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Tetris 99 Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
7.57/10 from 7 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Tetris 99 on the Switch!

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Anyone else enjoying this? According to my friends list, a lot of you are!

First off... it's Tetris, so I mean, it's got that going for it. But who knew it could be so much fun to compete against 98 other people while playing Tetris?

It's intense!

I'm not sure how much strategy there is to it. The game's lack of... any information whatsoever makes it hard to decipher exactly what the rules are. Looking forward to other people figuring it out and posting about it.

The Pro Controller's broken d-pad puts you at an automatic disadvantage, though, since you're forced to disable hard drop. I bet this game would be a ton of fun with the NES Controller, but I don't think there's any way to target people with it!

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Posted: 02/14/19, 06:50:34  - Edited by 
 on: 02/14/19, 06:53:40
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I won on my first game back! Fuck yeah! It was so intense at the end, man. Narrowly avoiding death for days. I love the NES pad, but having access to that right stick really helped! My strategy was setting it to Attackers at the beginning and then... playing Tetris. Haha, my biggest combo was ONE. I'm too busy Tetrising to combo!

Anyway, I'd like to hereby announce my retirement from the world of Tetris 99! I'm going to focus on seeing the world and my charity work for a while.

Ya Boy, Tetris 99 World Champion
Posted: 02/16/19, 06:21:02

I was wondering who'd be the first NWer to win this thing! Congrats!

I reached second place last night. Arggh! I fear that the competition will only get stronger over time, so I'm feeling the pressure to take a victory while I still feasibly can...
Posted: 02/16/19, 18:12:28
You're almost there! Just make sure to play when the kids are out of school and the Japanese are sleeping.

Yeah, it really does feel like the pressure is off now. I can just play for fun. I mean, if I weren't retired...

I also clinched my first Mario Tennis Championship last week! I still stink at ARMS and Smash, though.
Posted: 02/16/19, 18:58:04  - Edited by 
 on: 02/16/19, 19:02:00
@TriforceBun Maybe Anand beat you.

...with that said, there is no way to play with friends is there? I don't see any.
Posted: 02/16/19, 19:52:22

Not yet, but there's a lot of signs that Tetris 99 is going to expand. So it's probable they'll allow it. It'd be fun to do a series with a bunch of NWers. Keep track over like 20 matches and see who reigns supreme!


I usually set mine to Attackers first, then KOs when I have a Tetris or Double Tetris setup, then back to Attackers. Rinse and repeat. Near the end I just leave it on Attackers.
Posted: 02/16/19, 20:25:43  - Edited by 
 on: 02/16/19, 20:26:42
@Zero @DrFinkelstein
I think co-op squads are more likely. That would be fun! I wonder whether they'll add wacky power-ups and modifiers...

That seems like a smart strategy! I wish that you could control the garbage with voice commands. So underutilized for gaming!
Posted: 02/16/19, 21:04:02
I think they're twenty years too late in releasing this game.

I tried it out just out of curiosity, and got second place. Not too shabby if I do say so myself. I could see this game being a hit, but I'm not into competitive games, so this does nothing for me.

Now back to Paladins...
Posted: 02/16/19, 23:44:41
Dang, you guys are all good at Tetris! It would be cool if this had Friend functionality. I'd like to see where in the bottom quarter I'd rank among NW Tetrinauts.
Posted: 02/17/19, 01:00:03
Haha, that leaderboard would probably be identical if it were sorted by age.
Posted: 02/17/19, 02:03:54  - Edited by 
 on: 02/17/19, 02:04:24
You old fogeys can't even do a t-spin!
Posted: 02/17/19, 04:32:58
T-Spins are a young man's game...

In my day, spins were finite!
Posted: 02/17/19, 04:58:09
The best I've gotten is 3rd place so far. Always make some stupid miss-drop or something and that spells eventual doom.
Posted: 02/17/19, 13:25:40
I love this game, and despite my age I can hold my own. (Here comes the bragging...) 10 wins out of 65 or so games, and I usually place in the top 10. And this is without doing a single t-spin, so they're not required to win...at least for now.

My strategy for attacking other players is leave it on KO until I see more than one person attacking me, then I set it on Attackers. Once they're gone, I set it back to KO until there are around 20 players left. I then leave it on Attackers for the rest of the game since I need to focus on clearing blocks at that point. At this point I also try to keep my play field as low as possible to handle any incoming attacks.
Posted: 02/17/19, 18:50:15
I’m another that puts it on “ko” until more than one person is attacking me and then set it on “attacker” until it’s back to one person attacking me.

3rd place is the best I’ve managed. I generally get in the top 20, but occasionally have a brain fart of a game and get wiped out really quickly.
Posted: 02/19/19, 00:15:11  - Edited by 
 on: 02/19/19, 00:16:07
I WON!! YEEEEESSSS so satisfying~


10 wins, holy smokes! Hail to the king, fellows.
Posted: 02/19/19, 04:02:09
I don't understand how any of this works. I just play Tetris until a bunch of noises beep at me and grey blocks fill up my screen. Then I lose, usually in about 30somethingth place. Maybe I need to watch a YouTube video or something.
Posted: 02/21/19, 09:29:23
I decided to try again since I got so close the first time, and I managed to get a 1st place win! It took a few tries which ended in the top ten, including two 2nd place finishes (so frustrating!), but I eventually got it. I'm sure this doesn't mean much to most people, but for someone like me it's quite a feat! Now I can consider this game completed; I probably won't play again unless they add some more modes.

Posted: 02/22/19, 03:15:56
@Mop it up

Congrats! Best I got so far is 5th place.

Posted: 03/03/19, 18:52:51  - Edited by 
 on: 03/03/19, 18:53:08

Keep playing! If you can get to 5th, you can get to 1st. I had my first (and only) 1st place win late last week. I was so proud and stoked. It's a hell of an experience when you realize it's just you and one or two other folks.
Posted: 03/04/19, 05:30:31
@GameDadGrant A pretty good showing! If you keep going I'm sure you could grab a 1st, if I can make it so can you.
Posted: 03/05/19, 00:53:15
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