging than the first but still not too hard. I still wish that some of the bosses were a bit more hard but maybe some of the comet challenges will fix that later. They've been pretty fun to do so far
Posted: 05/26/10, 06:06:10
I got the game today but ran into a very interesting problem. The game would flicker to a black screen randomly. I've checked my connections since I'm running on a VGA and everything is working correctly. I was messing around with some of my VC games the other day and they worked fine. But when I play Galaxy 2 every time I'd hit a point where I'd start flying through space the game would go black and then half-way through the image would come back. The best part was the first boss because it seemed like every time one of his feet would hit the ground the game would go black. I'm now trying to see how it all works on my SDTV because I'm hoping it's something wrong internally with the cable and not my Wii. This would be the second Galaxy to destroy my Wii :(

Woo-boy, just the cable. Just beat the first boss and on to Star numero dos.
Posted: 05/26/10, 07:25:48  - Edited by 
 on: 05/26/10, 07:58:04
is this a dual layer disc? it seems thicker than MHTri
Posted: 05/26/10, 07:40:28
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