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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
9.3/10 from one rating

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 on the Switch!

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Posted: 04/19/22, 20:05:37
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@r_hjort I just came here to say this! Wow, that was a lot. Everything Everywhere All at Once!
Posted: 09/12/22, 10:40:40
Ended up beating the game today. Fantastic game, but the end game was definitely the weakest part of the whole package, I think.

The final dungeon was very drawn out, with nothing much happening, and with very little variety to anything. The final boss fight didn't really have a gameplay gimmick to set it apart from other battles, and I feel like I've had much more epic fights against named monsters before. At least in terms of the actual fighting. The cutscenes with all the mech (mecha?) fighting were neat.

Coming off that impressive chapter transition we talked about earlier, most of the plot development and dialogue just felt cheesy and melodramatic, and they kept hammering home the same message over and over, which felt borderline insulting considering how the game has been promoting the same goddamn idea for two thirds of the game already.

The actual ending and the connections to the previous games were great, though. Extremely bittersweet. Got me a bit choked up, I'll admit.

Can't wait to see what kind of adventures we'll get in the DLC, come Christmas... *checks calendar* ...of fucking next year.
Posted: 09/18/22, 16:59:29
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