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Duck Game Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
9.73/10 from 3 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Duck Game on the Switch!

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Hello. Do you have time to talk about Duck Game?

This is an amazing port of an amazing multiplayer game. It's a quacktastic 2D party fighter/shooter with tons of unique weapons which stands at the very top of the Switch multiplayer heap, along with Smash Bros. and Towerfall.

The single-player arcade challenges are more on the tutorial side, but they're still pretty engaging. And freaking BALLS HARD, if you're going for the Platinum. Like, F-Zero GX Story Mode and Blast Corps Platinum hard.

But don't buy it for the single-player. Buy it for the endless multiplayer goodness. Local is amazing, the online play works pretty well so far, and they even threw in the level creator from the PC version! All for only $12! It's like they're paying you!

In conclusion, Duck Game is currently the highest rated game on Negative World. Long may it reign!

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Posted: 05/03/19, 19:25:40  - Edited by 
 on: 05/03/19, 19:39:24
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Your zealous and possible insane recommendation intrigues me.
Posted: 05/03/19, 20:48:23
You lied! This isn't $12, it's $13! That's way too much!

Are there any team or co-op modes, or is it all free-for-all VS?
Posted: 05/03/19, 22:03:33
Duck Game is awesome, it's basically in that 2D weapons based brawler genre that Towerfall is in but I maybe like it more? Or not? I don't know, they're both awesome! The main difference here is there are way more weapon types.

Bought it the moment I saw it had released. And I'm glad to have it on a system that I actually play. Too bad it came out so late in the school year though, won't really get to play it with the students in my club much until after summer.

Online play sounds neat... definitely will check that out.

And a stage builder? Awesome!
Posted: 05/03/19, 22:18:05  - Edited by 
 on: 05/03/19, 22:19:09
@J.K. Riki
Insane, but sincere! Sinsane.

If you ever play competitive games with others, this is a must-buy.

Everyone pick it up, so that we can play online! (And I can win, for once!)

@Mop it up
There's team stuff. You just have to wear the same hat! It's good for handicap matches. I always try to get my nephews to play 1v2, but neither wants to give up their favorite hat, so it always falls apart in acrimony, ending in a free-for-all...

You can mix local and online players, too. No AI, though. And no co-op. Towerfall, which is also awesome, has co-op. (And super-hype six player matches. But no online.)

How many modifiers have you unlocked? They make it pretty difficult!
Posted: 05/03/19, 23:54:07  - Edited by 
 on: 11/19/19, 14:02:05
I haven't even played the game yet! (On Switch I mean.) Some of us have jobs!
Posted: 05/04/19, 06:55:59  - Edited by 
 on: 05/04/19, 06:56:14
Hey, I work, when I feel like it!
Posted: 05/04/19, 07:32:32
I like ducks enough to feed them split grapes, and I like games enough to play them often. Would I like Duck Game though? I struggle with this question.
Posted: 05/04/19, 08:30:32
I almost had a heart aquack when I saw this was finally added to the store!
Posted: 05/04/19, 10:40:49
Struggle no more. If you can already appreciate the intrinsic adorableness of a duck, then how could you not be charmed by a duck... wearing a beer hat?

(Which sheds feathers every time it jumps. And curses when somebody steals its gun.)

Posted: 05/04/19, 17:07:05  - Edited by 
 on: 05/04/19, 17:08:37
So is there any way to play online with friends? It seems like you can only play random people?!
Posted: 05/04/19, 19:31:23
@Zero That's a shame. Perhaps if you both search for a game at the same time, you'll get matched up?
Posted: 05/04/19, 20:35:25
Yeah, the old DS method!

I mean, you can Create a Game. I haven't checked the options, though. I just joined one.
Posted: 05/05/19, 02:34:53  - Edited by 
 on: 05/05/19, 02:36:44
You can create rooms but they don't seem to have anything to do with friends?!

Although the first person who joined my room was named Carlos... is that THE Carlos?!
Posted: 05/05/19, 03:00:48
You'd know if it's me. I'd show up online in your friends list.
Posted: 05/05/19, 09:54:59
@carlosrox I have tons of friends I don't even pay attention to those pop-ups much!
Posted: 05/05/19, 10:04:29
I usually notice it when I see it.
Posted: 05/05/19, 21:48:57
Wait I was wrong, you can definitely do friend games. But it's kind of like Smash where you'd have to know your friends and playing and look for them because the game won't tell you any of your friends are playing.

So we need to set this up in chat one of these days!
Posted: 05/06/19, 05:04:27  - Edited by 
 on: 05/06/19, 06:42:44
Speaking of Duck Game, I always ask my nephews what games they play with their friends when they come over, and they usually say that they trade-off turns in Fortnite or other single-player/online games. Maybe Rocket League once in a while. And I'm always like "Why don't you play Duck Game?? It's the greatest game of all time!!" But peer pressure is a powerful thing!

So one of them had a birthday party last weekend, and they were planning to play some games and watch a movie. They randomly decided to play a little Duck Game and then that's all they did for the whole five hours. My sister said that they were screaming and laughing the whole time. And then every single person at the party went home and bought Duck Game. It's happening, people!

(Technically, since there were six people, they should've been playing 3v3 team Towerfall on Switch, but those goblins haven't yet acknowledged Towerfall's greatness.)

Still, it was a heartwarming story! Duck Game!
Posted: 11/19/19, 14:15:10  - Edited by 
 on: 11/19/19, 14:15:38
I got all my nieces and nephews hooked on Towerfall and Duck Game too. Those are the ones they always want to play when we're together. I guess none of them ever got super into Smash Bros and that has a bit of a learning curve.
Posted: 11/19/19, 15:39:14
That's what handicaps are for! I was so proud of my nephews when they started giving their friends handicaps in games that they were more familiar with, even in games without built-in handicapping features.

I've also tried to get some younger relatives into Duck Game, and they were utterly bewildered, since they mostly played mobile games. It seemed like the first time that they had ever held a controller.
Posted: 11/20/19, 01:05:07  - Edited by 
 on: 11/20/19, 01:05:44
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