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Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age - Definitive Edition Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
8.9/10 from 9 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age - Definitive Edition on the Switch!

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Posted: 09/26/19, 18:01:37
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I don't think the announcement of XII has even really registered with me. I'm getting to the point of life where it is very, very hard to spend 100+ hours on a single game, and although I'll probably still play some long games, heck I'll probably even play another Dragon Quest game in the future, I'm really questioning whether I should keep trying to play ALL of the long games that vaguely interest me. It's impossible!

I'm really at this point where I'm like, how do I decide to just skip some games in franchises that I like sometimes? Because maybe I really only need 1 game from certain franchises every 7 or 10 years or something. Especially the ones with really, really long games...
Posted: 06/07/21, 23:19:07  - Edited by 
 on: 06/07/21, 23:20:17
I actually felt it was a little too soon for DQXII myself, but that being said, we got one of those "just a logo" reveals, so I expect the game to be quite a ways away. My guess is 2024, meaning a solid 6 years since XI (or 5 since XI on the Switch). Might be one of those Metroid Prime 4 things where it just takes forever!
Posted: 06/08/21, 03:15:29
This game is free on Game Pass, so I've started playing it. And it's...a JRPG! It's juuuuuuuust charming enough to keep me playing for now (I've just made it back to Cobblestone for the first time since leaving), but we'll see if it keeps my interest in the long run.

Funny Xbox side note, the whole Quick Resume feature doesn't seem to play nice with this game's in-game timer. I started the game the other evening, played for an hour, turned off the Xbox, and then started again the next evening...and my play time was at 25 hours! I hadn't even made it to Heliodore yet, haha. Honestly, I've yet to find an instance where I actually appreciate Quick Resume, but at least a few times it's had some wonky side effect like this.
Posted: 10/03/21, 21:32:16
Dread is long finished and I've been crushed by boredom lately, so I'm back at this! The timer says 36 hours, so I've actually been playing for about a dozen hours, and I've made it to the port town where everyone is trying out for the starring role in the Mario movie.

The game wouldn't let me name my hero Hans, so I had to go with Hanz. Seems like there's a whole bunch of regular old names that are banned for some reason. Really weird.

I think I regret investing in boomerangs for blue hair guy, but even though there seems to be an option to easily re-spec, I'll keep at it a while. In general, like that the skill tree is both simple and supplemental to abilities the characters seem to learn automatically at specific levels. Too many games get bogged down in character growth junk.

Veronica is a really fun jerk, Sylvando is just Too Much enough, and I even like blue hair guy, though I keep forgetting his name. Serena is just sort of there so far, though. For the most part, all the characters in the game are fun and lively, and I like that each town has its own dialect or language quirk for its NPCs, which goes a long way of differentiating each location when the single town theme refuses to.

I have everyone set to Fight Wisely, except for Serena who's a healbot. I just don't feel engaged by this kind of standard JRPG battle system anymore, so I'm happy to let the game do that for me. Honestly, I kind of wish I could put the whole game on autopilot and just watch it while I eat or exercise or whatever.
Posted: 10/25/21, 05:42:00
For whatever reason, I've always been a fan of turn-based battles! Although I did feel DQXI's standard difficulty was much too low; playing on Stronger Monsters was very rewarding for me though.

I've also always liked Boomerangs in DQ games for the area-of-effect powers, although they nerfed them a bit in DQXI since they were a bit overpowered in the past. But hey, they still save time at the end of the day, and time is money or something.
Posted: 10/25/21, 07:10:57
Speaking of weapons, I rarely fell the need to use a one handed sword. Maybe for the last party member, but for the hero, I just two handed sworded it the whole game. Even dual wielding the best weapons in the game didn't seem to compare.
Posted: 10/25/21, 18:09:31
Yeah, the two-handed sword is a beast. The increased parry rate helps offset the lack of defense from shields.
Posted: 10/25/21, 18:10:44
Zero said:
Though 50/50 odds on Zing is still one of the most frustrating things in Dragon Quest, I came up short on like 6 Zings in a row during a boss fight and was yelling at the screen like REALLY? THIS HAS A 1 IN 64 CHANCE OF HAPPENING AND IT HAPPENS NOW?! and my wife was looking at me like WTF is going on (I'm usually not a very vocal gamer, lol.)
I had a battle against an early sidequest boss enemy that swung dramatically based entirely on how the RNG went in the three times I went to him.
Attempt #1, he got the first action and silenced my entire party, and the attacks he and his cronies had would almost OHKO my characters far faster than I could heal them with items (let alone attack any of the enemies at all), so that fight was basically lost from the start.
Attempt #2, he got the first action and only silenced a few characters, then I did a group-confusion ability that confused a few of his cronies, helped me survive a while before eventually losing the war of attrition.
Attempt #3, for seemingly no reason I got the first action, and this time the group-confusion ability succeeded on the boss himself, which through further RNG luck I assume made it so he was completely out of the fight for several turns while I gradually took out his cronies, then could focus on him, and it was a walk in the park.
Three different attempts with wildly different outcomes based entirely on highly opaque RNG systems, basically sums up why I don't care to really engage with these kind of old school JRPGs anymore. Thankfully the penalty for losing is much less awful than it was in the golden years of JRPGs, at least, since I could just load the auto-save and skip all the monsters on the overworld instead of wasting 30 minutes trekking from the last save point and fleeing (hopefully!) from random battles.

On a more positive note, I brought all the dragon balls to the flying tree, and now it's Sylvando's time to shine, honey!
Posted: 11/03/21, 17:53:06
I think turn order in DQ is determined via a combination of RNG and the agility stat. Gotta roll with those punches, I guess!

On the note of a party wipe being devastating, I'm currently playing Dragon Warrior III on my front-loader NES. It's brutal. And awesome!
Posted: 11/03/21, 19:43:31
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