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Monster Hunter Tri (Nintendo Wii) discussion [game]
9.03/10 from 36 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii!

To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

The New MH3U Thread is lead by Mr_Mustache. Click Here for the thread.

MH Tri Online Shuts down April 30th 2013. It was a great run guys!

We can use this thread to post our thoughts, our battles, advice, when we are online etc etc.

Mustaches group of heroes:

1. HR9 Mr_Mustache
2. HR9 Anando
3. HR8 Mikey (Anon_Mastermind)
4. HR2 Gui

5. HR28 Marsh
6. HR17 canonj
7. HR?? Cryojin
8. HR11 Smerd

Negative World Monster Hunter Names and older HR rankings: (For finding each other online)

Fabz ( M9rtrg ) (Fabz) HR 180
Mustache (Mr. Mustache) HR53
RgR (Tranquilo) HR 113
Mark (W9XQVJ) (Wilie345) HR90
NinTemple_Maxi HR40
Anand (anandxxx) HR 53
Mikey (U89BLQ) (anon_mastermind) HR 52
Ruby (GDKAUD) (Dynablade) HR 44
CEW00 (DSLeet) HR 43
Marsh (Marsh) HR28
Bolt (Ben_Strife) HR 24
Shadow (2BX772) (ShadowLink_89) HR21
Andrew ( QT1V6H ) (Zero) HR 20
canonj (canonj) HR 17
Smerd (Smerd) HR 11
Cryojin (Cryojin) HR 0?
Paleo (Paleo_Orca) HR 3
Gui (DKH1HG)(Gui/Panda) HR 0

***When searching for people, pay attention to caps - search is case sensitive!!****

See ya on da'field


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Posted: 04/17/10, 06:23:47  - Edited by 
 on: 02/10/13, 17:31:15
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im getting online right now if anyone is on
Posted: 04/24/10, 08:36:41
scrawny I'll look for ya, I'm getting on now
Posted: 04/24/10, 08:56:23
alrighty, im here just trying to find a good game to play
Posted: 04/24/10, 08:57:31
its; 3:21 am and i;m fucked up!!!!!!!!!!
Posted: 04/24/10, 11:21:19
omg i'm so drunk if i'd play mh3 the monsterest in the game would laughgh at me
Posted: 04/24/10, 11:22:06
I hope you guys had some fun last night...

So I take it that most of you want Wii Speak huh? Well I'm bidding on a wireless keyboard right now (I wanted one anyways) so I'll be using that first if I end up winning it..

How does Wii Speak actually work in the game? Can you chat the whole time? Do you hear much background noise every time you talk? What's the volume like? Does the sound of the game interfere with it? I supposed I can look all this stuff up but it would be great to hear from you guys using Wii Speak with this particular game..

Posted: 04/24/10, 15:33:45
Smerd, I use WiiSpeak and a USB keyboard. For some reason voice chat is not working for me. It is always plugged in and I play with people on my friends list and no one hears me. I do not know what is wrong with it.
Posted: 04/24/10, 16:22:58
You can use both correct? It's not something silly like the keyboard over riding the wii speak device is it?

Do your friends use Wii Speak too? Check your options! In the main menu before you begin the game I know you can turn off/on the use of the Wii Speak device.. There is also an option in the online menu too I think.. Make sure they don't have you "muted" by mistake...

I'm just guessing here..but also check the manual as it has a Wii Speak section in it..

Posted: 04/24/10, 16:52:49
yeah everything is in check. Sometimes my wiispeak icon shows up on the screen to tell me that my voice is being transmitted but everyone I play with must either have it turned off or have me muted because no one hears me.
Posted: 04/24/10, 19:02:11
I could hear that ANDO guy from last night, and he could hear me but I guess no one else could. It was hard to understand what he was saying, static noise and interference from something (the game's sounds?). I think a keyboard would be more practical, but I don't have one.
Posted: 04/24/10, 19:44:07
After delving quite a bit further into the game I have come to the conclusion that CRISIS was right... I am not making a second character, at least not right now. Namely because I've been getting a lot of stuff with Ruby and the game is continually opening up more for me. Now if I could just freaking capture this damn Great Jaggi, maybe I could open up some more stuff...

I keep killing it by accident.


I have a hunting horn but I don't think it's a weapon. So far it just seems to be an item than can break. I haven't tried it yet, though, so who knows...
Posted: 04/24/10, 21:43:07  - Edited by 
 on: 04/24/10, 21:43:58
I knew I was right...

Great Jaggi doesn't sound too tough...does it give you a clue when it's about to bite the dust? Does it start limping? Most big monsters give you clues. So if you see it start limping away...let it go. It will then move to a location it thinks is safe and start to fall asleep to heal. Don't worry, it won't heal instantly.

When it's sleeping, plant a trap right next to it, almost touching it infact. You won't wake it up unless you attack it. Once the trap is set, start throwing tranq bombs on it and the beast will be captured.

Mainly, you have to wait till the monster is ready to be captured by looking for the signs. Then you have to put the monster in a trap and then throw the tranqs. Easy. Sort of. Good luck, hunter.
Posted: 04/24/10, 21:50:11
Oh and those horns aren't weapons, they are tools. They help let the big monsters know where you are so they can come to you sometimes instead of you finding them. And they do break randomly after a few uses.

There's also health horns that partially heal you and any other player nearby....
Posted: 04/24/10, 21:52:14
Ah, excellent advice sir. I hadn't thought to set a trap right next to where it's resting though; I usually shot it with tranq while it slept... which woke it up.

I'll keep giving it a try, it's the last quest I have available in single play at the moment, so I kinda' need to master this art of capturing if I'm going to do anything else in the game, apparently.

As an aside, I finally got around to combining items today. WOW. This'll end up being where I spend a lot of my time, I see. Spent quite a bit of time just making stuff out of everything I owned (I've been hoarding items like crazy).

I feel silly for having constantly healed myself with herbs, now that I've made tons of potions and mega-potions.
Posted: 04/24/10, 22:35:15
I'm online
Posted: 04/24/10, 22:46:43
Yes, combining is great fun, except when you make garbage! But then, that's what combining books are for...

When I play this on PSP(soon to be on Wii) I always want to carry 10 potions, 10 mega-potions...and ancient potion and max potions...something you will see later. As well as carry those armor talon charm things which I hope are in the Wii game...

And an with capturing, always remember that the monster has to be in a trap first for the tranqs to work. Otherwise throwing a tranq does nothing.

There's just so much to these games...
Posted: 04/24/10, 23:24:18
We should pick a set server / Gate and go with it.

I'm all over the Rookies stuff all the time. I'm Lv1 online.
I did a quest or two with some guys from the HMFL (Hobbs Madden Football League).
It was alright. Kinda..lacking the team dynamic though. Everyone was off doing their own thing.

I'm a more patient (ie: scared, careful, etc) player, and I take my time with everything.
If you're going in guns blazing and not caring about dying, I'm NOT your teammate of choice.
I'm not in it for just myself, but if I'm getting beat like crazy, I'm going to retreat momentarily and regroup.

Also, I like to try offline quests alone first before engaging them online.
This goes back to me being careful; not a lot of online missions available to me, ya know?

Someday, sometime soon..
I've got some pretty sweet gear though. Wooo.
Posted: 04/25/10, 00:09:31
Hey guys!

So after a few days of getting familiar with the game I've decided to hop online for abit this morning to try it out. I must say it is so FUCKING AWESOME to not be using friend codes. I really hope Nintendo negates their use for future games.

With that said this is my online info:

User Name: Shadow
User ID: 2BX772

I probably won't be back online for the ebst of the day since I'm heading out soon, but I'll definitely let you guys know when I am on. Add me in the mean time

Posted: 04/25/10, 00:15:35
...No hunting horn weapons? :(
Posted: 04/25/10, 02:01:19
Anyone online?
Posted: 04/25/10, 02:22:59
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