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Picross 3D (Nintendo DS) discussion [game]
Picross 3D on the DS
8.63/10 from 14 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Picross 3D on the DS!

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I am so excited for Picross 3D coming out tomorrow (though technically tuesday). Who else is excited for this?

I don't know the likelihood of this thread sticking around but I figure people can share their opinions and tips and such if any here in a few days. I don't know how the "create a puzzle" thing works but maybe we'll be able to aid in sharing puzzles with each other via this too.


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Posted: 05/03/10, 03:03:07
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Can't wait! I might not pick it up right away though -- I'm finishing up Picross DS right now (currently in level 4 of Free Mode) and Best Buy has a coupon for $5 off the game valid in two weeks.

But I'll probably still pick it up :p
Posted: 05/03/10, 04:01:26

Oh then you wont be done for a while. Picross DS has a ton of puzzles and then there's an insane number of great downloadable puzzles. Hundreds. Do those too. I haven't checked in a long time since I finished them all but they should still be up for download.

I wish Nintendo would continue releasing the 2D puzzles or just put out a whole new sequel. I'd be in instantly.
Posted: 05/03/10, 04:05:13
Yeah, I'm not done with the 2D version, but I'll probably get this anyway. The demo was pretty easy, but no more so than early 2D picross puzzles.

This is gonna be $20 again, right?
Posted: 05/03/10, 04:43:53

Yessir! $20 bucks!
Posted: 05/03/10, 05:10:05
I'll definitely be buying Picross 3D this week. I'll be back once I have the game to post my friend code so that we can start sharing our created puzzles.
Posted: 05/03/10, 06:13:34
I'll have to actually buy this one while it's still in print. Finding a new copy of the 2D game for less than $30 isn't easy.
Posted: 05/03/10, 06:24:27
Getting it tomorrow, assuming they have it in. They've been pretty good lately at getting games on shipping date, Nintendo published or not.
Posted: 05/03/10, 06:26:59

Who's they? Like retailers in general? Or Nintendo with their games?

The sunday Target ad said they'd have em' in by Tuesday at 4pm... which frustrates me because I will be busy as hell tuesday. It'd be nice to find a copy tomorrow. I'll call Gamestop and Best Buy in hopes they have them in. I was actually at Target today and they have a spot already out for it, labeled Picross 3D and everything. Maybe I can get lucky and they'll have it in. Who knows. But I'm about to start a busy week of Production Assisting a new reality show of NBC's, and well... I don't wanna wait days to be able to play this game I've wanted for so long. Just an hour with it would hold me off!!!

Posted: 05/03/10, 06:41:35
Wal-Mart or EB usually... because that's all I have to shop for games. Well to be fair, FFXIII was probably to be expected on release date. I got SSFIV on the same day too... okay maybe there's not many recently. STOP CRUSHING MY DREAMS!
Posted: 05/03/10, 06:45:17

Wal-mart... good idea. I'll call them in the morning.
Posted: 05/03/10, 07:01:36
I never finished the 2D one either. I'm so backlogged that I'm not in a rush to pick up the game, and $5 off in 2 weeks sounds good to me.
Posted: 05/03/10, 07:30:41

Where I can I find the $5 off coupon? Money is tight, but $15 for a game like this?
Posted: 05/03/10, 07:48:58
cooliocuneo said:

Where I can I find the $5 off coupon? Money is tight, but $15 for a game like this?

Well, there's a thread on Cheap Ass Gamer that says there will be a $5 off coupon for Reward Zone/Gamer's Club members from May 16 through June 5. I haven't actually seen the coupon, but I did see an ad for the May Reward Zone deals here:

I'm assuming the coupon will be available in two weeks. I doubt you have to be a member to be able to use the coupon, but if so, it's free so it's worth it. If you don't, then I'm sure it'll be available online (or I can email you a copy or something).
Posted: 05/03/10, 13:41:29
Mine's on the way from Amazon. I should have it this week. Hooray Picross!
Posted: 05/03/10, 14:32:54

I don't plan on finishing all of the downloadable puzzles yet, but assuming Free Mode is about as long as Normal Mode (10ish levels) then I should be able to finish it pretty quickly. I've been playing it like crazy and I still am :p

Besides, having that to distract me makes that two week wait (to save $5) easier to stomach.

I do really want to pick it up today or tomorrow though. Based on the demo, it's just as addicting as regular Picross.
Posted: 05/03/10, 18:04:06
Just called EB, they have it in. Will pick it up later this afternoon!
Posted: 05/03/10, 18:34:40
VofEscaflowne said:
Just called EB, they have it in. Will pick it up later this afternoon!

Which EB is it? I called a Wal-mart and my Gamestop in the SE Michigan area and nada. I wonder if it's because I'm EST. Don't games generally get shipped from the west coast? Is that where their centers are, or am I just nuts. I'll try my EB though I'm thinking they wont have it.
Posted: 05/03/10, 19:08:16

Cool, thanks! I'm a B.B. rewards member. I think I can wait 2 weeks. I'll try to finish up Bowser's Inside Story in the meantime.

For anyone who hasn't yet, DOWNLOAD the demo off the Nintendo Channel. Its short, but gives you a good idea of what to expect.
Posted: 05/03/10, 19:24:52
Some hands-on impressions from Nintendo World Report. Sounds neat, I didn't know about the medal system.
Posted: 05/03/10, 21:18:04

Well I'm in the Atlantic region which is even more east than you :p I'm in Canada though if that makes any difference. Nintendo games usually arrive here faster and I now have my copy sitting next to me... last copy too! Out of probably one copy I'm sure :p
Posted: 05/03/10, 21:18:05
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