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Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
7.72/10 from 5 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics on the Switch!

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Posted: 06/05/20, 03:38:48
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Hanafuda is nuts!

I don't think I've ever felt dumber in my life than the Memory game in here made me feel, I'm so bad at it. My brain might be defective or something, I can't remember what I just saw three seconds ago.

Connect Four on the other hand, I mastered right away. Tanks too, but that was easy.
Posted: 06/06/20, 21:07:06
@TriforceBun A bunch of us have been playing every night! Where you at?! Check the chat room!
Posted: 06/06/20, 21:15:45  - Edited by 
 on: 06/06/20, 21:29:33
I'm looking forward to learning new cards games and board games later, but for now I'm just sort of hopping around.

3. Yacht Dice -- I've never played Yahtzee before. It's fun! I'd like to play it with people!

4. Four-in-a-Row -- it's Connect Four. It's fine!

5. Hit and Blow -- My memory's bad! And I'm sure there's a simple algorithm to solve it every time easily, which I refuse to learn. I like it, though.

11. Dominoes -- Never played Dominoes before. It kinda sucks? Seems like it's almost entirely luck of the draw. I assume there's a "deck" of dominoes, and you can probably make some better decisions based on what's in play, but I'm skeptical that would take you very far. I played 16 games against the CPUs and only won twice.

13. Ludo -- This is basically Sorry, right? Not a bad simple board game.

22. Blackjack -- Not a terrible take on Blackjack, but nothing to write home about.

27. Matching -- My memory's still bad! I played this 11 times and only won 4 (once on each difficulty).

28. War -- War was fun when I was five! Now I see it's not even a game. (I like that Clubhouse Games basically acknowledges this).

31. Golf -- Simple but fun enough for a few rounds.

32. Billiards -- Biggest disappointment so far, Billiards loses most of its appeal when you simplify it this much. Plus it just feels sloooooow. It takes longer to play a game against the CPU than to play a game with someone else in real life.

35. Carrom -- This seems like it'd be a lot of fun to play in real life. And it's not bad here, either. It seems like the Clubhouse Games version doesn't lose too much of the real game's nuance, unlike Billiards.
Posted: 06/06/20, 22:29:29  - Edited by 
 on: 06/06/20, 22:30:25

Whoops! I mostly stick to the board itself (and am evacuating over the next few days due to the tropical storm). I'll have to jump back on soon-ish to take you guys on.


I like your approach to quick thoughts on each game. I'll have to do that myself once I've played more of them! What I like about CHG's Blackjack is the concept of playing a few rounds against other players for the best score, since a game like this is a lot less interesting when there isn't real money involved. Also, it's one of like 3 games you can actually play with more than four players...

Haven't tried Billiards yet but it a video I watched made it look like it gave you too much of a guide, showing you exactly where the ball was going to go and such. Seems like too much info.
Posted: 06/06/20, 23:06:34  - Edited by 
 on: 06/06/20, 23:06:50
I just played Carrom in real-life for the first time in a while a month ago. Kind of forgot what a beast I am...

I dunno if Bridge was in the DS version, but I'll definitely miss Hearts.

I'm looking forward to playing President online. Let's all play! And chat on that dumb app!
Posted: 06/07/20, 00:43:10  - Edited by 
 on: 06/07/20, 00:43:26
I went ahead and bought it as a Friday night Family Game Night thing. It’s ok. Everyone should have a game like Clubhouse Games in their collection somewhere. At 40 dollars, it’s over priced. But there’s some fun to be had with it.

Might play with you guys sometime if y’all are serious about it.
Posted: 06/07/20, 01:18:31
Solitaire rules!!!
Posted: 06/07/20, 01:19:26  - Edited by 
 on: 06/07/20, 01:19:43
21. Last Card -- It's Uno. Uno's fun! But for real, I've forgotten to hit the "Say Last Card" button more often than not...

36. Toy Tennis -- Not a fan, it's just too limited. Beating the Impossible CPU was...well, nigh impossible.

37. Toy Soccer -- Not terrible, but not really a singleplayer attraction.

38. Toy Curling -- Probably my favorite of all the Toy sports. Simple and clean. Though either my Pro controller has some dead zones in the joystick, or the game's a bit wonky.

39. Toy Boxing -- Goofy fun, I can see this being enjoyable in multiplayer.

40. Toy Baseball -- The pitching is a bit deeper than I expected, could definitely see this being lots of fun in multiplayer.

50. Klondike Solitaire -- It's exactly what you'd expect!

51. Spider Solitaire -- I remember having some fun with this on one of my first PCs, but I only ever played the one-suit variant. I use plenty of Hints in this game, since it kind of hurts my eyes looking at all the cards on the field. I just won my first two-suit game, and I have to wonder what the win percentage is for a four-suit game. It's gotta be under five percent, right? The game's hard enough to win with just one!
Posted: 06/07/20, 22:21:17
My wife and I have been playing a lot of the 2-player games, and even the so-so ones can be a blast when you’re together, smack-talking. We had lots of fun with billiards (they need an option to turn the angle hints off), curling, and toy baseball.

Also, we’ve made some crazy mosaic mode maps for the tank game and the slot cars. Finally a use for the 8000 Switches we have at home! The boys love it.
Posted: 06/08/20, 19:05:13  - Edited by 
 on: 06/08/20, 19:06:07
23. Texas Hold'em -- So slooooow. It feels like it takes forever to play a hand, thanks to all the little animations and stuff. Let me get into a dangerous Vegas groove, maaaaaaaan!

41. Air Hockey -- They nailed the physics and the general "feel" of Air Hockey, like shockingly so. The sound effects and puck movement are spot on. Now if only the puck would fly off the table half of the time, it'd be perfect.
Posted: 06/09/20, 06:39:58
ploot said:
My wife and I have been playing a lot of the 2-player games, and even the so-so ones can be a blast when you’re together, smack-talking. We had lots of fun with billiards (they need an option to turn the angle hints off), curling, and toy baseball.

Also, we’ve made some crazy mosaic mode maps for the tank game and the slot cars. Finally a use for the 8000 Switches we have at home! The boys love it.

Are you playing on the same Switch, or do you each have your own?
Posted: 06/09/20, 17:44:13
33. Bowling -- I get that this is more a collection of table games than sports, but the drop in quality from Wii Sports Bowling to Clubhouse Games Bowling is disappointingly far...

42. Slot Cars -- Could use some more tracks I think, but it's a fun little thing.

44. Battle Tanks -- The AI in this is extremely dumb. Maybe it'd be okay playing with others.

45. Team Tanks -- Only three short stages for singleplayer, not much to see here.

46. Shooting Gallery -- Fun for how long it lasts, which isn't very long. Also makes me miss the Wii remote IR pointer.
Posted: 06/10/20, 01:18:24  - Edited by 
 on: 06/10/20, 01:20:12
We each have our own Switch. There are a few games that I don’t think would work super well on one system, unfortunately.

I only tried bowling in handheld mode using touch controls. Are the motion controls worse than on the Wii?
Posted: 06/10/20, 04:35:53  - Edited by 
 on: 06/10/20, 04:36:55
@ploot The motion controls do feel worse, but more than that the game just feels so lifeless and slapped together compared to Wii Bowling. The ball practically teleports down the lane, and the pins don't knock around in a way that feels realistic either. It's not, like terrible or anything, but I wasn't expecting several small steps backward like this.

26. Speed -- Pretty fun fast-paced card game. I vaguely remember playing something like this as a kid, but I don't think it was exactly this.

29. Takoyaki -- One of those not-a-game games, as it's all entirely random. Seems like it'd be something fun to play with a young kid, though.

30. Pig's Tail -- Playing without Penalty cards is entirely random, but with them it seems like you could possibly make some strategic moves, if you keep the odds in mind.

34. Darts -- The AI is insanely good...

...Fortunately it doesn't take too long to get fairly consistent, which I suppose is a credit to the motion controls. Still, the AI is insanely good, so you basically have to be perfect if you want to win...

43. Fishing -- Extremely simple, not a lot going on here it seems.

47. 6-Ball Puzzle -- Interesting take on the falling block genre. Like all other great games in the genre, I'm not good at it! The Amazing-level CPU absolutely destroyed me.

48. Sliding Puzzle -- WOW I'm bad at this! Guess I'm just not good at sliding tiles under pressure, haha.

49. Mahjong Solitaire -- Seems more fair than cards Solitaire, haha. Not sure what to think about it after playing a few puzzles. It seems overly simple, like you can breeze through it if you just recognize the character set? But I also failed at the Advanced puzzle, so who knows.
Posted: 06/10/20, 06:08:57  - Edited by 
 on: 06/10/20, 06:11:15

Ah, thanks for the answer.

Got a bunch of co-op games during this eShop sale (BoxBoy + BoxGirl, Knight and Bikes) so I'm not about to run out of local multiplayer games. Plus, Streets of Rage 4 levels aren't gonna S-rank themselves.
Posted: 06/10/20, 22:29:49
24. President -- This might be my favorite new (to me) game yet! The rules are complex without being overly complicated, and there's potential for strategy even though there's no shortage of luck involved.

25. Sevens -- Another solid card game I've never heard of before. Leans a bit more into the luck side than President (especially if you turn down the pass limit, or eliminate it completely) but it's worth playing for sure.
Posted: 06/11/20, 03:39:56
President (Asshole/Samurai/Revolution) is awesome.

Man, a lot of these games (Dots, Connect Four...) are pretty shallow! Not too much headroom for strategy. But Mancala is awesome! It's like a pretty version of Backgammon.

Hare and Hounds seems really difficult for the hounds. Poor doggies!

I love the presentation of this game, too.
Posted: 06/12/20, 02:17:59
I remembered this game exists!

1. Mancala -- This is one of those games I remember seeing a lot when I was young but never tried. Pretty good!

2. Dots and Boxes -- Yeah not a whole lot going on here, but seems like a decent way to kill time in study hall.

6. Nine Men's Morris -- Sorta unique that this game has two phases, a deployment phase and a movement phase. I don't have the hang of it yet (partially due to the unhelpful jokey intro video) but it's interesting for sure.
Posted: 08/12/20, 05:48:49

Mancala is probably the game I was most excited for on here. I played it once at a friend's house and got a kick out of it. But when we played, we didn't use the "stealing" rule. In general, I wish we had more flexibility with what rules are or aren't allowed. Especially with this stealing rule, or the weird pawn autokill rule in this game's version of chess.

And I'd also liked to have had more information about the history behind some of these games. Learning that Mancala was based on planting seeds was interesting. I want to learn more!
Posted: 08/13/20, 02:03:37
@Hero_Of_Hyrule What pawn autokill?! I played a fair amount of Chess on here and I'm not totally sure what you mean.
Posted: 08/13/20, 02:30:18
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