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Backlaugust 2023 - Onto the Finished Pile
It's that time of year yet again! Now to copy over this post from ludist210...

Backlaugust: The Official Negative World Month for Decimating Backlogs!™ is back again for more action! So start looking through your backlog and get started! The idea is to finish games during the month of August.

Here are the "rules":

Games can be on any system, not just Nintendo systems. I know we're a Nintendo fan site, but most everyone here is a multi-console owner. So play a game on any system you want.

Let us know what you're playing. Mostly just so we can cheer each other on.

Play games you already own. A lot of people tend to buy a game then not play it, or play it for a significant amount of time and then put it down. This is what we're aiming for. Games that launch in August don't count.

Try to pick up games you aren't actively playing right now. Games you're currently playing can be allowed, but in the spirit of Backlaugust, let's try to make them games you aren't playing at the moment. Make it a game you haven't touched in a month or more if possible.

When is a game done? That's up to you! Mark a game off your backlog when you've seen the ending or end credits, or once you've seen enough of the game in a game without a "proper ending" (like an arcade-type game). You don't have to do or get everything unless you want to.

Finished games will be posted in the OP. Because everyone likes to see their accomplishments recognized. Just post when you're done and I'll try to update daily.

Last year, we finished a whopping 35 games. That might be a tough number to top, but if everyone pitches in, I think we can do it!

1. DooM Eternal - NSwitch - r_hjort
2. Lunistice - NSwitch - r_hjort
3. PowerSlave Exhumed - NSwitch - r_hjort
4. Lunistice - NSwitch - nate38
5. Storyteller - PC - Secret_Tunnel
6. Castlevania Bloodlines - Genesis (NSwitch) - Mop it up
7. A Short Hike - Xbone - Mop it up
8. Pokémon Trading Card Game - GBC (NSwitch) - Mop it up
9. The Revenge of Shinobi - Genesis (NSwitch) - Mop it up
10. Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker - PC - Hero_Of_Hyrule
11. Islets - NSwitch - r_hjort
12. Shadow Dancer - Genesis (NSwitch) - Mop it up
13. Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master - Genesis (NSwitch) - Mop it up
14. Tunic - Xbox X|S - Mop it up
15. Astro's Playroom - PS5 - DrFinkelstein
16. Oxenfree II: Lost Signals - NSwitch - DrFinkelstein
17. Halo 3 - X360 - Brick

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07/26/23, 02:16    Edited: 09/03/23, 20:18
I do like me some Backlaugust. Although it's a pretty busy time for me, I'm going to check my backlog for something that I've been wanting to beat and that is also reasonable within the timeframe.
07/26/23, 23:38   
Metroid prime for real this time!

if i had a dime for every accidental rhyme...

I labeled all the (other) games I'm going to focus on as "playing" on my profile. Undertale and Cave Story I already beat I'm just working on 100%-ing
07/27/23, 05:35   
Edited: 07/27/23, 05:47
I've cheatily started a bit early since I'll be going back to work in a couple of weeks and won't have much backlog breaking time after that. Here's the first batch of games that I want to have done:

Happy Game
Doom Eternal
Little Samson
07/27/23, 11:23   
I actually hardcore cleared out my backlog before Zelda sooooo... can't really join in on this.
07/28/23, 01:08   
@Zero play, uh...

Death Road to Canada!!
07/28/23, 01:36   
Edited: 07/28/23, 01:36
@Stan McStanly

Didn't he play that already? He lost. Now he's stuck in Toronto.
07/28/23, 12:25   
Edited: 07/28/23, 12:26
I can't imagine getting pulled away from TotK at this point, ha ha. But I DO have too many games in that backlog!

Maybe I will try to do one or two smaller ones. Or finally finish Splatoon 2 Single Player mode!
07/28/23, 14:52   
@Shadowlink Mans got a point. Although I can confirm that Zero does not own a shotgun, so maybe he just ran past all the zombies. That's not even playing.

looking at my 'log I notice I'm partially just working on 100%-ing games I've already 'legally' beat. Its been a while since I've even touched some of these.
07/28/23, 18:33   
Edited: 07/29/23, 02:39
Last year was extraordinary circumstances for me for various reasons, so I don't think this year will be anywhere close to it! I may still focus on some classic games though, as they tend to be breezier completions. I think I still have one or two more Castlevania games to get to, and there are a few titles in the Genesis collection that I haven't yet tried. Switching gears, I was also considering giving Tunic a go for this due to its positive reception around here, though I'm unsure of the length of that one.

Recently I've started Dragon Quest XI, but I hear tell it's a looooooong game so I won't be attempting completion in August. I'll probably be putting it on hold from time to time to tackle this event.
07/30/23, 19:20   
@Mop it up

Tunic isn't too bad, 10-15 hours.

Don't look anything up. (Ask here if you need a hint!)

I'll even (temporarily) abandon my nagging campaign for you to play Starfox 64, if there's a Tunic playthrough instead.

(That being said, you could technically 'beat' Starfox 64 in an hour or two if one wanted to pad Backlaugust stats)
07/31/23, 03:50   
Tunic is such a neat game. It's a little tricky though because how much you enjoy it depends on the player. If you have little patience for some rather obtuse sequences your mileage may vary. But I figured out the whole thing (with the help of my kids) and it led to some freaking fantastic "Ah-HA!" moments. If the core gameplay was a little stronger it'd be a contender for my top 3 Indies.
07/31/23, 17:40   
Oh I'm here, huh? Hm...

How about The Wonderful 101 (Switch) for me? Pikmin 4 has inspired me to try it. Again.
07/31/23, 22:07   
It's finally august, and I've finally done away with the final boss of Doom Eternal on the Switch. Doom Eternal is officially off my backlog.

Panic Button did such an outstanding job with this. It's crazy how good this game looks and how smoothly it runs on the Switch, all things considered. It's equally crazy how id Software managed to make such a mediocre follow-up to such a masterpiece of a game. Doom Eternal might have my least favourite writing of any videogame ever.

On to the next one! I'm thinking I might pick Lunistice back up tonight.
08/01/23, 12:31   
I just so happened to start up Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker after procrastinating for months. I don't know if I'll finish it within the month, since it's a whole expansion and I keep getting distracted. But let's throw it on the list!
08/01/23, 18:59   
Working on Fire Emblem Three Houses for probably the second year in a row. I swear this game takes forever to get going. BUT I’m back in the game. Still playing on Hard mode.

RIP Hilda.
08/02/23, 05:07   
@Mop it up

I highly recommend giving Tunic a go. I just picked up the physical copy on Switch. Beat it back on Xbox at launch but I had to properly own that game. It means too much to me.
08/02/23, 21:10   
Second day, second game down. Will I be able to keep this up? The answer is no. But I beat Lunistice, anyway.

Saw it on SGDQ and thought "hey, I can run that" so I bought it for five bucks on the eShop, and learned that I can, in fact not, run that. But it was enjoyable! It's like a pseudo 32-bit 3D Sonic for people who don't like Sonic. I think there's a demo on the eShop if anyone's interested.
08/02/23, 21:59   

This game looks cool! And Toree is a playable character? Toree was fun.
08/03/23, 01:29   
The Toree games are fun, but I think Lunistice is even better. I think the movement is a little bit tighter, the attack move is used in good ways both for defending yourself and manouvering through the levels, and there are alternate routes and optional areas all over the place. Good game.

EDIT: Haven't tried playing as Toree yet, 'cause I don't think I'm good enough at the game yet. Toree is faster than Hana and dies instantly as opposed to her having three health units. Seems dangerous.
08/03/23, 15:11   
Edited: 08/03/23, 15:13
Hero_Of_Hyrule said:
I just so happened to start up Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker after procrastinating for months. I don't know if I'll finish it within the month, since it's a whole expansion and I keep getting distracted. But let's throw it on the list!

I talked a big game and then immediately started grinding levels for every crafting job at the same time
08/03/23, 22:04   
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