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Collection of Mana Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]

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AW YEAH! Haters of Mana aside (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) this is a great collection!

I've never played the 1st and 3rd games so 2/3 of it is new to me!

And it is available RIGHT NOW. Anyone else getting it?!

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Posted: 06/11/19, 20:11:41  - Edited by 
 on: 06/11/19, 20:12:33
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There have been a few times now where I've tried playing Secret of Mana with a friend, but we never get very far in the game. Neither of us played it back in the day, so we both find the controls and hit detection and all that jazz too clunky to be fun. With this collection now, we'll probably give it a fourth go, but I have my doubts we'll get any farther than last time...
Posted: 06/13/19, 21:39:18
I'm enjoying Final Fantasy Adventure quite a bit. It's pretty charming and fairly advanced for a 1991 GB game (that's two years younger than Link's Awakening!). At points it definitely reminds me of a handheld Zelda, complete with far-too-frequent submenu switching. But that's okay, because the combat is fun, the world is large and somewhat nonlinear, and the music is good. Really not a bad get at all; it's impressive what they were able to do with the Game Boy.
Posted: 06/15/19, 20:28:24
I'd definitely still say I'm enjoying Final Fantasy Adventure a fair amount but the dungeons are starting to drain me a bit. I feel like the dungeons in the original Legend of Zelda had a real sense of progression (often searching for an item you would need later), the rooms felt different from each other, the length of the dungeons felt right and you would find a map, usually early on, that would help you pace yourself...

In contrast the dungeons in Final Fantasy Adventure just kind of go on and on with a bunch of similar rooms and little real sense of progression. Oh, and the map fills in as you go but if you die, despite being able to start wherever you last saved, the map wipes itself clean so it's tough to find your way back to exactly where you left off or figure out where you haven't been yet sometimes.
Posted: 06/25/19, 06:11:20

Yeah, now that I'm quite a bit further I have to agree. The overworld of the game is really good and the dungeons are decent enough but their sameness does start to wear on you. The design issues do affect the enjoyment (what's up with all the dead ends?); even the earliest Zelda dungeons had a strong flow and good pacing. Plus, aesthetically TLoZ used differing colors to give each dungeon its own atmosphere and LA cleverly used different tiles in each dungeon for the same effect.

Even so, the game's been a solid Zelda-lite. I just experienced a surprisingly heavy little moment in the story that caught me off-guard.
Posted: 06/25/19, 06:25:40
Well, I finished Final Fantasy Adventure. My final verdict is that it is a nice little gem that has a few too many annoyances to be a heavy recommendation in 2019 (probably in large part due to it being a bit dated, though as stated above, Zelda came first and did some of this stuff better.)

But I'm still glad that I finally got to play it. It's a great game and it really does have that OG Zelda feel a bit.

Small word of warning for anyone playing... the last area is a somewhat large area with a lot of boss fights so bring plenty of well... whatever you need, MP replenishment stuff is probably the best bet. I DIDN'T do that and still came out of it ok (in large part due to the fact that leveling up also replenishes all HP and MP) but it was a bit iffy at times.

KIND OF tempted to replay Secret of Mana before going to Mana 3, but... too many games right now. Maybe someday.
Posted: 06/29/19, 09:31:18  - Edited by 
 on: 06/29/19, 09:37:53
Zero said:
AW YEAH! Haters of Mana aside (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE)

Posted: 06/29/19, 10:44:43
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