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PS5/PS4 game impressions!! (Scarlet Nexus, Guilty Gear) [roundtable]
I tried to order a PS5 about a month ago, when Walmart was scheduled to drop some. Just as a sheer exercise to see if I could. I kept taking my eye off of the ball and barely missing the drop every ten minutes. So it became a challenge to overcome. And then, finally... the order actually went through.

I had the chance to pre-order before launch, but didn't really have any desire for one. The hard drive capacity seemed untenable, it looks like a life-sized obelisk/monolith, there weren't any exclusives that I really wanted, and $70 games are for the birds.

None of that has really changed since. But the difficulty of scoring one made me more curious, oddly. How green WAS that grass, really? FOMO! Plus, I figured that I could try it out, redeem the PS Plus Collection games, and then pass it along for a profit. Which I still might.

But y'know what I really hate? Like, with the intensity of a thousand suns? My PS4 Pro. Because it sounds like it has a thousand fans. Every time I boot up that clunky piece of shit and am forced to install hours of updates and just... listen to it's dynamo-esque acoustic output, I'm filled with the deepest regret. Plus, they don't sell them anymore! So they're kind of going for a lot on Amazon, seemingly. Except Amazon won't let me sell them?

Anyway, I'm still in the middle of figuring out the most financially rewarding way to kick my PS4 Pro to the curb, but I did try out the PS5. The transfer gave me some issues, but whatevvvs. And I still don't really care about the library (the PS5 library, I mean - real libraries 4 Lyfe!), but just the quiet operation and fast loading almost make it a worthwhile way to play games that I don't really enjoy.

The new Dual Sense features are really cool in Astrobot (which is also cool). The triggers seem a bit gimmicky, but the haptics really are a step up from the Switch's HD Rumble. The position of the thumbsticks is still horrible, though, and it really irritates me that Sony won't let you use DS4 controllers on PS5 games.

Will I keep it? I dunno. I got the disc version, because god(s) bless the library. I rented basically every single PS5 game the day the system arrived, and I don't really plan to buy anything day one (or maybe at all), ever. (I can't try too many at the same time, due to limited hard drive space, though. So far, I've only played Astro Bot and Fenyx Rising, which is a decent BOTW-like, if too repetitive and slavishly devoted to the Ubisoft open world formula.) It basically makes the PS4 obsolete, so if I can get a decent price for mine and keep renting everything, it will be an affordable way to play the ol' AAAAAs. The onboard media decoders stink, but it has 4K Blu Ray capability. Plus, I feel like the demand and resale value will stay high for a while.

To be honest, I was thinking of building a new PC, instead, since mine is 25 years old... but all of the parts are super-expensive right now. I'd also like to reward Xbox for their hardware design and Game Pass ecosystem, which is an insane deal, but the inertia of my existing library makes the PS5 a better choice, even though there's no easy/cheap way to try out indie games on PS5. Those guys could use the buys, anyway, I guess...

Anyway, that's my story! What are your "next-gen" plans (by which I mean modern PC/PS5/Xbox Series)? And if you've already jumped in, what do you think, so far?

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Posted: 03/24/21, 01:06:50  - Edited by 
 on: 08/26/21, 02:23:53
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Still diggin' Virtua Fighter 5 multiplayer. I kind of rage quit Scarlet Nexus at an annoying boss. The disparity between the mob fights and that boss was crazy.

And I watched the whole Guilty Gear Strive story...

Pretty decent! It was like an insane, unhinged anime, but in a good way. It had some mystery, some action, some comedy, and even a bit of romance! The scenario was ludicrous, but the characterization was sharp. I loved the decision to make story mode non-interactive. It looked nice, too (except for the janky walking animations).

It really does seem like a huge design flaw for death to put you in an almost unrecoverable position. And some of the bosses are so bullet-spongey with weak armaments. Old-school, I guess? I'll keep an eye out for that ship if I grab R-Type Final Fantasy 2 again. I did struggle with finding a good ship. The amount of options is kind of overwhelming.

Cotton Reboot is definitely on the ol' Library Reserve list! I've always been curious about the series. Not, like, $400 curious, but...

I heard your impressions on RFN, too. It looks like your library system is more on-the-ball than mine!
Posted: 09/07/21, 03:48:57
Hit me up anytime you wanna play Guilty Gear Strive online!
Posted: 09/08/21, 02:27:07
I returned it to the library. But if I get it again, let's do it up!

97% of my playtime was spent in Story Mode, though, haha.
Posted: 09/08/21, 02:57:43

That's fine! I love me some fighting games, but ironically I'm not really *great* at them. But I can hold my own with Ky Kiske in the Guilty Gear series.
Posted: 09/08/21, 06:03:19
Previous Smash experience has informed me that you're probably better than me!

Fighting games can be incredibly fun when you play people of the same skill level. But finding those peers is pretty tough. College was great for that, since we all started playing each game at the same time.

BTW, is it just my anecdotal anomaly, or does EVERY male below the age of 25 have issues with losing gracefully? Is it a generational thing?
Posted: 09/08/21, 14:40:43
How's Deathloop!?
Posted: 09/16/21, 08:33:56
I'll try it soon! Meanwhile, Tokyo Winter Olympics 2021 is fairly decent. A pretty good range of events, and the table tennis is fun!
Posted: 09/17/21, 01:47:11
I was looking around for the next-gen thread, and then realised it had been repurposed into this! I guess I'll still post in here since the other threads are all buried.

I ended up getting an Xbox Series X in yesterday's Best Buy restock event. We swung by early in the morning to see what the scene looked like, there was quite a line so we almost left, but since the store had both PS5 and Xbox, I didn't know who was there for what. When we approached the rear of the line I overheard people asking around themselves who was here for what, and I noticed there were more PS5 responses, so I started to feel there was still a chance. Sure enough, I managed to snag ticket 42 of 50, cutting it close but made it in! My SO grabbed a ticket for it too and sold it to one of the latecomers for $200, which I should probably feel bad about but don't. Don't blame me, blame capitalism.

Between that and the money I'll be able to get from selling my Xbone, it'll have hardly cost me anything in the end. I doubt I'll buy any games for it and will just continue to get free Game Pass, which keeps getting most of the games I'd want to play anyway. Everything's coming up Milhouse!
Posted: 09/24/21, 21:33:11
@Mop it up
I don't really begrudge that kind of arbitrage. As long as it isn't for, like, insulin, or something. Congrats on the console!
Posted: 09/24/21, 23:08:20
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