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Monster Hunter Tri (Nintendo Wii) discussion [game]
9.03/10 from 36 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii!

To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

The New MH3U Thread is lead by Mr_Mustache. Click Here for the thread.

MH Tri Online Shuts down April 30th 2013. It was a great run guys!

We can use this thread to post our thoughts, our battles, advice, when we are online etc etc.

Mustaches group of heroes:

1. HR9 Mr_Mustache
2. HR9 Anando
3. HR8 Mikey (Anon_Mastermind)
4. HR2 Gui

5. HR28 Marsh
6. HR17 canonj
7. HR?? Cryojin
8. HR11 Smerd

Negative World Monster Hunter Names and older HR rankings: (For finding each other online)

Fabz ( M9rtrg ) (Fabz) HR 180
Mustache (Mr. Mustache) HR53
RgR (Tranquilo) HR 113
Mark (W9XQVJ) (Wilie345) HR90
NinTemple_Maxi HR40
Anand (anandxxx) HR 53
Mikey (U89BLQ) (anon_mastermind) HR 52
Ruby (GDKAUD) (Dynablade) HR 44
CEW00 (DSLeet) HR 43
Marsh (Marsh) HR28
Bolt (Ben_Strife) HR 24
Shadow (2BX772) (ShadowLink_89) HR21
Andrew ( QT1V6H ) (Zero) HR 20
canonj (canonj) HR 17
Smerd (Smerd) HR 11
Cryojin (Cryojin) HR 0?
Paleo (Paleo_Orca) HR 3
Gui (DKH1HG)(Gui/Panda) HR 0

***When searching for people, pay attention to caps - search is case sensitive!!****

See ya on da'field


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Posted: 04/17/10, 06:23:47  - Edited by 
 on: 02/10/13, 17:31:15
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@CRISIS hearts
I think I got that glow after beating a couple of Great Jaggis with my Bowgun. Maybe it has a similar effect?
Posted: 04/26/10, 19:02:53
[ref=id=1761&pagenumber=8#35295]CRISIS hearts said:[/ref][quote][ref=id=1761&pagenumber=8#35262]Fabz said:[/ref][quote][ref=id=1761&pagenumber=8#35254]CRISIS hearts said:[/ref][quote][ref=id=1761&pagenumber=8#35227]Fabz said:[/ref][quote]
Also, I see you "level up" ingame when you hit a lot of combos (you have an aura around you). I didn't know that[/quote]
I didn't know that either. That's a MH3 only thing apparently. The PSP games do not do that, their ranking system is much different, it didn't have near the same ranks so you do not rank up in the middle of quests. You rank up after completeing a specific number of Guild Hall quests in each level. MHF and MHF2 have a Hunter Rank 6 level cap and Unite extended it up to 9.

Monster Hunter on PS2 had 20 Hunter Ranks.

Monster Hunter Frontier on PC has 999 Hunter Ranks.

Monster Hunter 3 for Wii copies Frontier, it has 999 ranks as well but new quests stop at around Rank 51 so every rank after that is for bragging rights. But don't worry, if any of you wish to get up to Hunter Rank 50 it's going to take you around 300-500 hours. :)[/quote]

No. Let me explain myself better.

You don't level up as in your level goes from 3 to 4. What I'm saying is that when you fight a monster and you play "properly" (whatever that means) your body starts glowing and there's a arrow up up next to your name, perhaps showing that your energy/power is going up.

After each one of those instances after the quest I levelled up[/quote]That still seems weird. The only a character glows that I know about is when you are actually powered up. The more sucessful attacks you make with swords, a red power bar increases and you can unleash more powerful attacks with that extra power.[/quote]
Ok then you are right. I was just "powered up" and it just so happens that after each one of those quests my level went up.

Is anyone online now?

why don't you like the visuals? I think it looks nice but I think people's problem are not in regards to graphics but more related to the bland environments: The art directions is the real problem and could have been more "inspired/creative" - think the Metroid Prime World.

Again, this comes from me where art direction is more important than graphics.
Posted: 04/26/10, 21:21:54
The visuals? They aren't horrible. Like you said, they're a little bland. And I really hate dark environments, because they strain my eyes. Monster Hunter has a very large visual dynamic range between the well-lit outdoor areas and the so-dark-I-can't-see cave areas. It's, like, one of my biggest problems with modern gaming. Feeling like I'm going blind is not fun.

Also, like RE4, Tri isn't very sharp. The visuals seem kind of dithered and low-res and jaggi (har har), almost like they've been upscaled. I prefer sharp, simple stuff (Super Mario Galaxy) to complex, but smudgy and dithered stuff.

Art direction is important to me, but I don't like how the actual engine is prioritized. Still, like I said, The game is fun as hell, so, ultimately, I don't care.
Posted: 04/26/10, 21:37:51
I'm online now
Posted: 04/26/10, 21:44:14
FABZ! hold on... I'm on my way online..

Posted: 04/26/10, 21:53:14
I finished the Guts: It's what's for dinner quest, and I got my rear end handed to me once. I was gathering some Monster Guts from a fallen Epioth, and Lagiacrus showed up and zapped me before I could get away. I was at half health and had only leather armor, leather leggings, leather greaves and a leather belt.

I forged a Hunter's Vest after I successfully completed the quest, and I'm hoping to just play for fun tomorrow and mine some more materials to finish the set.
Posted: 04/26/10, 22:25:41
Yeah, this game is actually fairly amusing and well-localized, with the clever titles, and such. At first, I thought it was cheesy, like how the cats work meeeow and purrr into their words, but I'm into it, now. It's cute.
Posted: 04/26/10, 22:46:17
Good hunt Fabz.... That guy Majeco or whatever was cool too.... made me want to get a lance for my hunter...

Hammer is great..but it's a bit hard to control when you power up. Sometimes I end up pounding the hell out of my teammates instead of the monsters..

The keyboard I was after on Ebay on Sniped away from me.. someone was obviously waiting till the last minute and then bid over my maximum bid.. oh and I tried typing in "Crap" on the chat and it bleeped it out lol.

Where did you go that one quest? You dissapeared all of a sudden? Network issues?
Posted: 04/26/10, 23:11:08
Network issues. Thanks god it allowed you guys to play.

We won one quest (the catfish one) then tried killng the sea lion looking thing but got only subquest a and b cause I had to run- I forgot I had a meeting at 4. Sucks

those 3 hours flew by lol

it was awesome though.
Posted: 04/26/10, 23:22:53
When i get home from class tonight I plan on hunting Barroth's for armor, so if anyone is on around 10EST then we can hunt. And if you are not a high enough HR to hunt barroth (level 5) then I will kill some great jaggias and Q-Bird (thats what i call it) with you!!
Posted: 04/26/10, 23:44:45
I need some kind of bluebug but don't know where to get it. I also need some earth stones or whatever they are called.

I'll be back home around midnight 1am central. i'll post if I play to see if anyone is online

Scrawnton you'll probably play til 1 am so I wouldn't be surprised if I see you LOL
Posted: 04/27/10, 00:58:40

i dont have class tomorrow and this is my last week of school and all of my assignments are turned in. I will have a lot of time to play tonight!!
Posted: 04/27/10, 01:39:11
Scrawnton said:

i dont have class tomorrow and this is my last week of school and all of my assignments are turned in. I will have a lot of time to play tonight!!

cool I'll be home by midnight central.
Posted: 04/27/10, 02:49:03
I don't want to steer your game, anyone, but DO NOT use the Super-Sized Dung until prompted. I found ONE early in the game (like, hour 1 or 2), used it for the first time about an hour of gameplay ago, and now someone is asking me for it. The risk was incredibly far above reward, and now I'm stuck without something I need. I usually keep at least one of EVERYTHING in games like this, and that is far from my character. I don't know why I did it, and now I'm totally peeved.

--Also, if someone happens to have extra, I'm listening. Again, I'm not usually like that, but "ARGH!!"
Posted: 04/27/10, 03:08:24
Mr. Mustache, i just got home, i will look through my massive storage box for it. I normally keep alot of shit in there....
Posted: 04/27/10, 03:29:04
Scrawnton said:
Mr. Mustache, i just got home, i will look through my massive storage box for it. I normally keep alot of shit in there....

Well, you're definitely looking for the right stuff, haha!!

--I thought I've made it clear on here, but I don't like getting things that I shouldn't have access to. Thats just my style of play. I know that some folks like to have everything they possibly can, handed to them early and fully powered up. I've already HAD the Super-Sized Dung so I dont' mind that as much, but I wouldn't want Barroth whatever (I don't even know what a Barroth is, mind you..) so I could make Barroth armor...knowwhatImean?

Thanks for the thought though, Scrawnton. I'm going out looking tonight. PM me if you find some so we don't keep hoggin' this board up with a Poop Mission.

--I'm glad everyone is enjoying it! Poor Abdooooo. He has no idea... :(
Posted: 04/27/10, 03:31:46  - Edited by 
 on: 04/27/10, 03:32:01
Just got into the game last night. My character name is Chadatog. I need to look up my code. Just trying to get through the first few quests until I give the online a try. Might be ready to meet up with you all Thursday through the weekend.
Posted: 04/27/10, 04:04:43
I believe the game designers made it so trading is encuraged but not every item can be traded. It depends on what the rarity level is. I think anything with a level 4 rare rating and above can not be traded.

And about the graphics...I'm only going by what I see in videos because I have not seen the actual game running on a Wii. The PSP game is sharp as hell. I too love sharpness and all the blurrness strains my eyes too. I'm going to need glasses I think.

Perhaps there's a setting on your TV that can sharpen everything up a bit?
Posted: 04/27/10, 04:31:45  - Edited by 
 on: 04/27/10, 04:32:41
@CRISIS hearts

Interesting on the "4 and above" theory. I'll soon find out one way or the other, I guess..

I have no issues with the graphics. The caves are dark by design. Use of a torch alleviates the issue, like a real cave, haha.
But yeah. Visually diggable overall, for sure.
Posted: 04/27/10, 04:35:56
the graphics seemed flushed in some areas but i have no problem with them at all. The game is so stylized that the textures do not bug me at all.
Posted: 04/27/10, 04:36:53
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