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Mario Golf: Super Rush Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
6.94/10 from 7 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Mario Golf: Super Rush on the Switch!

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Posted: 06/03/21, 19:07:30
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I don't get how a game series can be this old and still miss core features like a birdie badge tracker.
Posted: 07/02/21, 04:47:22
Hopefully Nintendo adds a good bit of DLC to this game. Weird to have no Cups or tournaments or anything. Why is this so bare-bones compared to the 3DS game?
Posted: 07/02/21, 15:55:19
@GameDadGrant It has adventure mode! Though I hear that is pretty short. The 3DS game had that awesome challenge mode though. I probably ended up playing that more than the core golf game in the end.

But yeah it is supposedly getting all of this free DLC so we'll see what happens.
Posted: 07/02/21, 20:34:37
I am so, so disappointed in this game. I can’t even put together all my issues into a coherent paragraph. I might sell it off before the value drops.
Posted: 07/30/21, 22:40:31

That's a shame; I really love the Mario Golf games but I had to pass on this one after the middling reviews and word-of-mouth from players. Camelot seems to be struggling these days.
Posted: 07/31/21, 15:31:13
Update out "later today". No updates to the button controls though.

Posted: 08/05/21, 23:50:10  - Edited by 
 on: 08/05/21, 23:50:54
I like the New Donk City course just for pure golf. A par 3 course is a fun quick play, and playing online is fun. Not the best Mario Golf game, but I enjoy it more than Pokemon Shield (which is what I traded in to get it).
Posted: 08/23/21, 20:41:17
I tried this one out recently. It has its ups and downs, but online ranked mode made for some good, quick-fire fun! And I enjoyed the 2P split-screen options. New Donk was enjoyable, too.

I really think that Camelot could turn the public opinion on this game around with a few simple game balance tweaks and a few more courses. Speed Golf is so novel.
Posted: 08/26/21, 01:38:58
The two new 18-hole DLC courses are as kick-you-in-the-balls hard as New Donk City was simple and refreshing. Just my initial impressions. But people looking for more crazy in their Mario Golf courses will certainly find it here. I kind of like the vibe of the icy course, too. And Ninji is super-cute!

I dunno how many more holes we can expect from Camelot going forward, but the current game does have a ton of content. More courses and characters would be nice, but I hope that Camelot focuses on adding more modes (like Ring Shot) and refining the game balance.

Turning the special shots off in Standard Golf ranked mode was a big step in the right direction, that's for sure. That was horseshit!

They also added CPU difficulty levels in this update. Keep it up, Camelot!

It kind of seems like the ranked online is starting to die, though. Maybe this update will give it a shot in the arm.
Posted: 09/24/21, 07:06:54
@Anand They are adding a ton, this will probably be the most packed Mario Golf ever.

And yet... everyone hates on the game because of the simplified controls. I don't know how easy it would be or even worthwhile at this point, but I feel like some kind of update that brings back traditional controls (as well as the traditional way to view the holes) would go further towards getting people interested in the game again over just adding more content. And it wouldn't even be that tough to add! Probably! Though I'm not sure how that would tie into ranked modes and such.

It just feels like a shame, most everything about this game is great other than the core controls.
Posted: 09/24/21, 21:54:42
Yeah, I'm not even sure that I dislike the control change. I mean, the controls are different, but are they bad?

The new courses are still challenging. And I kind of like that they removed the ability to pinpoint your ball's trajectory, as a tradeoff. The range finder is cool, too. I feel like they're just emphasizing different stuff this time. Mario Golf wasn't as broken as Mario Tennis before Aces, but I still appreciate the novelty.

But, yeah, why NOT just optionally add the three-click system, for those who want it? The extra challenge would be compensated by the decrease in uncertainty for a perfectly timed shot. They just need to balance the required timing precision to allow the two types of controls to compete evenly online.

They should add tournaments, too. Ranked is fun for a quick match, but tournaments would have a different kind of pace and feel.
Posted: 09/24/21, 23:26:33
@Anand I'd say they're worse. It's basically impossible to accidentally slice / hook a shot now. Even when the "auto" meter looks like it totally chunked it, it barely affects the ball. So you can hit straight shots every time without much trouble. You still have wind to account for, but that's about it as far as the left / right aiming.

And then we have the up / down. You used to be able to kind of use the shot line to craft these intricate shots. Now you just kind of have to look and be like... can I or can't I? Who the F knows? This is probably more realistic, but it's not more fun.

Just feels way too basic now in some ways, while making it harder (but not more fun) in others. You can curve shots in interesting ways, which is cool, but that doesn't really make up for it.
Posted: 09/24/21, 23:36:57  - Edited by 
 on: 09/24/21, 23:37:30
I dunno, I feel like it kind of makes up for it. But I'm still undecided. I kind of like the lack of a shot line. I just played that XC challenge. Probably the toughest test of that choice. It was mostly alright.

In the single-player, at least, it seems pretty easy to hook or slice by accident before you level up. But it's more random. Also, it's much more rare outside of the campaign.

They could adjust the balance of that stuff, but the question is: does randomness have a place? Maybe not. But it's probably more n00b-friendly, overall. And the swing mechanic is breezier and less stressful (unless you use the optional shaping and spin).

I mean, real golf isn't supposed to be stressful, right?!

Long story short, I'd definitely rate it higher than 5.43!
Posted: 09/25/21, 02:52:57  - Edited by 
 on: 09/25/21, 02:54:16
Finally finished Story Mode. The back half was actually really fun! In fact, it felt like an almost entirely different game.

The first half is all: play three holes of this course; now play nine; now play the other nine in this other mode; You've unlocked the next course!

But then the back half introduces some Wario & Waluigi treasure hunting hijinx and is chock-full of interesting campaign-specific mechanics and encounters (and even course variants). I can only imagine that these mechanics were considered for multiplayer, but eventually cut to keep the experience accessible?

Anyway, Super Rush's Adventure Mode isn't an "RPG", or whatever, but it left me with a surprisingly positive final impression! And I haven't even tried the new courses yet. I do wish this game had Ring Shot and online Tournaments (and maybe even a classic shot mode option), but I am still firmly on the Super Rush Is Underrated train.

I'm intrigued by their wording that 4.0.0 was their last "free" update. DLC, perhaps? I think this is already the best-selling Mario Golf game.
Posted: 12/21/21, 00:53:39  - Edited by 
 on: 12/21/21, 00:56:17
Might as well triple post!

I just tried the new target mode that they added. It's awesome! Similar to the target mode in Tiger Woods ...2003 on GCN? And also similar to the Fronks game in Game & Wario.

Which can only be a good thing!

I also finally tried the new courses. Shelltop Sanctuary is almost like a chipping challenge. It's all Par 3s, but, like, 100' Par 3s. And there are options for Pro and Amateur layouts, which change it up a bit. Pretty unique course.

And the All Star course is freaking Bizarre. It's basically playing golf across the sculpted bodies of Mario characters which are floating in the sky. And the different colors are all different surfaces. So Mario's body will be the fairway and the lines that delineate his overalls will be short rough. And then his mouth will be a sand trap. And there are other colors which are solid rock that you can bounce the ball off of/across. The distribution of surfaces is very non-standard, and there are clusters of bricks (and coins) in the air, so you really need to put some thought into planning your shots out. It's actually really cool. The sand traps are a bitch and a half, though.

I've gotta say, this game has grown on me quite a bit. The patched version is almost bursting with content. And I haven't even tried the one-on, one-putt challenge yet!

Camelot's renaissance continues! (Camelot's middle ages?)
Posted: 12/21/21, 06:09:49  - Edited by 
 on: 12/21/21, 06:14:34
@Anand Wh... what part of the body are the sand traps? Do I want to know?!
Posted: 12/21/21, 06:15:16
I feel like it was... the face? But not all of the face, because the holes were also generally on the face (thank god(s))? I think that exposed skin, in general, was sand.

The most interesting surface was the rock, since you could do trick shots off of it. I'd love another course with more crazy surfaces. Like the moon!

Games need to go back to the moon...
Posted: 12/21/21, 06:36:04
Hey, it's me! The last Mario Sports fan! Just wanted to check in from the virtual greens.

My nephews were in town and, surprisingly, we played more Mario Golf Super Rush than anything else. As newcomers to the world of Mario Golf, they were absolutely enthralled. I had to break it to them that the internet despised the game and mocked it relentlessly, and they were, like, "What?! Why??? Wryyyyy!!"

True story.

I also finally got them into Mario Kart! It took, like, a decade+ to wean them off of Blur...
Posted: 08/22/22, 05:31:20

I had to break it to them that the internet despised the game and mocked it relentlessly, and they were, like, "What?! Why??? Wryyyyy!!"

And I sat them down and said "Kiddos, the Internet is a bad, stupid place."
Posted: 08/23/22, 00:06:16
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