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Monster Hunter Tri (Nintendo Wii) discussion [game]
9.03/10 from 36 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii!

To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

The New MH3U Thread is lead by Mr_Mustache. Click Here for the thread.

MH Tri Online Shuts down April 30th 2013. It was a great run guys!

We can use this thread to post our thoughts, our battles, advice, when we are online etc etc.

Mustaches group of heroes:

1. HR9 Mr_Mustache
2. HR9 Anando
3. HR8 Mikey (Anon_Mastermind)
4. HR2 Gui

5. HR28 Marsh
6. HR17 canonj
7. HR?? Cryojin
8. HR11 Smerd

Negative World Monster Hunter Names and older HR rankings: (For finding each other online)

Fabz ( M9rtrg ) (Fabz) HR 180
Mustache (Mr. Mustache) HR53
RgR (Tranquilo) HR 113
Mark (W9XQVJ) (Wilie345) HR90
NinTemple_Maxi HR40
Anand (anandxxx) HR 53
Mikey (U89BLQ) (anon_mastermind) HR 52
Ruby (GDKAUD) (Dynablade) HR 44
CEW00 (DSLeet) HR 43
Marsh (Marsh) HR28
Bolt (Ben_Strife) HR 24
Shadow (2BX772) (ShadowLink_89) HR21
Andrew ( QT1V6H ) (Zero) HR 20
canonj (canonj) HR 17
Smerd (Smerd) HR 11
Cryojin (Cryojin) HR 0?
Paleo (Paleo_Orca) HR 3
Gui (DKH1HG)(Gui/Panda) HR 0

***When searching for people, pay attention to caps - search is case sensitive!!****

See ya on da'field


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Posted: 04/17/10, 06:23:47  - Edited by 
 on: 02/10/13, 17:31:15
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Now I want one even more!
Posted: 10/02/12, 00:40:05
I am loving this game. This is the first RPG outside of Pokemon I've ever been able to get into. Or is it even an RPG?

I'm rocking the Bowgun. My only complaint with this game is my character gets less and less hot the better armor I put on her.
Posted: 10/16/12, 13:59:48
That IS a problem. My first run though was all about practicality, but when I switched to a female character, it became all about fashion.

Actually, Bnabhara (or whatever) armor is both stylin' and good for bowgunning. HOWEVER, you're probably going to have some problems sticking with the Bowgun if you make it to the back half of the online mode. I did.

Anyway, I don't think of Monster Hunter as an RPG. Because it isn't boring.
Posted: 10/16/12, 15:43:07  - Edited by 
 on: 10/16/12, 15:43:54
Monster Hunter is an action and strategy game at its core, with RPG elements. It's really in a genre of its own. Hunting.
Posted: 10/16/12, 17:35:05
I really hope I get to play with you guys on Wii U as despite the single player being awesome this thread left me wanting more.
Posted: 10/16/12, 17:40:44
Posted: 01/19/13, 01:19:00
I don't think I ever joined any of you fine folks, would anyone like to have one last hunt before the US servers are shut down?
Posted: 01/19/13, 02:19:49
Mop it up said:
I don't think I ever joined any of you fine folks, would anyone like to have one last hunt before the US servers are shut down?

My gamer soul is going to weep openly when they shut down. ... I feel like someone from Capcom has an appointment to come in to my home and take one of my favorite games from my shelf
Posted: 01/19/13, 11:51:21

You LOVE Banabahabanaraha outfits!

Anand said:

Anyway, I don't think of Monster Hunter as an RPG. Because it isn't boring.

Hahaha, jerk.

@Mop it up

Wowsers, super news to me. 3U should be out by then though, yes? It'd be like switching horses midstream, won't it?..unless, of course...

--when are you two going to get Wii U's?!
Posted: 01/20/13, 11:50:23
that is the one thing that sucks about online heavy games (consoles), the servers don't stick around.. I wonder when the GE (wii) servers shut down..

MH Tri is a solid game without online but taking it away is a huge chunk of the games value. I have to admit, I don't think I got the full value of it because of time constraints on my part.
Posted: 01/21/13, 07:08:50
When are we getting the MH3U thread going, Smerdo?

It'd be nice to see in plain English who is getting it (THE WII U ONE SINCE ITS ONLINE) and get pumped for a Monster Party soon. Also, Scrawny was asking me about what night we wanted to go out and stuff. Obviously we can only have 4 (right? MAYBE THEY UPPED IT TO 12) out at a time, so based on schedule it could be easier to group up?

I'd like a set night (at least for me and a couple folks) each and every week, but of course we'll have "bonus" days or whatever when we just wanna go out and do whatever. It was already nice though thinking "awesome, get to play some rad MH tonight with Anando and Mikey." Good times.

OH, and I refuse to ever play with Randoms. Those guys are Bnahabra-holes.
Posted: 02/01/13, 01:13:45
I plan on getting the Wii U version day 1. Set days won't work for me (only off every other weekend, the rest of the time it's like 24 hour on call). May get the 3DS version if I'm totally hooked and need to keep progressing even when away from home.
Posted: 02/01/13, 03:01:45

Is it confirmed to do that, like Animal Crossing City Folk / Wild World? I guess that is pretty cool and makes sense.
Posted: 02/01/13, 03:09:00
I'm getting it!!
Set days would be okay, but it depends what days. Weekends would be good.
Posted: 02/01/13, 03:37:23  - Edited by 
 on: 02/01/13, 03:37:39
Thread will be made by the next person who is nominated - See new Poll

Posted: 02/01/13, 07:18:49  - Edited by 
 on: 02/01/13, 07:19:24
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