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So uh... guys... what do you think about Sony's 'Move' controller? [roundtable]
Sony announced the official name at GDC earlier.

Blatant wii-mote rip-off? Or something entirely new?


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Posted: 03/11/10, 21:42:24
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anandxxx said:
ludist210 said:
I can't imagine that's at all comfortable.
That monstrosity isn't even comfortable to hold with both hands.

That wasn't the first thing that popped into my mind when I read Ludist's post...(shifty eyes*...WHAT!?!?
Posted: 03/13/10, 18:45:33
I just want to try it out first, see what kinds of games are available, before really making any judgments.
Posted: 03/19/10, 04:40:38
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