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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]

Welcome to the official discussion thread for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom on the Switch!

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Posted: 09/14/22, 19:09:43
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I don't know about all of you, but I was so happy for a release date and title in yesterday's Nintendo Direct. I was shocked when I saw it was May, as I was really hoping (and believing) it would be a March release. However I know I have more than enough to play until May. That's like eight splatfests!

What do you all make of this title? Tears of the Kingdom... Does it relate to the same tears as collected in Twilight Princess? Will we see a cameo by Tears For Fears?

For all the talk about the sky islands and the Skyward Sword-esque connection, after yesterday's trailer I'm more intrigued than ever regarding the ground-level of the game. It seems to be interlinked with the sky in ways I only dreamed of in Skyward Sword, and while it's supposed to be 'the same' Hyrule, with craters and devastation, it clearly won't be exactly the same but with longer grass.

I'm going to be highly interested in seeing how things have fared since this all went down. Is Tarrey Town still there!? What if it is now floating above the sky, thus becoming the new Skyloft? lol

Could this whole ouroboros symbolism be leading to the notion that this game is more or less the 'creation' of a new land like Skyward Sword's thus truly starting the next Zelda timeline. No more games in the tri-timeline, but instead, rebirth for the franchise!?

I'm so damn curious about all this. I took the day off for Splatoon 3's release date and I may be tempted to do so for The Legend of Zelda: TotK's. I'll have to look at my vacation availability.

I am so excited about this game. More so than ever. It has been a long wait. Longer than I think even Nintendo intended. It really seems like it'll be gearing up to blow us away though.

Oh, and my last point... that box art!!! UGH! Amazing. Beautiful. Here's a smaller version of the overall image it's based on. Click on it to go to Nintendo's full-size version. Just stunning.

Posted: 09/14/22, 19:21:15
Definitely happy to finally have a title and release date (even if it comes with another small delay). The title is interesting, but it's hard to take anything definitive from it. There are 7 symbols around the Fennec Fox/Rabbit creature glyph that some are speculating could represent the titular Tears, but that's only about as sound a theory as people had prior to Breath of the Wild about the white flowers that were being shown in the trailers would actually be called Breath of the Wild. It fits at a surface level, but there's nothing actually supporting it yet.

I don't expect the Tears of the Kingdom to relate to the Tears of Light from TP or the Sacred Tears from SS except that they probably will be an item or items that we need to collect throughout the game. But what of their purpose? The Tears of Light restored the Light Spirits and drove out the twilight. The Sacred Tears called to the golden goddesses and signified that Link had passed their test and was deserving of a sacred treasure so he could continue his journey.

Therefore the Tears of the Kingdom should either call out to or restore the kingdom in some way if the past tears are anything to go on. But would that mean bringing the floating islands down or allowing Link to travel up? Depends on what these floating islands are. Some look like pieces of the land that have been lifted up (which will hopefully give us access to new underground areas), but some look like they've been in the sky for a while. Of course this doesn't have to be Skyloft. There have been lots of sky islands in the series from the Wind Tribe's Cloudtops to the Oocca's City in the Sky to Vaati's Palace of Winds... So they could be anything, related to a past lore point or totally new.

Definitely agree with you on Tarrey Town, but also things like Link's house (is it canonical that he bought it? - I guess it could get destroyed during the land movement, rendering that point moot), what was wrong with Vah Ruta, the DLC locations...

I'm all for Nintendo trying to simplify the timeline, but since I disagree with the notion of a tri-timeline to begin with (not to mention the idea of Skyward Sword being the start of the timeline - there's too many contradictions and plot/lore complications), I hope this isn't a circular game. I mean, if you can travel back in time to the days of SS, that's not a big deal, but if TotK leads into the events of SS without time travel or goddess magic, I'm going to be upset by that choice.
Posted: 09/14/22, 22:21:20
It looks phenomenal. We're finally at the point where other developers are starting to put out their own BotW-likes, and it's reassuring that Nintendo is still way ahead of the curve. Flying a thousand feet into the air by riding on a time-reversed boulder to get to a secret sky island, all in a totally dynamic and emergent way... once again, we're looking at a game from the future. Let this be the Spelunky 2 to BotW's Spelunky.
Posted: 09/15/22, 04:30:43
DrFinkelstein said:
I don't know about all of you, but I was so happy for a release date and title in yesterday's Nintendo Direct.
Same. Even though they didn't show a whole lot, this game feels so much more tangible now. With a nebulous release timeframe that kept moving to the right, there was always a feel of "Is this ever going to come out?!" - similar to Prime 4 though obviously not to the same degree. Now I don't have to really worry about when the next time Nintendo shows this game is going to be; with only eight months until release, it's going to be sooner not later.
Posted: 09/15/22, 16:13:13
I can't wait for it. Besides Pikmin 4 it is definitely my most-anticipated game right now. I will hopefully find time to replay BotW next year before this releases.

Interestingly I am not a fan of the box art, lol. It doesn't seem high enough quality to me. You look at the BotW art and it is epic, emotional, and full of terrific contrast. This art of TotK feels like fan art to me by comparison. Nice fan art, maybe, but not official. It feels unfinished, as though the artist still has to do their final pass and tweak things. And that's not from the looser, rougher painting style, that's just that some parts need more work. Will be interesting to see if that final pass does happen prior to next May. I wouldn't be surprised if we get a higher-contrast version in the end, with more detail work put in to really finish off the piece. But guess we'll see!

At any rate, I will buy this Day 1 without even thinking about it. Also going to try to avoid everything about the game until playing, because why would I spoil any of it for myself? I'll only get to play it for the first time once!
Posted: 09/18/22, 23:30:10
It's funny how I wanted an elaborate/story-driven trailer because we've been so long without a proper title/release date/details. But now that I know the title and date, I too want to stay in the dark. It'll be tempting whenever that inevitable pre-release trailer hits.

I'm still unsure if I'll take the Friday off for it or not. Maybe I'll just finish my work really early; put in extra hours during the week to compensate...
Posted: 09/19/22, 04:34:41
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