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Dark Souls: Remastered Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
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Welcome to the official discussion thread for Dark Souls: Remastered on the Switch!

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Dark Souls!

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Posted: 12/27/18, 03:57:22  - Edited by 
 on: 12/27/18, 03:57:32
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Oh man in the Depths now. I vaguely remember this area feeling mazelike and it being very easy to miss the bonfire/s. Maybe I'll just cheat and look up where they are. I'm running all the way there from the Firelink Shrine right now! Every time I die in that made I get to start way over at the shrine again!

I must be getting somewhat close to where I left off last time I played the game?
Posted: 01/04/19, 01:56:23  - Edited by 
 on: 01/04/19, 01:58:11
Oooh, don't cheat! Or do, I'm not judging, but I don't think you need to and it's a pretty rewarding place to suss out for yourself. The place is very maze-like in parts, but from what I remember it's relatively easy to find one of the bonfires if you reach the bottom of the depths and then try to get back up, 'cause then you'll pretty much have to pass the door to the bonfire, I think.

But if you end up in the maze-ish part of the sewer with the basilisks, then yeah, it'll probably be worse.
Posted: 01/04/19, 02:05:30  - Edited by 
 on: 01/04/19, 02:05:45
It's not cheating since I did this all years ago! It's just uh... accessing parts of my memory with a little help!

Honestly though that is one thing about this game that annoys me a bit, I'm cool with longgggg spaces in between save points but making it so easy to miss save points as well is rough stuff.

At least I'm playing with online this time around so the messages people leave help. Except when they purposely try to screw you.
Posted: 01/04/19, 17:45:03  - Edited by 
 on: 01/04/19, 17:46:31
Hey, you called it cheating first!

But yeah, the way they hide bonfires in parts of the game can be pretty annoying. In one area I explored like crazy to find a bonfire and when I finally found it I realized it was placed sort of away from the main route, so naturally I started exploring the outskirts of various new areas to find bonfires, but some areas don't even have a single one and I was looking for stuff that didn't exist, getting killed in the process.

My internet connection was acting up when I did my playthrough, so I sadly didn't get to enjoy the online connectivity very much. Too bad, 'cause I really like the idea behind it, and it gives the game a very different atmosphere.
Posted: 01/05/19, 12:59:47
Well, not only did I not cheat, but since I have the master key there was a pretty easily accessible bonfire not too far in. I forgot about that! I have NO idea where any other bonfires are in that area so thank god I picked the right thing at the start.

And I had "soft" humanity and figured F it, might as well use it since I usually forget to use it and then die and don't recover my stuff and lose it all. AND then there were two summons right there, so I figured might as well summon them. Holy cow did they totally wreck that whole area. I barely had to do anything! At the boss I just sort of hung back and let them do all of the work.

Is there any actual negative to summoning? I haven't been paying attention, not sure if it costs anything or whatever. But it sure does make bosses way easier.

Oh, and I had my first ever invasion. And boy did I feel sorry for them, my two summons and I just basically leveled them from all sides and killed them before they could even move.

So yeah, now at the infamous Blighttown. Made it to the first? bonfire there, which I am pretty sure is where I left off on the PS3. So I'm all caught up! I got there a lot faster / easier than I expected, but I guess having past experience helped a lot. And using summons more this time. Although I feel like I explored more last time too, I vaguely remember a few places I visited before that I didn't visit this time. AND I remember grinding HARDCORE to get the 20k souls to open that one door (although everything in there wrecked me pretty fast so I never got too far in.) So to really catch up I will have to get that door open again, but I'll worry about that another time. Just going to keep moving forward now.

Onward! Actually it is bedtime, onward another day!
Posted: 01/08/19, 05:48:11  - Edited by 
 on: 01/08/19, 05:50:43
That was the bonfire I meant before, and yeah, if you've got the master key you can go to that bonfire pretty much directly. I chose the binoculars because I figured it would be cool to see potential threats from far away, but that never paid off. It did help with some stuff, like in Blighttown, but generally it's kind of crap. Certainly compared to the master key, which is borderline OP. Not that I wouldn't have picked that if I knew how great the thing was.

I think the downside to summoning is that you have to be human to do it, which opens you up to invasions (unless you play offline, which I sadly did most of the time, in which case you'll only get the scripted AI invasions), but other than that I don't think there's a big problem with it. I've heard some say that bosses get more HP depending on how many people participate in the boss fight, but I don't know if that's actually true or not. All I know is that it never seemed to matter to me.
Posted: 01/08/19, 11:12:30
@r_hjort I have no idea if bosses get more HP but pretty much every summon so far seems to just totally wreck the bosses, so more HP or not, it's WAY easier with summons. Like, not even a contest, you can mostly just sit back and watch the summons murder the bosses. I'm actually kind of surprised how OP summons are, they don't just "help" they just run around wrecking everyone's shit while barely taking any damage. Like, in the depths they kept running AHEAD of me and I would lose track of where they were and get into a room and see a bunch of dead rats and other assorted dead enemies and be like oh, I guess my summons must have been here, lol.

Sort of feels like cheating to be honest, but I've mostly just been trying to catch up to where I left off before as fast as possible, so I don't mind getting here however I needed to.
Posted: 01/08/19, 16:08:01  - Edited by 
 on: 01/08/19, 16:08:32
Later in the game I encountered a couple of bosses where the summons felt more like a temporary distraction to help me observe and/or hurt the boss for a little while rather than an execution squad, but yeah, they really do turn some bosses into absolutely nothing. The gargoyles and the giant moth thing for instance. Those fights were over for me before they even started.

I never used the summons outside of the boss fights, though. Didn't want them interfering with the suspense of my exploration.

Did you use a summon on the Gaping Dragon in the depths? I had Solaire with me going in, but he did no good whatsoever. He just made the fight more confusing for me, if anything. Went it alone on my subsequent tries and the fight turned into a piece of cake. By Dark Souls standards.

EDIT: I forgot. You didn't need to fight that in the first place, right? I did.
Posted: 01/08/19, 17:41:32  - Edited by 
 on: 01/08/19, 17:47:31
@r_hjort Yeah right at that bonfire mentioned above there are two summons. Honestly even one would probably have wrecked everything, not sure why they offer two. It's a PRETTY short path to the boss from there if you know where you are going but it's a bit of a maze so I ended up kind of running around wild for a bit, often losing track of the summons and running into them again later after seeing some of the devastation they wreaked.

And yeah that was the gaping dragon. I kind of remember that boss not being too bad alone once you figure out some of its patterns, but with the summons I basically had to do nothing. I still ran up and got a few hits in to feel like I was contributing though, lol.

I think the only bosses I have beaten this time around without summons are the first boss (asylum demon?), the moth and the capra demon (the one with two dogs in the room).
Posted: 01/08/19, 18:09:57
Oh right, that WAS the boss you were talking about! For some reason I got the idea that there was another one in there, but I'm probably mixing things up with another area.

Out of the 20 bosses I beat, I had summons with me for seven of them when I beat them. Feels like it should have been more though. Like at least half.

EDIT: Oh, forgot about the DLC! Still, that's only another boss fight with a summon and two without.
Posted: 01/08/19, 18:21:51  - Edited by 
 on: 01/08/19, 18:23:44
@r_hjort DLC? Is that included in the Remastered version?!
Posted: 01/09/19, 19:42:04
Yeah, it is! I should probably not even refer to it as DLC 'cause it's all integrated into the main campaign and you wouldn't know it used to be DLC unless someone pointed it out. It's the Artorias of the Abyss DLC. You get a number of entirely new areas with new enemies, items, NPCs and a handful of new bosses. It's really good.

Like I said, it's integrated into the main campaign, but it's also missable since you need to fulfill certain objectives (which are obviously not disclosed to the player because Dark Souls) to start that plotline. Well, it's missable in the sense that you might miss out on it because you don't know what to do, but I don't think it's missable in the sense that you might do the wrong things and have it locked away from you.
Posted: 01/09/19, 19:48:00  - Edited by 
 on: 01/09/19, 19:52:02
I feel like I will almost certainly miss it. It amazes me that people are able to follow sidequests down the line in this game, I never have any idea what is going on and even if I think I should go back and check on something, there is rarely an easy way to get back to any given place, so I don't bother.

Ah well, can always look it up.
Posted: 01/09/19, 23:16:11
To be honest, this is one of the few things in Dark Souls I think is kind of shit. I like that it doesn't hold your hand and doesn't spell things out explicitly all the time, but when it has narratives it doesn't really bother having any sort of narration in, making it hard or damn near impossible to follow them even with honest effort, that kind of pisses me off.

I will say, though, you will find easier ways to return to places. Also, if you like I can tell you how to activate the DLC quest, if you don't want to risk spoilers elsewhere. For now, all I'll say is that you can keep an eye out for the first step of the quest when you visit Darkroot Basin.

The spoiler tagged area name isn't a spoiler in of itself or anything, I just thought I'd do things this way in case you or somebody else don't want to see it.
Posted: 01/09/19, 23:44:32  - Edited by 
 on: 01/09/19, 23:44:47
I spent forever avoiding the floating head guy towards the end of the game because I was terrified of it for some reason.
Posted: 01/10/19, 02:09:27  - Edited by 
 on: 01/10/19, 02:09:44
@r_hjort Is it in that cave while heading down into the basin? I was playing around down there a bit and then I got wrecked hard and figured I wasn't supposed to be there yet.
Posted: 01/10/19, 02:58:37
It's in the cave behind the Hydra, near the tower leading up to Undead Burg, so you'll have to beat that first. But there's also something else you'll need to do elsewhere before the stuff in the cave activates. But I think beating the Hydra is the first step.
Posted: 01/10/19, 08:01:55
Was that cave always there or was it added for the DLC? I forget if I even explored that area much before, I think I went down into the Basin a bit, got wrecked, came back up, and never went down that way again.
Posted: 01/10/19, 18:29:43
I imagine it was always there, because it's not so much the cave itself as it is a thing that is in the cave that is...a...thing. It's not very obvious that it's much of a cave though, since straying too far from the walls or shore will have you sink like a stone in most places. At least where the Hydra hangs out.
Posted: 01/10/19, 18:35:35
Hmm. Maybe this is a different cave, the one I found was clearly a cave that had like an elevator inside of it that led to some huge place and such.
Posted: 01/10/19, 18:39:31
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