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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
8.7/10 from 4 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Switch!

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Posted: 02/25/20, 01:00:23
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Posted: 03/29/20, 00:01:02
@Mop it up I love how there is no way for visitors to go anywhere else in their town, lol. You're just stuck there.
Posted: 03/29/20, 00:38:35
Lots of cool multiplayer ideas in here...

Posted: 03/29/20, 00:49:54
The maze has been constructed, and it probably takes up a quarter of the island. Bigger than I expected it to be. But it's about 75% true to the RE4 castle hedge maze, and I improvised the rest. Still thinking about what sort of things I can hide in there. We'll see when those trees grow all the way if it's cool, or if it sucks.


One of my co-workers had bags of trash at the end of the dock, I couldn't even leave the airport, haha. This was after he told us he opened the gates, so I just stood there insulting his island as he helplessly tried to remove it all.
Posted: 03/29/20, 01:57:56  - Edited by 
 on: 03/29/20, 01:59:16
So the multiplayer stuff I posted up above game me an idea. I've been working on a "battle ground" in my AC town and I want to try to do some multiplayer action. My ideas are still vague but I think...

Could do teams OR battle royale (or some of each):

Could do some arena games like:
Competitive net hitting on head (pretty straight forward, get hit by a net, you're out)
Competitive fruit collecting (allowing steals from the other teams goal, etc. could be interesting)

And I guess we could do non-arena games like:
Competitive fishing
Uh... race through my maze I guess? Though once you get through it once you know the deal


A lot of this stuff would work on the honor system (like, how would anyone know if someone just brought a bunch of fish from home?) but I trust NWers!!!

I would offer some prizes to the winners too... not sure what yet, but something.

Anyone interested? If so, what days / times are best for you for multiplayer stuff? I'd probably do this sometime over a weekend at some point.

Also, if you want to do this, make sure you have me added as a Switch friend!

Posted: 03/30/20, 01:12:57  - Edited by 
 on: 03/30/20, 01:13:13
Man, I fell down such an epic rabbit hole with this game over the weekend. That damn maze...it's now a whole third of my island, and I *think* everything is constructed now. We'll see in a few days when all of the trees have grown.

Realized this morning that I had messed up planting the initial series of trees. I figured one square space between tree saplings would suffice, and would still block the path. I was wrong. So I ended up needing 2-3x more trees than I initially planted (and yeah, had I done things the right way from the start, I could have fit the whole RE4 hedge maze in one small part of the island).

But I think it's turned out for the better. It's evolved into so much more than my initial idea, which was just to fill one small chunk of the island with...something. In this case, a maze. I started putting on my level designer cap and added a few hidden shortcuts and some light puzzle solving to get to the end of the maze. So now it's like 50% RE4 hedge maze and 50% 2D Zelda overworld. I even threw in a few "heart pieces" for the heck of it.

Some parts were a real pain in the butt to get right. There were some spots on the beach area where it was a lot harder to block passage than you might think. But I ended up coming up with some other cool ideas to use elsewhere when I was trying to solve those problems. It's been really enjoyable to make.

I'll open the gates up in a few days once the trees are fully grown and it starts actually looking like something. I'll probably have to chop a few trees down here or there, but I'm pretty sure it's all going to work out this time. Curious to have other people run through it. To echo @Zero post, I might do something where I wait at the end of the maze and award a prize to whoever finishes first.
Posted: 03/30/20, 05:37:38
holy fishing have I done in this game. Love it and hope they keep on adding to it.
Posted: 03/30/20, 07:55:19
Anyone else always get a little startled when pulling a giant fish out of the water? It never fails for me. Even when it's a big shadow I'm never expecting it.
Posted: 03/30/20, 17:05:43

I HAVE to come to your town. Are we friends on Switch? My account is named Ricky.
Posted: 03/30/20, 18:59:40
So, I was wondering if what you can buy with Nook miles ever opens up more, and well... it does. I have a LOT of cool new stuff I can use miles on now. It all hits at once too, so you might want to save up some miles! Now I'm really going to need to work hard to earn more miles!
Posted: 03/30/20, 19:15:13  - Edited by 
 on: 03/30/20, 19:24:19

Same here. I just unlocked those options yesterday and burned through about 40,000 miles immediately. J

Just a heads up about one new recipe you can buy: you might as well wait on getting the robot recipe. It takes 10 gold and 30 machine parts to build, which nobody is going to have at this point. You might as well spend your miles on stuff you can enjoy right now, rather than a recipe you won't be able to do anything with for weeks or months.
Posted: 03/30/20, 20:26:19
@Hero_Of_Hyrule Ohhhh good tip, because I was totally going to buy that next. Even the stone arc needs a lot more than I expected, but it's just stone, so it's doable if I want to get it done. Though my plan to put them all over the island is not going to happen anytime soon, lol.
Posted: 03/30/20, 20:30:32
Has anyone else bought turnips this week? I have, so I'll be looking to unload. I can also report my prices if anyone else has some. Hm, should we create a separate thread for turnip price posts?

@Zero I'm always surprised there are still people using the white theme...

Anyhoos, I'm not personally interested in concepts like those, though maybe I could still help you build something if you need materials or labour or whatever.
Posted: 03/30/20, 20:43:15
@Mop it up

I'd be down for a turnip thread, I'll report if I get a good price.

Posted: 03/30/20, 21:09:33
@Secret_Tunnel I always hated the Sunday before noon thing though. Who the fark wakes up before noon on a weekend day?! Extend that to like 2 or 3 PM Nintendo!!!

Yeah yeah I know, people with kids have to wake up and stuff. But I have no kids!
Posted: 03/30/20, 21:17:23  - Edited by 
 on: 03/30/20, 21:18:07
Hm, perhaps I could combine my ideas of a town and character name thread with the turnip price thread? The two probably go together well anyway.

@Zero Same here, which is more of a problem now that the game doesn't have an option to change the clock. I actually gave bells to a friend to buy some for me.
Posted: 03/30/20, 21:20:37  - Edited by 
 on: 03/30/20, 21:21:07

With my sleep schedule, turnips just aren't a thing I have ever gotten to do in AC. I'm a night owl and swing shift worker. Nintendo doesn't respect my lifestyle.
Posted: 03/30/20, 22:32:19

I know - busy with 4 year old twins - sometimes I only get to play when it’s “dark” so I set the clock back about 4-5 hrs so I actually get to play in the sunlight
Posted: 03/31/20, 04:32:16
Do the animals ever show the letters you've written them to others like they did in the original game? I feel like I've wasted a lot of funny in those letters that has gone unseen. May as well just start saying "fjrhrjskfbdjdkfbfjdkdbfjdj" like my brother used to.


Mine told me I'd have to disconnect it from the Parental Controls app to change the time and then I groaned and said screw it.
Posted: 03/31/20, 06:14:37
This game is teaching me some hard lessons about how and where to plant trees.
Posted: 03/31/20, 16:31:44
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