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Dicey Dungeons Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
9.23/10 from 4 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Dicey Dungeons on the Switch!

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Posted: 12/20/20, 04:28:23
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@Zero Wow I definitely did not see that one in my run. That's broken. And it really only costs 7, without even upgrading it?!
Posted: 07/10/22, 16:39:04
@nate38 I know! I got it really late, like with only 2 or 3 fights left. It makes me wonder if the enemy who had it uses it a lot. Because theoretically you could just end up totally f-ed too if they use it every turn.

Funny thing is I still almost lost a fight after getting it because of the rat king guy. I was wasting my turns taking away his dice while he poisoned me but he has a lot of dice so I suddenly realized I was poisoned as F without having really damaged him much, and even though he was down to like 2 dice or something and could barely hurt me anymore, I was so high on poison I only had 2 turns left to survive. BARELY got past him, like literally used my last dice to kill him before his poison would have killed me.

But generally speaking it totally breaks things, boss was a joke. ALTHOUGH, I don't know if it was a bug or not but it just plain didn't work one round. Or maybe she had a dodge going or something? Hmm.
Posted: 07/10/22, 21:58:10  - Edited by 
 on: 07/11/22, 00:20:34
Rat King is a monster in this episode, pretty much guaranteed to apply 8 poison every turn, gotta take it out ASAP!
Posted: 07/15/22, 01:01:29
This is currently three bucks! I bought it!

It's fun!
Posted: 08/11/22, 06:39:35
We own this one and my wife has played it through, but I haven't had a chance to try it yet. She said good things about it, though.
Posted: 08/13/22, 05:19:41
@TriforceBun Have fun having fun with this game!

@J.K. Riki Listen to your better half!
Posted: 08/13/22, 20:04:46
I finished the Halloween episodes late last night (interestingly enough, right around the stroke of midnight when the calendar flipped over to October. Spooooky). They were fun, albeit a bit shorter than expected.

The Witch's episode is probably the standout, although I'm not sure if I'd call it the most fun one of the bunch. It was definitely more like solving little puzzles which had its own appeal. Like Zero, I was first overwhelmed at the boss battle and didn't want to figure it out, but once I started experimenting, it turned out to be rather reasonable for a big reason: you can basically infinitely get more dice if you play things right, and so there are essentially an infinite number of solutions. It's actually easier than some of the prior fights as long as you take your time.
Posted: 10/01/22, 15:42:39
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