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Dicey Dungeons Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
9/10 from one rating

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Dicey Dungeons on the Switch!

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Posted: 12/20/20, 04:28:23
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Apparently this has been on mobile since 2019, but as of this week it's a Switch game. And not one that should be overlooked!

It does feel like a mobile game, but I mean that in a good way: it's faithful to the roguelike structure but streamlined to perfection for relatively quick runs (15-30 minutes or so, generally on the lower end of that once you get into the rhythm of it). You spend almost all of your time in battle, thinking about the most efficient and/or most assured route to victory in the Pokemon-meets-Yahtzee battle system, which is built around smartly themed characters and enemies.

There's enough character customization and progression choices to keep things interesting when attempting the same run multiple times. And luck is definitely a factor as well. (I mean, it's a game themed around dice, go figure). Plus the absurdly catchy Chiptune / Disco / Game Show soundtrack and charming characters make sure each run is full of delight. And I bet I'll be playing a while: there are six wildly different playable characters, each with like a half-dozen Episodes that shake up the gameplay, and my win rate is maybe 25% so far.

Anyone else pick this up? I feel like I'm just scratching the surface, but I definitely recommend it already.

A brute force build I had going that was thwarted in the final battle by truly awful luck...
Posted: 12/20/20, 04:39:36  - Edited by 
 on: 12/20/20, 16:22:08
I've grabbed it. But I haven't played it yet. Same with Grindstone. But I'm excited to play both!

BTW, Neon Abyss just went on sale, too. The demo was really fun...
Posted: 12/20/20, 21:07:07
I'm going to be honest, I thought this game came out a long time ago on Switch?! Totally forgot about it! I love Super Hexagon and VVVVVV but something about this looked like it wasn't quite my type of game. BUT... it has that Chipzel soundtrack, so that makes me at least want to check it out sometime, perhaps.
Posted: 12/20/20, 21:10:07
Launch discount. Time's a-wastin'!
Posted: 12/20/20, 21:44:41
40+ hours in and the credits have rolled! Really clever all the way through, too. My favorite character is the last one you unlock. And then the final episode is really special, worth finishing all episodes for every character to play. I'll probably keep playing this now and then too, since runs are nice and short, and there are some challenges left to go for.

Pretty tight race between this and Hades for my 2020 GOTY, and while I can probably see myself coming back to Hades (is 100 hours really enough?), I'm confident there's more Dicey Dungeons in my future.
Posted: 01/06/21, 05:57:04
Holy poop this excellent game is on sale for just five bucks this week! BUY IT NOW
Posted: 00:55:37
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