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Killer Queen Black Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
7.37/10 from 3 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Killer Queen Black on the Switch!

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Posted: 10/12/19, 07:29:42
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@Zero @nate38 @ploot
Shall we try to set up a time to play this?
Posted: 01/14/20, 00:05:36
No, set up a time for us all to play ROR2.
Posted: 01/14/20, 00:51:02
@Mop it up Yep. I'm generally flexible evenings and weekends Eastern time.
Posted: 01/14/20, 01:40:27
@Mop it up @nate38 @ploot Let's do it! I'm free a lot of evenings and weekends, though the next week or so is spotty, but I'm around!

@carlosrox Stop being a dweeb and get Killer Queen!
Posted: 01/14/20, 20:45:48  - Edited by 
 on: 01/14/20, 20:46:12
I'm also usually around in the evenings / at night and in Eastern, so this may work out!
Posted: 01/16/20, 19:20:44
So I’ve played Killer Queen quite a bit at a local arcade here in Austin. Had my eye on this for awhile. So far kinda unhappy with the balance of Black vs Arcade. But it’s alright.

Upside: Don’t have to put up with the assholes who play this locally.

When the Animal Crossing fervor dies down a bit, I’m down with giving this a try if you guys are still into it.
Posted: 03/25/20, 06:22:30  - Edited by 
 on: 03/25/20, 06:23:01
I'll definitely still be into it. I mean, I only play when I can get NW or IGN peeps to play, which is once every few months, but I'm always down.
Posted: 03/25/20, 15:56:55
Double post, since I'm not on a phone this time:

About a year ago or so I started going to the casual Killer Queen night at Pinballz here in Austin (yes, the one I mentioned on the podcast 10 years ago that I said would probably last only 6 months.) The arcade game is really great fun to play live. It's literally a 10 player reimagining of Joust with more interesting objectives. It's a great design as a game, full stop.

The only problem is that a subculture of insular drunken weirdos has kinda popped up around it. We went to the game night probably 4 times and never felt welcome. And that was on "Casual" night where it was allegedly supposed to be recruiting for new players. I heard a woman talking abusively to the other team, (for instance "Team Portrait, you fuckers!") which had 3 kids on it. I waited for half an hour to get a spot one time only to play one game before the regulars high-sided on me and kicked me off so their team could play. On fucking Casual night.

There were some friendlier people than that, but they were super insular. We went often enough you'd think they'd talk to us a little, but nope. It was literally like hanging out with a high school clique that didn't want you.

So... what am I getting at? The game is great and I'm looking forward to playing it at home. I guess I just had to get that off my chest. One of the crappier game experiences I've ever had.


Sounds great, Nate! Just found out that two of my real life friends want to play and just bought the game. Team Portrait you fuckers!
Posted: 03/25/20, 16:00:04  - Edited by 
 on: 03/25/20, 16:03:55
@kriswright Dang, that sucks. I've gone to a handful of local Smash Bros tournaments over the last 4 years, and despite most of the 15-20 attendees at each being high schoolers and college kids, and the regulars basically having their own clique, 99% of them were very welcoming and cool.

It helps that there were enough Smash setups for everyone to be playing pretty much all the time. Presumably there's only one KQB machine at the arcade, so only two teams of 5 people can be playing at a time. If KQB's the main reason they're at the arcade, I can see the hardcore players being...protective of their play time.

But hey, that's the beauty of the home game. What's your username? Mine's nate#1015.
EDIT: Actually, I don't know if we're Switch friends? My friend code is SW-5389-0174-6996
Posted: 03/25/20, 16:42:28  - Edited by 
 on: 03/25/20, 16:45:43
@kriswright I've only gotten to play it once with NegWorld peeps so I'm certainly still down for more. I still don't feel like I even know how to play though so don't expect much from me.
Posted: 03/25/20, 19:08:22
Especially during this shutdown we have been doing a lot of late night gaming. We play all kinds of games! Just go in the chat room and suggest a game to play!
Posted: 03/25/20, 19:39:41
@Mop it up

Yeah, I'd love to do that. I've been playing a bit online and with some real life friends. Would be fun to get a full 8 player game going sometime soon. I'm just not sure about Zero's late-night gaming ideas. If you guys can only play after 11 Central, I'm out. I got work at 7.
Posted: 03/27/20, 05:27:29
@kriswright I can't speak for anyone else but I'm typically available starting at 6-7pm EST. And until things normalise it's pretty much every day, so we can probably work something out.
Posted: 03/27/20, 05:56:34
@Mop it up

That's more like it.

I usually get off work around 4-4:30 Central, depending on whether something explodes at the end of the day or not. Usually have an early dinner and then a little bit of time with the kids doing whatever. I sometimes play games around this time - 6 Central or so - so if we wanted like an hour of gaming, I could do it around that time. They've seen me play Killer Queen and, so long as I keep Team Chat in headphones, I think we're good.

Otherwise we're talking closer to 9 after I get the kids to bed. And then only for a couple of hours. I should be wrapping up by 11. (Like, right now, I really should be signing off...)

Yeah. One of the reasons I don't game as much now is simply that I don't have time anymore.
Posted: 03/27/20, 06:02:24
Yeah I'm more of a 7-11pm EST person myself, preferably. Some nights I'll do later, but not that often.

I think we should look into making a Discord channel for each multiplayer game we play, and having people subscribe to each game's channel if they want to receive/trigger invites to play.
Posted: 03/27/20, 17:18:59
I don't HAVE to play late at night we just tend to have late dinner. I could play before dinner sometimes though.

Killer Queen!
Posted: 03/27/20, 19:56:17
Huge update, including adding a new stage. Who is queenin?!

Update notes

Introducing the Betelgeuse Update 1.62! on July 14, 2020

Easier Than Ever To Play Together!
We’re live with the biggest update yet! Betelgeuse was developed in some of the strangest times of our lives and delivers features that are sure to bring us together. Enjoy enhanced party features and months of bug fixes, along with some other UI treats, a NEW map, and Steam Achievements! Check out the release notes below.

Enhanced Party Features
Adding a second controller locally while in a remote party will now add that player to the party.
Local play now allows you to add controllers/players everywhere, not just on the title screen.
When in a Quick Play or a Ranked Match, players can now see who is in a party together.
Players can now see the status of their friends’ parties and join from the Friend List.
Players in a party can now receive invites to other parties.
Added a Party Widget on the main menu to easily access party members, online friends, and privacy.
Recently played shows the last 25 players you played against.

Custom Match Enhancements
Modified Custom Match UI to improve match setup experience.
Players no longer have to be in a party to join a Custom Match.
Players can now back out of Custom Match “Meet Thy Family” and return to the lobby.
Inactivity timeout on Custom Match has been increased to 10 minutes.
Custom Match now has multiple ways people can join:
Create a code that allows any player to join.
Set the Match Privacy settings to “Friends” to allow players to join straight from the friend list.
Improved voice chat in Custom Match to allow players to separate out voice as follows:
Match Chat: All players in a match can chat in both game and lobby.
Team Chat: Chat is limited to teams during the game, but all players in the lobby.
Parties now have multiple privacy settings enabling players to join together by:
Invite Only: Players can only join your party via an invitation.
Friends: Friends can join your party without an invitation.
Friends of Friends: Friends of friends can join your party without an invitation.

Gameplay Enhancements
Added a new map: “The Nesting Flats”
Changes to The Helix Temple:
Top gates have been moved further apart.
Top berries take slightly longer to reach.
The central berry pile is harder to deplete quickly.
Added a new special win condition frame.
Winning teams can now clap as well as dance in Post Match.
Speed upgrade now affects vertical momentum for soldiers.
Worker jump now has more variable upwards velocity based on button press length.
Berry throws slightly more powerful.
In-Game chat widget now separated by team side.
New intro animations for players on the “Meet Thy Family” screen.
New VFX added to gameplay.
Various other UI and UX improvements including Friend List and Leader Board performance enhancements.

Stats update
Berry throw-ins are now calculated in the following ways:
Count it as +1 berry for the worker who threw it in the hive, in the following situations:
It does not touch anything before going in.
It bounces off a wall and/or ceiling first, but no other player.
It skids along the floor before falling into a berry hole without touching another player.
It bounces off an enemy player first.
It bounces off another berry bouncing around the hive.
Count it as a +1 for the last player to touch the berry in the following situations:
Berry was thrown by a worker and it hits their teammate before going into a hole.
Any player (queen, soldier, or worker carrying a berry) touches a berry and it flies into a hole in the hive. Could be with their body or with their weapon (ie mace).
A berry is pushed into a hole by another berry that was touched by a player.
PC-Only Updates
A player name sanitizer has been added.
Added Steam Achievements.
The game will now auto-log you in if you are disconnected.
Thank you for playing and for all your feedback, this was a big one and many of the new features came from community requests!

The Killer Queen Black Team
Posted: 07/15/20, 00:38:05
nate38 said:
I'll definitely still be into it. I mean, I only play when I can get NW or IGN peeps to play, which is once every few months, but I'm always down.
Posted: 07/15/20, 01:04:35
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