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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
9.2/10 from 15 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the Switch!

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It's finally here! Or will be, soon enough!

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Posted: 12/06/18, 17:12:46  - Edited by 
 on: 12/06/18, 17:13:09
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@TriforceBun Nah that's just the super armor on his smash attack. Apparently it's...quite strong.

@carlosrox Dash dancing is a very useful tactic in Ultimate (and Melee), and it's way easier to do than similar tech in Smash 4, so I'm not surprised to see people doing it between stocks at all.
Posted: 01/08/19, 00:11:20
Three taunts was pretty limited in Sm4sh so people already did lots of other things like spamming ducking and dashing and such. It seems just as common as it ever was here in Smush. Heck, even the CPU does this stuff.

@nate38 Hee hee, yeah, sorry if it's dizzying, but like I said it was my first replay so I was seeing what the controls did and such. I think I missed a good spike I had doing that though, as I think it's just barely off camera now. I agree it would be nice to tone down or turn off the visual effects during regular matches, it'd make it easier to track characters. I'd also like options for more stationary cameras, as all the shaking and zooming like in your vid can give me a headache sometimes.

@nate38 Oh, I actually thought that was you using Mac's counter move. Mac can tank hits? He sounds pretty strong...
Posted: 01/08/19, 00:28:47  - Edited by 
 on: 01/08/19, 00:30:45
@Mop it up Yep, all of Mac's smash attacks are unflinching once he starts to let 'em rip. In fact, if Mac tanks a hit during one of his smash attacks, the screen does the dramatic flash for it, just like the Falcon Punch in that video. His neutral special is also unflinching while he's charging it up, I think, and now that you can change its direction it's actually sometimes useful!

That's a good point about the potential of a stationary camera, too. I wish you could set a "maximum zoom-in" or something to prevent it from getting too close up, because sometimes when the characters are very close you lose sight of the stage, including ledges and stuff.
Posted: 01/08/19, 00:38:26
That works only up to a certain percentage, right?

I know King K. Rool has a few armored moves like that, though I was never clear on how it works.
Posted: 01/08/19, 01:01:24
@Mop it up I'm not totally sure how it works. I thought super strong attacks could cancel the armor, but I don't think there are that many attacks stronger than a Falcon Punch...

Unlike most characters, K. Rool's super armor can actually break if it takes too many hits (I think it's 3 in one stock?), and it makes him dizzy like a shield break.
Posted: 01/08/19, 01:06:32
What the hell is super armor?
Posted: 01/08/19, 01:16:03
Super armor is a common fighting game mechanic where a character (usually a heavyweight) can initiate one of their attacks and take a hit without their own attack being canceled out. The most common application of this is the heavy character taking a small hit from their opponent to deliver a much bigger one. In smash the easiest way to demonstrate this is for Ganondorf to start his Falcon Punch (or whatever they call it) and have another character hit him. Ganon will just eat the damage without flinching and still deliver the Falcon Punch.

A handful of other characters have this property on some of their attacks, Little Mac's smash attacks being one of the more integral and creative uses of the mechanic.


a better explanation

Posted: 01/08/19, 01:45:57  - Edited by 
 on: 01/08/19, 01:47:58
nate38 said:
Ganondorf to start his Falcon Punch (or whatever they call it)

Warlock Punch!
Posted: 01/08/19, 01:59:40
@GameDadGrant Well that's just silly! Warlocks don't punch!
Posted: 01/08/19, 02:13:31
I think it's a placebo.

I've never noticed it help my opponent ever.
Posted: 01/08/19, 04:57:21

Agreed! Falcons definitely punch, but Warlocks? What kind of snake oil are you trying to sell us here, Sakurai?
Posted: 01/08/19, 16:24:59
@nate38 So they still take damage they just don't lose their own momentum in doing so?
Posted: 01/08/19, 16:38:28
Yep. Full damage, zero knockback. It's handy for powering through certain moves and still getting your big hits in.
Posted: 01/08/19, 17:37:42
It's kinda annoying and breaks certain moves.

Ridley's tail combo attack is completely nullified by Bowser's super armor and he can just smash me right through it. So that move is basically out when using Ridley against Bowser at least.
Posted: 01/08/19, 20:30:42
I'm still not 100% clear on how it works and have mixed feelings on the idea. But... if it's something that helps make the slower characters better, then it seems like it may be a good idea. I've always felt that in Smash games, speed tops all, so I welcome finding ways to make slower characters better.

Then again, Little Mac isn't slow. But he does stink in the air, which can be a pretty big weakness, so I s'pose it still makes sense to make him really strong on land.
Posted: 01/08/19, 23:13:52
@Mop it up

Yeah, I'm sick of Fox, Sheik and Marth always being the go-to killer characters because they can rushdown others and combo them like crazy. I welcome any advantage the big guys can have with open arms, and so far, SSBU definitely seems to be the most balanced in the series as of right now.
Posted: 01/09/19, 00:14:11
Bayonetta is the worst. May as well put your controller down and make a sandwich when she has you in the air.

She feels just as annoying as she did in 4.
Posted: 01/09/19, 11:45:29

Amazingly, after 300+ (!!) battles online, I have yet to see a single Bayonetta. Where is she??
Posted: 01/09/19, 15:28:02
The only bayo I've seen online is a friend who plays her. Against a lot of Bayos it's enough to just stand like half a stage away from her and wait for them to use her side special, because that's all most Bayos know. Block it and punish, repeat. That got me through most Bayos in Smash 4 and it's even more effective now that her side special can't cross up your shield.
Posted: 01/10/19, 00:14:50
I've only seen her like 2 or 3 times. Some characters are definitely rare sights.
Posted: 01/10/19, 03:18:55
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