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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
8.7/10 from 4 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Switch!

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Posted: 02/25/20, 01:00:23
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I guess I should have been doing more fishing before -- now I can't find any water eggs at all!

Posted: 04/07/20, 01:29:27
@Mop it up

They seem to be more common in freshwater than salt.
Posted: 04/07/20, 04:34:13
@Mop it up

I've found that medium-large fish shadows (1 size smaller than the obvious "big fish" shadow) that bob their heads back-and-forth rather quickly as they move forward, are still almost always water eggs for me. Like they are trying to trick you - Look at all the moving around it's doing, it's so CLEARLY a real fish and not an inanimate object!

(So I've been avoiding them! )


Thanks, I'll do that. Hopefully we can set something up tonight or tomorrow night.
Posted: 04/07/20, 16:46:53  - Edited by 
 on: 04/07/20, 18:55:11
@TheBigG753's island maze is awesome and everyone should check it out.
Posted: 04/08/20, 21:02:14
@Mop it up


Starting tomorrow I will have it opened all the time when my gates are open. It will probably only be restocked once per day (maaaaaybe twice) so only the first person to play that day will get the prizes. I'll have detailed rules posted at the front and if people follow them, if there's an axe on the ground at the start the maze should be ready to play; if not, someone has already gone through, but you can still go through for fun if you want.

I will also post conditions up front for Normal and Hard difficulties, and I recommend everyone do Hard to get the most out of it.

Finally, the maze will have Bunny Day-themed collectibles through this Sunday!
Posted: 04/09/20, 02:13:07
Everyone's a critic of the Bunny Day outfit...

Posted: 04/13/20, 03:47:07
@Mop it up

Ha! I actually laughed out loud.

BTW, you guys all have cute neighbors. I feel like my island is just full of weirdos this time around. I've got Benedict, Dom, Hippeux, Katt, Margie and Peggy.

Of those only Margie and Peggy are particularly cute and Peggy is a wannabe Tik Tok influencer or something. I don't like judging the animals by the cuteness of their design (Cesar was kinda weird when I first saw him in Wild World but he became my homeboy) but it'd be nice to have a cute little deer or something every now and then like you've got here, Mop It Up.
Posted: 04/15/20, 06:15:30

You think that's bad? I have a green monkey with a mole. *thatsoundwhenyoumightvomitbutdont*
Posted: 04/15/20, 13:06:41

Is that Elise? She's in my town too. Some of these characters are so janky looking!
Posted: 04/15/20, 15:25:44
I have 3 or 4 fitness freaks on my island, haha.

Island Designer (endgame spoiler) is a real game-changer. Everything is looking so much nicer now.

Isabelle said I've got too many trees, though. Not sure how I'm going to deal with that. The maze could probably use a little pruning, but not too much.
Posted: 04/15/20, 17:01:50
@TheBigG753 Why does it seem like every other animal in this game is about fitness?! Honestly it's tough to determine most of my villager's personalities other than the few fitness buffs. I don't like stereotypes but like, there are plenty of other personalities out there. Where are the geeks at?!
Posted: 04/15/20, 20:29:23

I've at least got one "sensitive type" who is into books/poetry. Then there are some with no distinguishable qualities, they're just loving life or whatever. But yeah, so many athletic types. Maybe cross-marketing with Ring Fit!
Posted: 04/15/20, 20:53:34

I think there are 8 personality types, but the personalities seem...ramped up in this game. The jocks are now obsessed with working out, the peppy villagers use lots of obnoxious vocabulary, etc.
Posted: 04/15/20, 21:10:23
I think I got only one jock, but everyone will show up in the plaza doing exercise, now and again.

I have seen rain just the once in the past three weeks. Am I alone in this? Hoping for a patch that will make it more frequent. One of the things that sold me on the game this time around was the bit in the trailer where you sit next to a frog in the rain. It… it just looked nice.
Posted: 04/15/20, 21:47:24

Same here. Ever since the blossoms came and went I haven't seen rain once. I used to think it rained too often in GameCube AC, but now I kind of miss it. Also, I think the weather can now change throughout the day, so it could rain in the morning but clear up later in the day.
Posted: 04/15/20, 22:15:35
I've had rain 2 or 3 times. Go for the Coelacanth when it happens!
Posted: 04/15/20, 23:31:43
The other day, it was raining each time I visited a mystery island, but other than that it hasn't rained on my actual island in a while now.


Thanks! I'll have to remember that.
Posted: 04/16/20, 00:03:41
I've had the game since launch and it has still never rained in my town.

I also for some reason thought the cherry blossoms went all month, so I'm severely lacking on the leaves and recipes.

@TheBigG753 "endgame"? Animal Crossing never ends!
Posted: 04/16/20, 01:42:21
@Mop it up

I mean...there were credits scrolling! I don't have a better term for it, lol.
Posted: 04/16/20, 04:20:38  - Edited by 
 on: 04/16/20, 04:27:20
@TheBigG753 Eh, the credits have always scrolled when KK sings, even when he used to just show up on a Saturday night. I wouldn’t read anything into it.
Posted: 04/16/20, 08:05:46
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