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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
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Welcome to the official discussion thread for Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Switch!

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Posted: 02/25/20, 01:00:23
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I'm sure the idea that they would sell more Switches just due to some people not wanting to share an island entered the calculation. But I think that particular thing causing people to buy extra Switches is probably overstated, and that what we're mostly seeing here is the result of multiple people in a household all stuck inside and all competing for the same resources (TV and consoles). Including some people in the household who might not be into video games normally but who find AC appealing.

I know Karen and I have considered getting a Switch Lite since we're both playing AC a lot. But instead I just went and started playing the ol' GameCube backlog on the other TV. An easy way to save $200.
Posted: 04/30/20, 16:38:52
It makes me a little irritated, honestly. 90% of the time, Nintendo is one lovable conglomerate, but whenever they pull stuff like this, it feels skeezy. There's really no reason why you can't have the option of picking whether you want your own island or not under your profile, considering this was more or less available from the beginning of the series. As far as I know, no other Switch game on the planet has different experiences through different files. It's aspects like this that keep NH from being the ultimate AC, as far as I'm concerned, and it's been the fly in the ointment for both myself and my four-year-old, who wants to have his own island as well.

Sorry to get all dumpy in this thread repeatedly. Still enjoying myself!
Posted: 04/30/20, 16:57:13  - Edited by 
 on: 04/30/20, 16:57:56

Don't be sorry, I've run into the same problems. It's really annoying to have to hound somebody else to play the game and advance our island just because I've been waiting to unlock terraforming. There's no reason stuff like selling land for houses should be exclusive to one player.
Posted: 04/30/20, 17:19:04

Good gracious, four already?! Where does the time go.

I wonder if this stuff feels sleazy *because* Nintendo usually is so above board? Like if EA or Ubisoft pulled this crap it would be "business as usual." Higher standards for the Big N, I suppose.
Posted: 04/30/20, 22:59:32
On a positive note, I leave my gates open a lot, and almost every time I do my building projects get paid off or nearly paid off for me.

Some generous players out there! And they don't even get any credit for it or anything, no one will ever know the good that they did, but they did it anyway!
Posted: 04/30/20, 23:50:08  - Edited by 
 on: 04/30/20, 23:50:33

Saw this today and thought you'd all appreciate it!

Posted: 05/07/20, 15:19:00
So, question. I just randomly started getting a LOT of letters from a villager (Audie.) Like, almost one per day for the last week or so. They kind of ramble a lot and she never gives me gifts. Am I supposed to be doing anything about this?! I just ignore them for the most part.

@TheBigG753 I really want the gravestone.
Posted: 05/07/20, 23:03:43  - Edited by 
 on: 05/07/20, 23:09:50

They call it a Western stone in the game, I believe. You can make it from a recipe. I'll let you know if I get it again. In the meantime, I could make you some?
Posted: 05/07/20, 23:09:49
@Guillaume If you want to! But there is no urgency, I'll stumble upon it eventually I'm sure.
Posted: 05/07/20, 23:10:21

I believe once a villager reaches a level of being a "good friend" of yours (or "best friend" or whatever it's called; you get a Nook Miles achievement when it happens w/ a villager) they will start sending you letters. I've reached that level with 3 of my villagers, and they're the ones sending cards.
Posted: 05/07/20, 23:22:51
And to answer the question: no, you don't have to do anything about it / don't need to respond.
Posted: 05/07/20, 23:27:25

Yes, I approve!
Posted: 05/08/20, 12:37:53
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