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Would you buy a Switch Pro or Switch Mini? [poll]
Switch Pro  (11/21 votes)
Switch Mini  (1/21 vote)
Both  (3/21 votes)
Neither  (6/21 votes)
Id buy both but Id start with the mini if its truly small and portable.

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03/29/19, 13:37    Edited: 03/08/24, 21:10
Pro, I guess. Only if I was able to migrate my profile/digital downloads to the Pro though.
03/29/19, 13:55   
Pro and I'd give my kids my launch Switch.
03/29/19, 16:11   
Neither. Unless the Pro has exclusives, in which case I'd buy it but also be mad at Nintendo.
03/29/19, 17:38   
Possibly the Pro, depending on how much better it is!
03/29/19, 19:33   
Pro or both.
03/29/19, 20:33   
No interest in a Mini, minimal interested in a Pro.
03/30/19, 00:28   
nate38 said:
No interest in a Mini, minimal interested in a Pro.

Pretty much. Though with compelling software or reason....
03/30/19, 00:36   
Definitely both, because I'm a dumdum. I'd want the Pro because I simply need the latest and greatest from Nintendo. And I'd like the Mini - assuming it is actually more compact than the current model - as my always-with-me Switch. Now, there are definitely caveats to both versions that may prevent me from getting either, but I guess we'll find out at E3.
03/30/19, 00:59   
I'll just be patient and wait for the successor.

...ah, who am I kidding? BOTH, BABY!!
03/30/19, 02:05   
Edited: 03/30/19, 02:05
Pro if it just added a bit a power and Street Pass functions!
04/01/19, 07:58   
With infinite money and free time, I'd definitely buy the Pro. But with the amount of money I normally like to spend and the amount of time I spend on video games right now? I have to go with Neither.
04/02/19, 03:50   
A Pro. If It looked like this. And if I could move both my Wii/WiiU and 3DS downloads to it.

04/03/19, 09:21   
Edited: 04/03/19, 09:22

Now were talking.

Id take a smaller, more compact and portable-friendly Switch. No interest in a Pro unless awesome exclusive software came out for it.
04/03/19, 16:04   
The mini wouldn't become my go to portable, take with me system unless it's as tiny as my new 3DS so I'll go Pro
04/04/19, 20:41   
I'm not interested in a handheld-only Switch, but I think releasing some kind of model for $200 would be a good idea around Pokmon launch. $300 may still be a bit steep for some families to want to spend on their kid(s). Especially kids who can't share.

I've also never been interested in hardware half-steps and think the concept is pretty lame. But I feel like it would probably be a good idea to get a new system at some point; nothing lasts forever so I'm sure the Switch will need replacing at some point. I wonder if there will be a third remodel by then though...
04/05/19, 00:30   
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