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Dicey Dungeons Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
9/10 from one rating

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Dicey Dungeons on the Switch!

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Posted: 12/20/20, 04:28:23
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Honestly though I was just going to steamroll her but she was electrocuting multiple dice every turn!
Posted: 11/30/21, 01:43:23  - Edited by 
 on: 11/30/21, 01:44:44
"Change ONE letter of a video game title. What’s the game about now?"

Dicky Dungeons 😳
Posted: 11/30/21, 02:03:48
Ok this feels a bit dirty but I accidentally found out that if you just close out the game when you die that you can start over on the map before the fight you died in. And then I also used that and went and got my first ever "didn't actually defeat everyone" win. It always seemed pointless to me before to not just defeat everyone and go into the final fight full strength, but I was in an iffy spot (5 hp) so I just left a floor with one enemy hoping I could do better on the next floor, which started with an apple and an easy enemy, and then I was able to level up. And after that was like heck,might as well just go straight for the boss (only had 1 other enemy in my way.) And it worked!

Of course, if you've played yourself into a corner it won't help to restart right before the fight you died on, but if you just got a few bad rolls...
Posted: 12/01/21, 03:14:38
@Zero Yeah I realized you could scum it when I found a bug and wanted to see if I could reset the game to try and recreate it. I haven't used it to actually cheat the game, I figure a run is so short and success not so difficult that just playing it as intended is fine.

And yeah I don't think I've ever actually finished a run without defeating every enemy. Getting that last level up to go into the final boss with full health and an extra dice just seems more crucial than it really is most of the time.
Posted: 12/01/21, 03:49:08
I'm going to try not to cheat anymore but now that I know it is possible... oof. The temptation will always be there!
Posted: 12/02/21, 00:12:32
What theeee. I was having trouble with the 4th thief one, played it like 10 times and just couldn't quite get it. Then during one match I saw an option to turn into a bear so I did it. I figured it would just last a turn but then I was still a bear the next turn. Well, surely it will just last the fight? Nope! Still a bear afterwards. Bears only have a handful of attacks. No heals. Shops are different. Etc. But they are POWERFUL. Just smashed through everyone and won it!

Now I'm at 18 down, 18 (+final?) to go.. That's uh. How am I still only about halfway? Even less really, when you consider they are just getting harder and harder. How does anyone finish this game?!
Posted: 01/12/22, 17:17:55  - Edited by 
 on: 01/12/22, 20:29:21
Zero said:
How does anyone finish this game?!
Gradually! It took me like 50 hours I think.

And yeah, bears. I don't remember if I ever turned into one or not, but I think there's an achievement for it, so I could probably check that...

I did the first two Halloween bonus episodes a while back, they were good. I should finish the last one.
Posted: 01/13/22, 16:37:31
Yep I did get an achievement for turning into a bear. It's worth experiencing, it changes how you play a fair amount. It's like all out attack mode. Have to end things as fast as possible.
Posted: 01/13/22, 20:14:40
Yeah I got the cheevo, so apparently I got bear'd and don't remember it... I have a few cheevos left, including one for using the Dragon's Tooth, which I have no idea what that is...

And wow, the final Halloween DLC episode is a non-random puzzle mode, where you get a specific different set of moves and dice for each opponent, and have to figure out how to one-shot them with what you're given. It's a cool idea, but I got stumped hard on the third enemy (I've only done one run so I'm not sure if it's the same enemies every time in this episode), and unfortunately there's added frustration because the game's UI isn't really built for what the mode is going for. Still, I'll give it another shot sometime.
Posted: 01/14/22, 19:18:50  - Edited by 
 on: 01/14/22, 19:19:34
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