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Astral Chain Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]

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Astral Chain is releasing this week, are you HYPED?!

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Posted: 08/26/19, 16:18:47  - Edited by 
 on: 08/26/19, 16:19:09
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Reviews are in. I have to be honest, I had hopes for this game but didn't expect a ton for reasons I can't explain. Looks like I was wrong. It's getting very good reviews.

88% between 23 reviews at Metacritic right now
Posted: 08/26/19, 16:20:05
I am hyped! I have the game on reserve from the library as soon as they get it in, whenever that will be. If I had disposable income I think this would be a game I would just buy, honestly. It really appeals to me for some reason (I'm not sure why?).
Posted: 08/27/19, 05:26:33
Sounds super fun. The Nintendo Minute on it was very cool. Iím definitely getting it, but I donít know if Iíll buy it or use a voucher on it.
Posted: 08/27/19, 06:07:58  - Edited by 
 on: 08/27/19, 13:56:27
Definitely plan to pick this up in the future. I watched three reviews on it yesterday and all made it sound and seem great.
Posted: 08/27/19, 12:47:21
Reviews are insane. I guess I'll keep my preorder!

After all, I want to support badass action games on the Switch. The mechanics look super fun, too.
Posted: 08/27/19, 17:22:15  - Edited by 
 on: 08/27/19, 17:22:58
These games aren't my style, but it looks good for those who are into it.
Posted: 08/27/19, 21:21:31
Not my kinda game either. I was hoping to get into it when they showed footage of it and stuff but nope, not happening.

Saw my bro playing it, confirmed what I thought: not for me.
Posted: 09/03/19, 09:41:43
A demo would be nice. I don't know if it's for me or not. I have too much on my plate right now anyways though.
Posted: 09/03/19, 11:51:44
Hinph said:
A demo would be nice. I don't know if it's for me or not.

Posted: 09/03/19, 22:02:41
I've basically not heard anything but great things about this so far, and it's been so hard to stop myself from rushing out to buy it. Just no funds, and too many games to play I already own at the moment.
Posted: 09/04/19, 22:15:48
I wish I had more discerning taste in games, because (especially lately) it seems ALL games are up my alley. Except FPS games. Those are still on my "don't care" list. A fact that, ironically, makes me a little sad since apparently these DOOM and Wolfenstein ports on Switch are really, really good. I feel like I'm missing out, even thought I know I'm really not. But it *feels* like I am. Oh well.

In any case, looking forward to spending some time with Astral Chain! Platinum makes good stuff, and this seems like one of their better efforts. And it's good to have something to hold us off on until Bayonetta 3.
Posted: 09/04/19, 23:11:05

The Doom and Wolfenstein ports are impressive because they are running pretty well on Switch, but they're easily the worst versions of the games and really don't look as good as something designed from the ground up specifically around the hardware (such as Astral Chain). If you're not a fan of the genre, you indeed shouldn't worry too much about missing out on anything.

I would suggest giving Doom 2016 a try if you ever get the chance though, because the gameplay is much more fun than most recent games in the genre. I'm really not a fan of most modern FPS games that take cues from Call of Duty, because they're boring as hell, but Doom 2016 is an action packed gameplay first kind of experience. Best game in the genre in well over a decade if you ask me.

This video still makes me laugh because it does a great job of demonstrating why I stopped playing FPS games:

Posted: 09/04/19, 23:39:07
Yeah, I used to be a big fan of FPS games like DOOM, Unreal Tournament, Perfect Dark, and No One Lives Forever, but the genre kind of lost me when it was modernized. Like Metal Gear Solid, Half Life was a good game with a terrible effect on the industry. Maybe the same could be said for FFVII, but I haven't played it.

Man, what I would give for a spiritual successor to Perfect Dark on the Switch. Even a port of the 360 port!
Posted: 09/07/19, 18:46:45  - Edited by 
 on: 09/07/19, 18:50:31
Just finished the 3rd mission, which is kind of the the 1st as that's when you can actually practice/have access to a tutorial. I've liked what little I've played of it so far.
Posted: 09/08/19, 20:06:40
I'm on file/mission 9 or 10 or something and the game has me pretty captivated. It's a ton of fun, does a lot of neat stuff with a lot of variety, and is just really really polished. The combat is great, but I like obsessively hunting down the side missions outside of combat too. I really like finding the toilets too... because that exists in this game.

It's great, definitely check it out
Posted: 09/09/19, 16:34:00
I just finished File 03. The first 2+ chapters are very tutorial-y (which I guess makes sense, the game really does throw a lot at ya) and now I feel like I'm "in it". It's a bit different than what I was expecting, but I'm really enjoying the gameplay loop. I appreciate that it's not just combat-combat-combat and that there are plenty of mundane activities/quests to do in between all of the heavy action.

The combat is fun but it hasn't totally clicked with me yet. I haven't found much of a reason yet to use anything other than baton mode. And sometimes your legion gets stuck on a piece of geometry and doesn't do what you want it to do.

Love the game's style. Is anyone else getting Suda 51 vibes from this? And it's not just the (literal) toilet humor, but I think maybe its the types of little small side quests you do between the big combat encounters, it reminds me in some way of No More Heroes. At least it reminds of games of that era in some way.
Posted: 05:50:55
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