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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
9.22/10 from 13 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the Switch!

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It's finally here! Or will be, soon enough!

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Posted: 12/06/18, 17:12:46  - Edited by 
 on: 12/06/18, 17:13:09
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I've run into a couple, but since I play 4p matches, combos are less viable and they weren't really an issue.
Posted: 01/10/19, 06:57:41
Posted: 01/18/19, 00:48:39
And now, a haiku to express how I currently feel about SSBU:

In this life, there is
No sweeter ambrosia than
Crushing teabaggers
Posted: 01/18/19, 21:36:52


Stage spiking is a stupid mechanic that often happens by accident. Truly wish it didn't exist. Unnecessarily harsh punishment. You basically have to look shit up on the internet to learn how to deal with it. That's lame in my book.

Bayonetta's air game continues to be repetitive and annoying as fuck.

Here's how you counter it: once you're in the air, set down your controller and make a sandwich.
Posted: 01/18/19, 21:42:26  - Edited by 
 on: 01/18/19, 21:45:04

Lol, some of those were pretty epic. What was with "A Whole New World" playing, though?
Posted: 01/18/19, 22:36:06
@carlosrox I mean, there are plenty of in-game tips about teching. I think there's even one specifically for teching off walls. That's all you have to do to not get stage spiked*

*apparently in Ultimate you can't tech when your knockback is too high, but for stage spikes it's generally above like 150%+, and overall Ultimate has made teching much easier and more consistent than in Smash 4

What would you prefer to happen when you get slammed into the side/bottom of the stage?
Posted: 01/18/19, 22:41:24
The bottom? What I'm talking about is if you're hanging off the ledge, or both off the ledge and under it, one of you gets hit, and you're shit off the screen by an auto kill. It's stupid and I swear most if not every time I've done it or had it happen to me it wasn't even intentional.

Who or what is a "tech"?

What I don't like is that it's basically a kill confirm. And speaking of kill confirms, I generally find those super annoying too. Why should I get auto killed by certain moves once my % is even remotely high? Does it not seem cheap that if I'm grabbed/thrown at certain %s (usually isn't super high either) that I'm dead? We're talking Ness' back throw, ROBs down throw I think, etc. Again, way too harsh, and way too easy for the person using that character. They're almost never going to do any other move but that one move that's guaranteed to kill. It's annoying as hell. I hate players always going for this one move guaranteed to kill. As far as I know Samus doesn't even have anything like this. There isn't this ONE move I have to use to ensure a kill.

Samus actually had one of these in Smash 4 and they fucking removed it. It wasn't even a guarantee though. When you had someone in a grab and didn't throw up and instead did her side tilt kick, the other person would almost always be dead. But the % was also much higher than Ness' kill confirm, and I know it could be countered. For Ness or ROB there is no counter as once you are grabbed, that's it. With Samus', it could be blocked IIRC or beat by someone else's tilt. It was mainly tricky since people weren't expecting it most of the time. I just don't think being grabbed by a character should basically guarantee a kill.
Posted: 01/18/19, 23:09:22  - Edited by 
 on: 01/18/19, 23:12:56
@carlosrox I think we're talking about the same thing? You get knocked into the stage and bounce off it and die?

Teching (I think it might have a different name in-game, but it's generally called teching because that's what other fighting games usually call ti) is when you impact into a surface and quickly get up. When you fall to the stage and press shield to quickly get back up (or roll left/right), that's teching. It's the same for when you get slammed into a wall or ceiling: if you hit shield right before or during the wall impact, you'll halt your momentum and be at your normal fall speed instead of bouncing off the surface with the knockback retained from when you got hit.

As for kill confirms...Ness's back throw isn't a kill confirm, it's just a ridiculously powerful throw, haha. Don't get grabbed! And if all they're doing is going for grabs, that should makes things easy for you. I don't think that many characters have kill confirms off grab in Ultimate, definitely not as many as in Smash 4 after all the patches. The developers' primary method of buffing characters in Smash 4 was to give them grab combos or even grab kill confirms, which was effective but kinda boring. (And on the flip side, a handful of characters got their grab kill confirms nerfed out).

Samus doesn't have any kill confirms off grab that I know of, but her charge shot is one of the best single tools in the entire game. Ridiculously strong, faster than you'd expect, and it forces the opponent to play Samus's game, for the most part. If she had a kill throw or kill confirms off grabs, she'd be broken haha.
Posted: 01/18/19, 23:24:15
Ugh. I'm missing only one challenge, and of course I can't use a hammer to unlock it. I earned those hammers, damn it! And since I had already started New Game+ in Adventure mode, I gotta go back through it to the end to get this last one. It actually shouldn't be too bad on Easy and I'll do this...eventually. I think I'm going to finish going through Classic Mode with everyone, first.

But still...

Posted: 01/21/19, 15:30:48
@TheBigG753 Did you save over your old save? Whoops!
Posted: 01/22/19, 00:38:03
@Mop it up

Yup. Wasn't thinking when I did that.
Posted: 01/22/19, 01:45:39
Boy do I feel bad for anyone who ends up paired with me in 2 on 2 matches online, I NEVER realize it is a team match until the very end when the match often just ends with two people left and I'll be super confused for a moment.
Posted: 01/24/19, 16:16:03
Almost at Elite levels with Simon again. I had gotten very close before but dropped way the hell down after a bad losing streak. I think I dropped a million, and now I'm back up again.

I'm at about 3.1 or 3.2 with him. GSP seems really inconsistent as I'm playing against both really tough and cakewalk players at a similar GSP.
Posted: 01/24/19, 20:21:06
What is elite level? My Robin is over 3 million so s/he must be close.

I feel like if I TRY to use Robin more though I'll just sabotage the whole thing. Just have to keep doing what I've been doing I guess.
Posted: 01/24/19, 22:34:33  - Edited by 
 on: 01/24/19, 22:35:09
My wife and I beat Adventure/Spirit mode thing yesterday. Wow that last fight was intense! I did not think I would make it, but managed. What happens if you lose partway through, do you have to replay the whole thing again from the start? My hands hurt by the last boss, lol.
Posted: 01/24/19, 22:55:34
3.something mil.

You'll know when you enter Elite Smash. The game tells you.

Be careful though cuz you'll immediately face tougher opponents in Elite. Very easy to get in then kicked right back out. It happened the first time I got there with Ridley.

Wait I keep forgetting you don't do the 1v1 thing or play without items so I dunno how it works with other play styles.

Do you play Quickplay or Battle Arenas? Elite Smash only shows up in Quickplay.
Posted: 01/25/19, 00:34:55  - Edited by 
 on: 01/25/19, 00:37:43
@carlosrox I got in with Simon and Richter each just barely above 3 million, but that was weeks ago. I imagine it gets harder as time goes on. But the whole system's pretty wonky anyway, I got in with Wii Fit Trainer after beating just two or three not-great players for like nine total wins.

I noticed a while ago in the Records menu there's also an "Online-Only GSP" stat or something like that for each character, and it differs from the GSP you see while actually playing. I wonder if that factors into Elite Smash more than the GSP that gets displayed on the character select screen and after games.
Posted: 01/25/19, 00:54:48
@J.K. Riki

As far as I know, you get knocked back to the fight itself, not the sections before it. The ending cutscene was kinda whatever, but really neat final part of the game. I particularly loved (World of Light SPOILERS!!) how you got to play as Master Hand! What a fantastic surprise, especially after 20 years of rumors and bugs exploring that concept.
Posted: 01/25/19, 01:20:05  - Edited by 
 on: 01/25/19, 02:16:22

Yeah that was a cool bit. My wife ended up doing that fight, but it was neat to see. :)
Posted: 01/25/19, 02:08:40
Posted: 01/26/19, 23:25:34
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