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Google Stadia! Thoughts? [roundtable]
I'm almost finished watching the presentation. Most of the 'gamer' feedback has seemed negative, but I honestly think that the concept is pretty impressive. Even though I'm naturally skeptical about game streaming performance, the amount of thought that they put into the service (split-screen, state-sharing, multi-GPU support, future-proofing) is very impressive. The accessibility is unparalleled. And those streaming features are going to be pretty important to certain people. Certain... millennial people.

It won't have Nintendo games, so I'm not that personally excited about it, but I could really see Stadia taking a bite out of Xbox, PC, and PlayStation.

The devil will be in the details, though: packaging, pricing, and real-world performance.

But I have an Android TV, so I'll probably try it out. My internet is kind of shitty, but my mind is open! Even if this is turns out to be the meteor that destroys our peaceful dinosaur village.

People complaining about exclusive games, and such, though... Like, way to miss the forest for the trees. This could be a huge inflection point in gaming history.

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Posted: 03/20/19, 17:23:43  - Edited by 
 on: 03/20/19, 17:34:30
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It probably won't happen, because the marginal cost of the Roku-like chip is so low.

Depends on your data plan, I guess!
Posted: 03/22/19, 16:01:15

My current data plan can barely keep up with my Pokémon GO game time. Hmm...
Posted: 03/22/19, 17:08:16
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