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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]

Welcome to the official discussion thread for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD on the Switch!

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Posted: 02/19/21, 21:20:32
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I'm actually pretty disappointed to see that they've taken away the faux watercolor effect in the bag rounds. That was one of my favorite aspects of the game. The lighting is definitely different as well. I understand the watercolor effect would look different in HD, but surely there could've been a way to have something similar. Those background elements without the watercolor filter are just going to seem super low-fidelity, aren't they? I thought the whole point of the effect was to mask how "standard definition" these assets were.
Posted: 03/02/21, 19:54:51
I was feeling down tonight so I finally cracked open my copy of Skyward Sword HD. I was hesitant in doing so but so far, having just left Skyloft for the first time - I知 glad I did.

It痴 really early on but man do you ever notice the 60fps here. The opening game just flows so so much better than the Wii Version too - those small tweaks are actually quite important.

I haven稚 tried motion controls yet - I played with the options and inverted some camera controls and set the speed of the camera to very high. Flying the loft wing is a flippin dream now. I smoked that Groose good. Sword play is different - but I知 actually impressed that it works way better than I thought it would. It was my biggest fear - I知 sure the learning curve will vary depending on the player but I feel confident that most of you here will adapt if you favour button controls this time around. Man the relationship between Zelda and you really stands out - I知 confident I知 going to really enjoy this game - more so than I did 10 years ago. Like I said earlier though - I知 just starting but Fi is ever so quiet and I have the screen displayed with minimum icons present. It痴 nice.

I値l be playing more tomorrow.
Posted: 07/24/21, 08:47:45
I played a little bit of this a couple weeks ago! Got to the surface and did the first little quest where you have to find the penguins.

I remember thinking this back when the game came out: if you go in expecting a Zelda game with lots of exploration and mystery, you're going to be extremely frustrated. But if you embrace the game as a Mario Galaxy style string of linear levels, it's pretty fun.

But again, I haven't played it in a couple weeks, so clearly it's not gripping me, haha. But I've already played it before too.

It's a really clumsy game with a lot of heart. All the stuff with Zelda in the beginning is cute.
Posted: 07/29/21, 19:55:19
My last post made me want to play a bunch more! This game's great.
Posted: 07/30/21, 04:28:00
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