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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
8.7/10 from 4 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Switch!

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Posted: 02/25/20, 01:00:23
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Thanks, I'll look into that! Though I can't spare any iron at the moment, since I'm saving that material to build the Nook Store. (Nook's Cranny?)
Posted: 03/26/20, 18:57:04
@GameDadGrant There is definitely a point early on where you need WAY more iron than you can possibly get on your island. Going to other people's islands feels bad too, because they probably need theirs, I don't want to steal it! So I just bought a lot of Nook tickets to those random, no one will ever see them but you islands to get my iron.
Posted: 03/26/20, 19:06:55

I had the same problem. You can buy 2 new types of fences with Nook Miles every day. Still haven't gotten the recipe for the original fence he gave me though!
Posted: 03/26/20, 19:08:59
I should have 30 iron nuggets by tomorrow. I'm kicking myself a bit for selling a few of them the first day or two I had the game, not knowing they'd be super important later on. Like, I want to craft stronger tools but I'm not willing to use any iron at this point.

Nook gave me a nice "Happy Birthday" yesterday, and I got 2000 miles out of it. Score!
Posted: 03/26/20, 19:20:05
Zero said:
I know it can't last forever but I love how every new day seems to bring new things so far.

Yeah, I feel the same way! Having everything be really spaced out is great, the progression feels meaningful. I just got over the 30 iron hump last night and am excited to see what's next.
Posted: 03/26/20, 20:25:44
Yeah, I don't mind the slow roll-out, with one exception: what's with the lack of hourly music so far?? The single track on the island is fairly nice but pretty repetitive. Otherwise, having fun.
Posted: 03/26/20, 20:54:59

Agree with that. Itís honestly not standout music for this series. We need hourly music day one.

Posted: 03/26/20, 23:57:57

Posted: 03/27/20, 00:40:53
We need this.

Would you listen to that!
Posted: 03/27/20, 00:49:43

I unapologetically love that stupid song. I remember the first time I heard it I was like... Ooookay.

Nowadays: More please! It ain't Animal Crossing music without accordion.
Posted: 03/27/20, 05:57:11

I know the lyrics... that is to say, I know what cat noise is coming and when.
Posted: 03/27/20, 08:38:25
When / where can I get some emotes? I'm tired of walking around with an emotionless, dead-eyed character... hmm, perhaps this game really is a social commentary!

Also, this is one of the few times where I miss having the post at the top of each page being editable. It would be nice if we had a list of everyone's town and character names, since I have no idea who is who when I check for open towns to visit. It doesn't identify people by their Switch names.
Posted: 03/27/20, 20:24:27
@Mop it up I suppose we could make a separate thread just for that. The board is so slow lately it would stay up near the top-ish anyway.
Posted: 03/27/20, 23:36:32
@Mop it up

I had to talk to an islander one thatís been with you from the start. Just keep talking to them I guess but I had passed a few milestones like expanding the house and shop - not sure if thatís needed. Iíve only unlocked some of them.
Posted: 03/28/20, 00:59:36
I'm constructing an abridged version of the RE4 hedge maze. With trees. We'll see how (bad) it turns out.
Posted: 03/28/20, 02:40:20
Holy Gatos. Today is the day that the game really opens up! So many of my wishes have come true... but how will I pug this game down now?

I'm really glad I went into this game so underwhelmed and "meh, of course I'll buy it because that's what I do" about it. It has really delivered. Best Animal Crossing ever.

Hourly music!
Posted: 03/28/20, 15:03:52  - Edited by 
 on: 03/28/20, 15:04:19

And don't forget the classic:

Posted: 03/28/20, 18:11:41
The museum is such a cool area! I wish that Blather's descriptions of the exhibits were actually on their plaques, I'd spend HOURS in there if that was the case. Kinda goofy that you can only hear them at that one time when you might be in a hurry and just trying to empty your pockets.

Anyone else trying to play the Stalk Market tomorrow? I bet if we coordinate we could get a good deal on someone's island at some point, despite the ludonarrative dissonance of basing an investment mechanism on a perishable good.
Posted: 03/28/20, 22:49:22
It started so limited, but this game is really starting to blossom now. So relaaaaxing.

100% agree that Blathers fun factoids should be in the museum, but you can see them again. Just have something in your pocket and ask him about it.
Posted: 03/28/20, 22:54:41
There is one feature from the past games that I really hope is back and I don't want to have it spoiled so I'll just wait and see if it gets unlocked eventually but I'm getting a little worried. We'll see!

/EDIT NEVERMIND I went and looked it up and like, they very briefly and vaguely mention it in an official Nintendo video in February, so presumably it is back, but no one online seems to have unlocked it yet? I hope it is back and not just a mistake in the video. Though it doesn't sound like it is in the form I would have liked (it wasn't in the old games either, but I had hoped it had evolved a bit.)

Posted: 03/28/20, 23:24:32  - Edited by 
 on: 03/28/20, 23:33:49
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