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Shin Megami Tensei V Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Shin Megami Tensei V on the Switch!

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Posted: 11/11/21, 19:45:55
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Reviews are out.

Seems it's a pretty good game. Shocked.
Posted: 11/11/21, 19:46:28
It'll be Sega-Atlus sales fodder soon enough. I can wait.
Posted: 11/11/21, 23:58:43

Maybe. But then you won't get the super-sweet STEELBOOK version.

Yeah, that feeling you're feeling right now? That's unbridled, hardcore, deep-rooted JEALOUSY.
Posted: 11/12/21, 19:43:36
Getting this tomorrow or Wed.

Watched my bro play early bits of the game. The music and atmosphere are top-notch.

This is my kinda JAM!!!
Posted: 11/16/21, 13:10:30
So far, so good! I love how the animations for attacks can be interrupted. It’s been awhile since I played the SMT 4 games, so I can’t recall if this is new, but it’s so good. Sometimes I like to watch them and sometimes I don’t! No need to choose some “fast battle mode” and miss stuff. Looking at you, Pokémon.

Aside from that, it’s got the expected stuff. Order vs Chaos (and the delicious middle crčme), tons and tons of demons, snarky battle talks, and the usual, sudden “oh, you’re alive! It’s so good to see you!” *so and so left*

Loving it. The first area is massive and the presentation is SMT-perfection.
Posted: 11/21/21, 18:11:38
Got the game only last Thursday (the launch in Canada was delayed for whatever reason) and recently beat the boss at Tokyo Tower.

I'm absolutely loving the game so far? It's a turn-based RPG so you wouldn't think it would matter, but the fact that the areas have some verticality and are so massive, without loading screens between each and every room, really does help create a sense of place. I seem to recall IV being essentially rectangular area after rectangular area, with 2 to 4 exits to them. This isn't so different I guess, but I find myself way more excited to explore every inch of a new place. The hidden Mimans and other collectibles are a nice addition.

There's something positively addictive about collecting and fusing demons. When I'm not playing the game, I'm often thinking about playing the game so that I can just get that level up that will let me fuse some new demon. I guess this is the Pokémon experience I've never had. Couldn't get into that game's world, and couldn't get excited about collecting them all and leveling up that toaster pokémon. But I can get into this.
Posted: 11/22/21, 16:44:35
Yeah still waiting for my copy to arrive as well 🙄
Posted: 11/22/21, 22:07:41
@Guillaume I came here to say basically this.

Finally started playing, just beat the tower boss, game feels pretty awesome so far. The verticality especially helps it feel like a step above IV, and just running around with the turbo speed or sliding down hills feels good. The areas seem to have enough branching paths and sidequests and secrets and stuff to feel worth exploring without being too overwhelming.

I don't remember if IV had the "instantly warp to the last save point" thing but that feels pretty awesome to me too.

Already put in like 6 hours. Sometimes it's tough to get into single player stuff nowadays but I feel pretty hooked. For now.
Posted: 01/21/22, 02:33:37  - Edited by 
 on: 01/21/22, 02:35:23

Hell yes!

I've since finished it, and it remained great, though I did take my time and did all the side-quests and by the end, after over 80 hours, I was definitely ready to be over.

It didn't help that it ends in a dungeon, of which there are few in this game, but they're not great. They're not where the level design and ennemy variety shine. So eventually I dialed down the difficulty and plowed through.

But I did find all the Mimans and most of the other goodies in the overworld, and that remained fun throughout, though it got frustrating in that one area where it's pretty hard to know where you're going.

Anyway, solid RPG, and I hope in the future they build on this and just get better at designing open worlds and, perhaps, ditch the dungeons completely.
Posted: 01/21/22, 23:14:51
Well my brother's copy finally arrived after forever and apparently they sent him a free one cuz of the crazy delay?

So I could pretty much play this whenever I want. But that wait really really soiled my mood to play.

I wanted to Day 1 this shit, not Month 2 it.
Posted: 01/27/22, 02:06:18
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