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Monster Hunter Tri (Nintendo Wii) discussion [game]
9.03/10 from 36 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii!

To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

The New MH3U Thread is lead by Mr_Mustache. Click Here for the thread.

MH Tri Online Shuts down April 30th 2013. It was a great run guys!

We can use this thread to post our thoughts, our battles, advice, when we are online etc etc.

Mustaches group of heroes:

1. HR9 Mr_Mustache
2. HR9 Anando
3. HR8 Mikey (Anon_Mastermind)
4. HR2 Gui

5. HR28 Marsh
6. HR17 canonj
7. HR?? Cryojin
8. HR11 Smerd

Negative World Monster Hunter Names and older HR rankings: (For finding each other online)

Fabz ( M9rtrg ) (Fabz) HR 180
Mustache (Mr. Mustache) HR53
RgR (Tranquilo) HR 113
Mark (W9XQVJ) (Wilie345) HR90
NinTemple_Maxi HR40
Anand (anandxxx) HR 53
Mikey (U89BLQ) (anon_mastermind) HR 52
Ruby (GDKAUD) (Dynablade) HR 44
CEW00 (DSLeet) HR 43
Marsh (Marsh) HR28
Bolt (Ben_Strife) HR 24
Shadow (2BX772) (ShadowLink_89) HR21
Andrew ( QT1V6H ) (Zero) HR 20
canonj (canonj) HR 17
Smerd (Smerd) HR 11
Cryojin (Cryojin) HR 0?
Paleo (Paleo_Orca) HR 3
Gui (DKH1HG)(Gui/Panda) HR 0

***When searching for people, pay attention to caps - search is case sensitive!!****

See ya on da'field


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Posted: 04/17/10, 06:23:47  - Edited by 
 on: 02/10/13, 17:31:15
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We should bully everyone else into getting it.
Posted: 04/23/10, 18:28:05  - Edited by 
 on: 04/23/10, 18:28:37
My character name is gwarf, I think that is what yall need. But I still feel like I need a few more hours before I'm ready for any serious adventure. I finished the first mushroom quest last night.
Posted: 04/23/10, 18:29:23
Yeah, I would seriously advise you guys to play at least a couple of hours into the single-player before jumping online. Otherwise, you'll find it (more) confusing and (more) difficult.
Posted: 04/23/10, 18:38:16

That's my plan. About an hour at lunch and an hour or so tonight before attempting online. Even then, it'll be one-star quests only.
Posted: 04/23/10, 18:51:11
Finally have had a chance to play for a few hours, and I'm loving it so far. My online name is Dylan. Should be able to give the online a spin this weekend...
Posted: 04/23/10, 18:53:24
I've done two quests in the solo campaign..... I've played quite a few hours just trying to get a feel for the game and experimenting with all the different item combinations/upgrades etc etc. It's almost overwelming.

We got our butt kicked last night online - The 2nd quest we felt like we were getting somewhere but we just were not strong enough. There must be a couple of quests out there that we rookies could tackle... I read somewhere that the online rank in difficulty is different then the solo.... for instance a 5 star solo mission is a 3 star online.. I have to find where I read that...

Posted: 04/23/10, 19:21:02
in arena mode, it is you and another person who is fighting a boss in an arena. i actually just did one for the first time. You do not get to use your character and gear, you have to use a premade charater and items much like inthe demo. It is cool but you dont get as much loot as you do in the regular hunts. I will be home from work tonight at 11pm EST if anyone wants to play. I am geared enough to hunt royal ladroth... so if you need help on geat jaggi or the fire bird i can help you tonight.
Posted: 04/23/10, 19:48:56
Wow, moving right along, eh? Pretty sweet!

I'm off of work today so this'll be one of the only DAYS I'll really be accessible. NIGHTS are always 100%!
I'd like to get an online thing in today, but I want to start REALLY slow.

I've done zero things yet, and only walked around for 20 minutes confused.
I'll check back later (in an hour or so).. (And I gotta watch the NFL draft again tonight, but I'll be one AGAIN after that)
Posted: 04/23/10, 19:56:35
I'm online right now
Posted: 04/23/10, 21:37:32
I'm Marsh btw.
Posted: 04/23/10, 21:39:33

Sounds like Phantasy Star Online. The enemies and quests online were more difficult than the enemies and quests offline.

I played for about an hour and gathered some resources for Base Camp. Now I've been asked to mine some Ore to upgrade my weapon. I'm using the default sword and shield, but I don't know that I'm sticking to it. Not sure I can access online yet, but my character's name is Lewis.

I've still got a lot to learn, but I'm enjoying it thus far.
Posted: 04/23/10, 21:50:01
Marsh or ludist u online?
Posted: 04/23/10, 21:59:59
Sorry Fabz..I can't go online right now... in the middle of crunch time for the game I'm designing at the moment.. have to stick around the computer as I am trading e-mails at the moment with my boss...

I'm not that far ahead of you... I've done a couple of quests solo but I tried the bone sword (sucked) and the Hammer (great!) I think for the first little while we just want to do some adventures (online) but not worry about saving etc unless for some fluke we succeed in a quest together. It's fun..even though we are getting our butts whipped. Thanks for adding your name.. Once we meet everybody, we don't have to keep typing in the name in the search window because it will be on our friends lists...

I'm afraid that I just don't have as much time as some of you to be able to get really strong armour/weapons at a pace you guys can..
But when I see you online and you are at hunter level 37 or whatever, and I'm still on 2. Try not to laugh

Posted: 04/23/10, 22:10:02
I'm at 1 hahahahahaha
Posted: 04/23/10, 22:19:05
I'm online, yes. I can't find you Fabz.
Posted: 04/23/10, 22:19:12
Fabz said:
I'm at 1 hahahahahaha

No no .. I'm at 1 as well lol. I just thought that when I do get to 2...everyone else will be much much higher :)
Posted: 04/23/10, 22:21:04

Nah, I'm at work. I will try to get online later this evening (perhaps around 7:30 CST), but I still need to get used to the control scheme. Still, I'm more comfortable now than I was when I played the demo.
Posted: 04/23/10, 22:40:47
Great Jaggi is a lot harder in the full game. Either that, or I just am not ready for that thing yet. In the demo I did at least decently against it; when I fought it this morning, it didn't kill me... but damn - I could barely get a swing in!

Question: Is it me or does it call in a LOT more support than it did in the demo?

Also, I can't remember who said it, but I chuckled to myself when someone in game said "Pro tip" before giving advice.

CRISIS hearts said:
There's really no need to have two different characters as there are no classes. You're character can do anything and is the same either online or off. Think of it as one whole world and you are in it with everyone else. Online just means you are getting together with other fellow hunters.

Spreading yourself thin like that is going to net you less as much items and really just slow you down.

Eh, it's just me being an idiot. I enjoy creating characters too much.

Also, my main is female and the other one I *might* make would be male.

I plan to concentrate on Ruby though. Rokninja will probably end up being me just playing around solely in solo and every now and again jumping online. Ruby will be the one you'll see online way, way more often. And she will be further proof that (almost) everyone online is male.

EDIT: Just a heads up Smerd, I edited your post and added my code in there.

EDIT 2: Not I, I have to get some work done. I shouldn't even be on here right now, lol.
Posted: 04/23/10, 22:47:08  - Edited by 
 on: 11/07/10, 00:56:40
Anyone on right now?
Posted: 04/23/10, 23:12:52
I was playing single player adventure. Will go to the city in a sec. Besides fabz, my number is: M9rtrg
Posted: 04/23/10, 23:19:17
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