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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
9.22/10 from 13 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the Switch!

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It's finally here! Or will be, soon enough!

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Posted: 12/06/18, 17:12:46  - Edited by 
 on: 12/06/18, 17:13:09
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@J.K. Riki I have no idea what a perfect shield is. Or wavedashing. Or short jumping or whatever the heck it is called.
Posted: 12/11/18, 21:55:13  - Edited by 
 on: 12/11/18, 21:55:23
I think tilt attacks are my biggest blind spot. Never use 'em! I tried Triforcebun's strategy of switching the C-stick to tilt attacks yesterday (someone else recommended that to me as well), but using the C-stick at all feels less satisfying to me. Or maybe that's just because I'm not used to it.

I did have less fun yesterday when I tried to play "well" versus just going off of instinct, haha. That's probably normal though.

Posted: 12/11/18, 22:01:00  - Edited by 
 on: 12/11/18, 22:01:10
@Secret_Tunnel Interesting chart. For me, the middle two should be swapped, then it's accurate.
Posted: 12/11/18, 22:07:13
WTF is a tilt attack?

I use the C-stick for Smash attacks. I think they are less powerful that way? But I could never do them consistently the other way, C-stick smashes are easy to pull off!
Posted: 12/11/18, 23:04:48

A tilt attack (aka "strong attack") is the medium-strength move that occurs when you tilt the control stick forward, up or down and press the attack button. For instance, Mega Man's slide is his down-tilt, while his Flame Man burst is his down-smash. I find it's hard to consistently do tilt attacks without accidentally doing Smash Attacks because tilts require you to not smash/tap the stick, but press it in a more gradual direction.
Posted: 12/11/18, 23:47:20
I'm a c-stick tilt attack guy myself.

Looks like we're getting a patch 1.2.0 next week. I'm not expecting any gameplay adjustments or new features, I'm guessing it'll just fix a few minor glitches or something.
Posted: 12/12/18, 05:03:10
All characters unlocked - man they donít make it easy. Thatís ok though. Wolf took like 4 attempts with various characters - finally said - I just need to be patient and punch him in the face with a big fist. Enter Kong - BAM. So satisfying.
Posted: 12/12/18, 06:28:29

Every time I lose the first time, I just rechallenge them as Pikachu and cheese it. The AI sure falls for his tricks easily. 95% success rate.
Posted: 12/12/18, 13:35:29
I had a much better experience online yesterday than I did on Monday. The matchmaking mostly worked as desired. I set it to 1v1, no items, no hazards, 3 stock, 5 min and aside from one 4-player FFA that had the same settings otherwise, I got matched up appropriately. Most of the matches I was in were really competitive, too. Didn't really experience too much lag in any of those matches either. Don't know if things have just gotten better behind the curtain, or if 4-player FFA with items and stage hazards is where things can be a laggy mess. Things felt "acceptable", though.

Never even heard of tilt attacks. I've always just done smash attacks with the control stick and A, I've never used the C-stick. Something new to try out today!

I wasn't intending to bring a GameCube controller into work w/ my Switch, but I think the joy cons are a bit too unreliable in online play. I've died too many times at less than 50% because I do my side special instead of up special when coming back to the stage. Had similar issues jumping when playing Celeste using the joy cons. It's serviceable for Smash, just not ideal. On a similar note, I'm not sure if this is only online or in general, but I've definitely done smash attacks in the direction of my opponent but still would be facing the opposite direction and pay the price for it. This has also been happening quite a bit. I'm going to see if the GCN controller improves that at all online. I'm usually not too sensitive to input lag but it's definitely there...

Zero said:
@ploot Yeah I've decided to make the switch from up jumping to button jumping (something I've wanted to do in past Smash games but it felt too overwhelming) and while it is definitely help solving my main issue with up jumping (takes too long to try another jump if you miss one) it's throwing off my whole game! Like I'll just totally mess up regular attacks that have nothing to do with jumping way more than I ever did in the past because I'm flustered and not used to things yet. And of course I still press up to jump sometimes but I turned it off so that does nothing and screws me up.

Ah well, it's learning something new, there will be an adjustment period.
Same. I've been up jumping my entire life (I actually didn't even know there was a jump button until a few years ago...yeah, I know...) and it's been a tough re-learning process so far. This was the first Smash where I've felt I've needed to make a change in this regard. Things just don't feel as "snappy" this time out and it's all about finding what's most reliable. I think if I make a mental note to press the jump button every time I hit up to jump, I'll be able to phase it out eventually.
Posted: 12/12/18, 14:50:30
You have to turn off up jumping, otherwise you will keep relying on it. Cut that cord!
Posted: 12/12/18, 16:18:08
While I've been getting 1v1 matches more often online, I played a highly annoying 4P battle yesterday.

Basically, two opponents were always on each far edge of the screen (often spamming projectiles), never ever approaching other players at all. I'd get in close and trade blows with them, but this would bring me and one other guy to higher percentages, while the person on the other end of the stage would still be uninvolved with the fight. So then I'd switch sides and fight THAT guy, but then the other guy would stay put, resulting in me basically fighting two opponents and racking up my damage twice as fast as them as a result.

No matter what happened, these guys kept defaulting to opposite sides, hoping everyone else would fight and leave them out of it. Really annoying. I get that if you're playing a projectile user like Samus, Simon or Mega Man that you want to keep your distance, but this was beyond the pale. They literally would sit in the corner doing nothing until someone approached them. I guess it's what happens when you apply "anything goes to win" to a 4P free-for-all match, but it was the opposite of fun.
Posted: 12/12/18, 16:30:29  - Edited by 
 on: 12/12/18, 16:34:34
@TriforceBun Speaking of people keeping on far sides of the field... I REALLY wish they had removed the extra life flag item thingy. Or at least have an online mode where it absolutely never shows up. Especially in low stock matches it is KILLER.

I was in a 2 stock match yesterday, all pretty even, everyone was down to their last life with high percentages one of those SUPER CLOSE tense matches that feel pretty nice when bam... that damn extra life flag item drops right by someone hanging out near the end of the screen where it was impossible for any of us to stop them from instantly using it. Now 3 people are about to die and 1 has a whole other life. Obviously they won.

Honestly whenever I see it now I try to grab it and throw it off the edge.

In local battles I have it turned off. The only item I turn off.
Posted: 12/12/18, 16:37:35  - Edited by 
 on: 12/12/18, 16:38:00

Yeah, that item is nonsense. I keep it set off in my custom rules and if I'm hosting an arena.
Posted: 12/12/18, 18:22:56
I love the attention to detail of Sakurai's team.

Posted: 12/12/18, 18:47:47
You don't like the flag?

I LIKE IT!! (oops forgot to put the text in the image itself lol)

It helps that I get it every time :)
Posted: 12/12/18, 18:48:53  - Edited by 
 on: 12/12/18, 18:50:26
I play Samus and I only play like that for a little bit. I get in there and engage with everyone.

There's no excuse for people playing like turds.
Posted: 12/12/18, 18:52:06
@carlosrox It just feels arbitrary where it lands and people can often use it before anyone can stop them, which GREATLY shifts the odds of the battle. Way more than any Smash ball, which requires more skill to get, and more skill to use, and isn't going to give you a +1 stock advantage over everyone.

Like some Mario Party bonus star shit.
Posted: 12/12/18, 19:06:14  - Edited by 
 on: 12/12/18, 19:06:49
Oh and right analog for Smash attacks has always been the best.

You can pull of instant smash attacks while running in the opposite direction in Ultimate. It's soooo satisfying.

They're only weaker if you just tap it, but you can always hold it longer for the full smash. It's no weaker than any other way to do smash attacks as far as I know.
Posted: 12/12/18, 19:08:17

Yeah, as a Mega Main myself, I have no issue with projectile characters using their tools. The Belmonts' entire moveset is about keeping the opponent at whip's length after all. But these guys were doing that thing where your couch multiplayer buddy runs as butt-far as possible away from the action at all points and refuses to engage, and unlike when your buddy does it, you can't slug someone in the shoulder over the internet.


That's fantastic! Brick Road in 3D. Another reason I miss trophies though...
Posted: 12/12/18, 20:06:55
@carlosrox Really? Hmm. I remember on the N64 game and maybe early Melee we all thought you had to hold the analog direction and press a button to do a smash attack and part of the TENSION in the game was if someone was off the edge trying to get back would someone else be able to line up a smash or not?!

But then I discovered the c-stick and wow did that change everything! Yet for some reason we had it in our minds that the c-stick smashes were weaker smashes since they were easier to pull off...
Posted: 12/12/18, 20:15:11
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