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Baba Is You Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
8.15/10 from 4 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Baba Is You on the Switch!

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What a fun little game! Its core mechanic tickles my programmer fancy while being simple enough for anyone to pick up, the presentation has a cute stripped-down indie feeling but doesn't go weirdly overboard with it, and the developer even took the Giving What We Can pledge! Really enjoying this so far, very hard to put down.

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Posted: 03/15/19, 23:04:57  - Edited by 
 on: 03/15/19, 23:09:32
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I saw this and conceptually it looks so interesting. Will have to wait on it a bit though, need to finish up some of what I have.
Posted: 03/16/19, 01:49:52
I keep seeing people talk about this, it must be making a splash! Perhaps I'll check it out sometime.
Posted: 03/16/19, 02:24:50
Dang it, Iíve been buying waaaaay too many eShop games lately, but this seems fascinating, I remember flipping through the screenshots on the eShop, but didnít watch the video, for whatever reason. Iím glad I did now. I guess Iím getting another game. Thanks, S_T!
Posted: 03/16/19, 04:54:05
Totally on board! And wondering whether I should grab it for my nephew...
Posted: 03/16/19, 06:40:01
I definitely want to try this out at some point. But I've got enough games to get through right now.
Posted: 03/16/19, 17:30:30
One of my favorite developers tweeted that the coolest thing he's seen in Baba Is You so far comes 20 hours in. Sounds like this one is meaty! It gives me Stephen's Sausage Roll vibes; looks simple, but takes its mechanics way further than you'd expect.
Posted: 03/16/19, 18:44:01
This game's the real deal, guys! 15 hours in and it's throwing some CRAZY stuff at me! I love it!

I got Sekiro last week but just keep coming back to this.
Posted: 03/29/19, 19:31:51
Yes this game is great. I am about 5ish hours in so far, and am enjoying it quite a bit. I sometimes question how the rules work, but I eventually get to a solution. I think I have a looong way to go, though. I'll keep chipping at it bit by bit.

I also got Sekiro last week.
Posted: 03/30/19, 01:03:50
Well I got it. Definitely cool.

But holy cow... does it get hard fast, or am I just stupid? I guess I'm still trying to figure out what the rules even ARE, though I get the sense that this is the type of game where a bunch of the puzzles are specifically ABOUT how there are no clear rules and some of the cleverness will come from thinking outside of the box?

But yeah I already keep getting stuck a lot and I barely started!
Posted: 03/30/19, 03:52:16  - Edited by 
 on: 03/30/19, 03:54:34
I've heard a lot about this recently but hadn't so much looked at a trailer. It's definitely on my wishlist now.
Posted: 03/30/19, 05:02:57

It's definitely hard, there are a handful of levels that I've come back to probably five times in the past few weeks and still have no idea how they'd even be possible. Most of the solutions are pretty clearly based around some specific interaction or mechanism though, there might be a couple of levels where you can "make your own solution" but for the most part the dev seems to have thought of everything and designed the levels with interesting constraints that funnel you into a predetermined thought process.
Posted: 03/30/19, 18:30:17

I'm in the same boat. Hit some roadblocks after roughly the first two worlds. Maybe it's because I don't really think like a programmer? I dunno. Sometimes the rules can feel... unpredictable I guess? Like, there's one puzzle in the forest called skull house where you have to make a U shape out of "BABA IS YOU", "ROCK IS BABA", and "ROCK IS KEY". The two conflicting statements of ROCK IS BABA and ROCK IS KEY result in you getting both a key and a baba from the rock. I would think that the two conflicting orders cancel each other out, not both occur at the same time. I don't really know how I was supposed to come to that conclusion based on what the game had taught me previously. I've had a couple puzzles like that, where you have to know that a key with stop can still be pushed into you by a conveyor belt. I would think that the key would just push me.

I get the feeling that when i get stuck it's because there's some sort new effect or ruleset that I played out differently than I imagined, rather than an application of the rules I already understood that I hadn't tried. If that makes sense. It's probably because I'm not good at thinking like a programmer. But I do think that part of it has to do with the properties of certain rules not being entirely clear. It's not a big deal, but I wish I could've had some more time before the majority of puzzles pushed me to my limit or were out of my depth.
Posted: 04/09/19, 02:17:51  - Edited by 
 on: 04/09/19, 02:22:26
I agree with you about the rules not being clear, and I would one-up you and say some of the games behaviors are downright inconsistent and contrary to common sense/reasoning.

For example If you move the Baba in ďBaba is youĒ then the sentence breaks and Baba is no longer you. Make sense in a programming way, if you rewrite the code then something changes.

BUT! I was just stuck for like an hour on a puzzle that igngored that rule. You had to do something like ďrock is keyĒ and then rely on the fact that the rock would remain a key even after your broke the sentence up. It was really confusing and contrary to everything the game had taught me before. Itís a great game, but itís sloppy and undisciplined. You can kinda tell itís someoneís first game.
Posted: 04/09/19, 02:50:34  - Edited by 
 on: 04/09/19, 03:17:58
I'm 35 hours in and loving it, the game just keeps getting crazier and crazier. But @Hero_Of_Hyrule, I still haven't solved Skull House. It's one of about ten puzzles that just has me totally stumped. I've beaten a few of the stumpers though, so it's possible! You really do have to think outside the box though, I always try to figure out what each level is "about" before bruteforcing solutions, because you're right, most of the solutions usually involve some new consequence that emerges from combining disparate elements for the first time.


Why would the key have turned back into a rock? If there's no rule that says "key is rock" then the key will just sit there. The fact that it was once a rock has no bearing on the ruleset it's following now.
Posted: 04/09/19, 02:51:51  - Edited by 
 on: 04/09/19, 02:54:39
I didnít make the game! I donít know why it does what it does! I just know you canít count on rules carrying over from level to level. The underlying mechanics of the game change to suit the idea of the puzzle. Which make it really fun and unpredictable in some ways, but also really frustrating!
Posted: 04/09/19, 03:22:06
@deathly_hallows @Secret_Tunnel I guess what he is saying is if "rock is key" turns a rock into a key, and then you can break things up and it is still a key, then if "baba is you" turns a baba into you, then you break it up and why isn't baba still you???

I don't know if it is inconsistent per se, since one of those turns something into something else, while the other just connects something to the property of being you, but it's a bit of an odd way to think about things, since "you" is not really something we would generally think of as a property per se.
Posted: 04/09/19, 03:27:38  - Edited by 
 on: 04/09/19, 03:33:38

If you think of it in that way it can seem inconsistent, but it's pretty easy to keep straight: the blocky words are properties, and words with no block around them are nouns (or words like "is" which connect other words).
Posted: 04/09/19, 03:45:36
I mean theyíre might be some ďfair and balancedĒ universal logic that governs it all underneath, but if so I donít think the game teaches it well. It seems less clever and more obtuse if that makes any sense. I would prefer the challenge arise from really intricate puzzles and less from ďhaha there is this thing you can do you didnít know you could do because we never told you hahaha... idiot.Ē
Posted: 04/09/19, 03:51:47
Isnít being a rock a property of something? I mean I literally donít know! Would it ruin the game if they just told you the difference? Thatís what I meant by the game seeming a bit amateur. If it was confinent in itís design then couldnít it just teach you the rules and still have good/hard puzzles?
Posted: 04/09/19, 03:55:19  - Edited by 
 on: 04/09/19, 03:57:24

The fun for me comes from figuring it all out!

You actually do get into some puzzles pretty quick where you encounter phrases like (very mild spoilers?) "rock is rock" where, yes, being a rock is a property of rocks, meaning that if you create the phrase "rock is key" afterwards, that text's effect will be nullified since those two rules are inconsistent.
Posted: 04/09/19, 04:05:10  - Edited by 
 on: 04/09/19, 04:05:46
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