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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
8.7/10 from 4 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Switch!

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Posted: 02/25/20, 01:00:23
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Zero said:
But also oh no! She didn't find the uh... pair of shoes... did she?

I'm trying to build a lot of easter eggs into my island. Slowly but surely.
I got a chuckle out of that.

I must admit, I was inspired by my brief trip over to Radtown. The "Welcome" signs were a nice touch. My island needs a bit more...character.
Posted: 03/23/20, 03:12:07  - Edited by 
 on: 03/23/20, 03:12:46
I miss the days of the music changing every hour. They should really add more music... hell, recycle it from old games. Just needs more variety. And I want that cat song back. You know the one with the singing cats? Best AC track ever.
Posted: 03/23/20, 04:07:50

Yeah, she did. I told her it was cherry juice but, sadly, she knew what was up. So I explained my friend Zero thinks he’s funny. That one she got.
Posted: 03/23/20, 04:40:37
@HinphI think once your town hall upgrades you get hourly music again.
Posted: 03/23/20, 04:44:13
Zero, did you hide bloody shoes in your town?
Posted: 03/23/20, 04:52:08
cooliocuneo said:
@HinphI think once your town hall upgrades you get hourly music again.

Good to know! Might put on my own jams in the meantime.
Posted: 03/23/20, 05:02:06
Rad town was rad.

Left some Pears :)

Nice shoes ha
Posted: 03/23/20, 13:41:48
I feel like maybe I went overboard but now there is a whole section of my town you just... shouldn't... go to.

Posted: 03/23/20, 16:05:27
Sucks to hear that the online system hasn't really improved since Wild Worlds was released on the DS 15 years ago. In Stardew Valley, while there was the occasional crash (which may have been fixed in a recent update...I last played it a year ago), it was pretty seamless when joining somebody's farm, and I was hoping that New Horizons would be similar.

Also, am I weird that I don't want to visit other people yet? I guess having people visit my island would be fine, but I feel like I'm behind in the game compared to others here, and I don't want stuff spoiled for me. Also, another benefit of waiting a bit is that people's islands will be more interesting to visit and customized as time goes on.
Posted: 03/23/20, 17:12:38
Wow, this really opens up once you take out your house loan. Like I was doing a lot of activities around the island before this, but this is where it feels like the game really gets started. Looking forward to...tomorrow!
Posted: 03/23/20, 19:19:27
BTW how are people getting enough iron to get their shops up so fast? Is there another way to get iron besides the small handful of rocks that give out a limited amount every day? I got a bit desperate and just left a sign in my town asking people to gift me iron, heh.

I know I could visit towns and steal theirs but if it is limited for other people too I don't want to do that to them! I guess I could try to use a Nook travel ticket to get some but I don't remember if those islands even have much.

@canonj This is true, and honestly I feel a bit of (self-made) pressure to get a lot of neat things into my town NOW while everyone is playing and visiting towns, because I feel like who knows a month or two or whatever from now how many people will even be visiting my town? Hopefully town visiting has some legs though because I have a lot of (still kind of vague in some ways) ideas that it's going to take me awhile to gain the materials to accomplish.
Posted: 03/23/20, 19:29:48  - Edited by 
 on: 03/23/20, 19:42:08

The rocks are the only place I've seen iron so far (but it's possible you may get some from the balloons you can shoot down; I got some clay once from a gift).
Posted: 03/23/20, 19:33:16

Yeah, that's a problem with a game like Animal Crossing. A good percentage of people will have stopped playing in a month or two. The upside to this is that the people who are still playing in a few months should have really cool islands to visit.
Posted: 03/23/20, 19:33:55
I destroyed two of my rocks and now I have fewer iron sources! Gah!
Posted: 03/23/20, 19:36:06
@Secret_Tunnel You can destroy rocks?!

I feel like there HAS to be some other consistent way to get this stuff then. I mean I know "visiting other places" but not everyone has Nintendo online. They wouldn't let you screw yourself into a corner you can't get out of, would they?

Though I guess you could use the Nook travel tickets but man it would take FOREVER to get resources if that was your only way.

It's just a bit odd how easily you can get all of the other major resources. Feels like I'm missing something but it seems we're all in the same boat?
Posted: 03/23/20, 19:49:58  - Edited by 
 on: 03/23/20, 19:50:45
LOL, I thought you HAD to destroy the rocks to get the good stuff.
Posted: 03/23/20, 20:03:06
How do you destroy rocks though?! I just keep whacking them with a shovel and stuff pops out but they never get destroyed.
Posted: 03/23/20, 20:15:05

Eat fruit (i.e. cherries) to become strong, and then hit the rock with the axe.

(I never even thought to hit them with the shovel!)
Posted: 03/23/20, 20:19:13
@TheBigG753 They say to hit them with the shovel! I wouldn't have thought of it either!

But they also said that thing you spoilered, and I totally forgot about it. Maybe it is good that I did if it destroys one of the only ways to get a renewable resource!
Posted: 03/23/20, 20:23:37
I must have missed the shovel thing, or just in my headcanon replaced it with "axe" because that makes more sense to me.
Posted: 03/23/20, 20:27:18
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