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YOUR 2021 Switch Year In Review!! [roundtable]
Have you guys done this yet?

Let's share our stats!

Here are mine:

2021 Year In Review

Games played 2021: 190 (!) - probably a ton of library games for < 1 hour
Games played 2020: 131

Hours played 2021: 415
Games played 2020: 427

Most played games:

1) Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - 37 Hours - The local multiplayer gift that keeps on giving. What an awesome game, man.

2) Spelunky - 35 Hours - I haven't even started Spelunky 2 on Switch yet! I got sucked back into the creamy goodness of the OG.

3) The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ - And this is only after the release of the Repentance DLC! Which is awesome, btw. Freakin' tons of new variations and fully functional co-op multiplayer!

Month With Most Playtime: November - 71

2021 Docked/Handheld Hours/Percentage:

179 Hrs Docked / 43% Docked (A huge chunk of that is probably local multiplayer)

236 Hrs Handheld / 57% Handheld (OLED, baby!)

Preferred Mode of Play in 2020: Handheld, natch!

Nintendo Points 2021: ...No comment. (Holy fuuuck, how much did I buyyy?)

Favorite Game 2021: Had to give it to The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ w/ Repentance DLC - A single-player game which you could conceivably play forever. I still don't remember what half of the power-ups do! Freaking awesome game. The gameplay is as varied as the style is repellant. But it's absolutely worth it to push through!

Notes/Notable Absences:
Spelunky 2 - Played some on PS4, but still luxuriating in the original Spelunky on Switch.

Monster Hunter Rise - I barely played this game! It's cool, but I was kind of waiting to play through it with my nephews. And then we just played Smash!

Metroid Samus Returns - I played through it for the first time. Seems like 3DS games are not included in the playtime tally. Because it was looong.

Metroid Dread - I also beat this one. I guess it didn't take me very long?

Mario Golf: Super Rush - I played this one quite a bit, too. Campaign and a bunch of Ranked Mode to unlock shit.

I've realized once again that novelty is such a huge factor for me. Even if a game like Spelunky or Monster Hunter or Shiren The Wanderer or Mr. Driller or Animal Crossing absolutely blows me away, I'm much, much less likely to obsess over the sequel.

Anyway, post your stats and reflections!

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Posted: 12/26/21, 22:10:01  - Edited by 
 on: 12/26/21, 22:13:04
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@Mop it up
I don't think most people even know what Snack World is, to be honest. I've rented it and played a smidge. Seemed decent enough. I was just surprised that it was so high on your list, since I've never, ever seen people talking about it.
Posted: 01/18/22, 05:21:41
Mop it up said:
Does this mean you also have Contra Rogue Corps.? Finally someone else! It did seem like a strange decision to bring back the Contra name with a game that isn't like the original ones, but I don't think it'd a bad game on its own merits. The graphics are ugly as brooms but it's a fun enough co-op shooter.

Yes, I have it!

And agreed, it's an odd take on the franchise...but the game itself is kind of okay? I haven't played much of it, to be honest. I think if the game was released without any connection to Contra franchise, it would have been better received. But yeah, I had fun with what little I've played.
Posted: 01/18/22, 18:39:33
@Anand Yeah, Snack World being that high is probably misleading. It's nothing great or anything. Since there aren't terribly many co-op games around, we sometimes end up playing some of them longer than they probably deserve. It's also a pretty grindy game so it takes a while to progress.
Posted: 01/20/22, 02:28:31
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