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Unsighted Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
Unsighted on the Switch
9.2/10 from one rating

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Unsighted on the Switch!

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06/09/22, 02:11  
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Anyone play this? I just picked it up. It's supposedly a 2D combination of Zelda, Metroid and Dark Souls. But with a Dead Rising-like time limit? Not sure if the time limit elements will annoy me or not, but you can turn them off if you want to.
06/09/22, 02:11   
Edited: 06/09/22, 02:12
Is this an eShop-only game? I'll look into it. Never heard of it before.
06/20/22, 18:01   
It's an indie game, I'd assume eShop only though who knows, lots of indie games get physical release nowadays.
06/20/22, 19:25   
Zero said:
It's supposedly a 2D combination of Zelda, Metroid and Dark Souls. But with a Dead Rising-like time limit?
Eesh, I'd need a masters degree in ludology just to understand what this means!

Sorry, nothing against you, ha ha. I'm just getting tired of people these days describing games by comparing them to other games but offering no actual descriptions of what a game is about, it doesn't really explain anything.
06/28/22, 02:15   
Oh. Well it's about lesbian robots fighting against robots that have basically turned into zombie robots.

I think?!
06/28/22, 05:31   
A little worried I might have screwed myself. The way the time mechanic works is you can find some of this dust that you can use to give yourself or others more time, and I probably should have saved it all for myself, but I used a lot of it on others. I also kept "sleeping" because my dog wanted to and that wasted time too, lol.

It does seem to be a game you can just play yourself into a corner with the time stuff. I'm down to around 45 hours now, and it's about a minute of game time per hour, so like... 45 minutes of game to try to keep moving forward AND build up my time?!

I was told (in-game) of this NPC who can help me get more time so I guess I'm desperately heading there next... we'll see what happens. I also have a sensor that tells me when dust is close, but I keep running into situations where I can't actually find it / figure out how to get it, so sometimes I just waste time without getting more dust that way. OOF.

Worse comes to worse they have a lot of accessibility options, including slowing down how time passes or just turning it off totally, but I've been trying to play it the way it was originally built.
07/05/22, 00:33   
Edited: 07/05/22, 00:33
Kind of speaking into the void here but the NPC who can help can help a LOT. So my time is fine now.

But you have to do a very bad thing to get that time.

And unlike other games I've played that do this (Bioshock, etc.) I really felt cornered here. I feel like, at least in your first time playing through this game, it would be tough to avoid having to rely on... that.
07/07/22, 21:01   
Finished the game! I liked it quite a bit actually. It's a bit of Zelda, a bit of Metroid (mostly just the progression), a bit of its own thing. About the right length (took me 15ish hours to finish.) Lots of different weapons and power-ups. Very polished and feels very nice.

If I could change one thing though, I'd change how the game does stamina. You run out of stamina so fast (like, 3 sword attacks, or less if you run and then attack) and then you can't really do much for a few seconds (when you run out of stamina you can barely move) and you just get rekt. There are some upgrades you can use to manage this a bit better but it's still just like. Why was it so strict on the stamina? Let me do things! There was probably some flow here that I just never quite caught onto.

As for the time / saving people mechanic, I'm sure some people would love them, especially people who replay games (this game feels built for speed runs) but for me it was just kind of... there. Like halfway through the game I stopped trying to save most everyone and this resulted in me barely saving anyone. You can slow down time or turn it off in the settings if you want but to me it was like, neither here nor there, so I just left it as is and while there was a point mid game I was panicking about it a bit, you kind of get to a point where you know you'll be fine as long as you're not trying to save everyone.

Anyway, I'd recommend this one pretty highly!
07/26/22, 03:47   
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